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NBA 1st round playoffs preview: Heat vs Sixers

Let me start out by saying, I dislike the Heat more than any team in the league. Last year they weren't for obvious reasons why not. Not gonna get into all that. In any case, here is my playoff preview for Sixers vs Heat.

The time we all been waiting for. The favorites are gonna be the hunted! The media loves them and most America hates them. I for one can admit it. Fact of the matter is.....Heat drastically changed my opinion of them in the past week. The Celtics game was the one that caught my eye obviously. A month ago, I wouldn't have gave Heat much of a chance vs C's if they did make it past the 1st round which we all expect. I saw something, I havn't seen all season long. Fire in their eyes, determination, will to win, ect. I fully expect a sweep even though I hope not. I say this series will only last four games. No disrespect to the Sixers. They are a good team, but Heat should finish it in 4. I figure that Lebron will play 4 which would be a tough matchup as Doug Collins has stated. He is a nightmare cuz he has no power forward on the team that could guard him simply because he has so much speed against them. He also has the power to guard a power forward if needed to. Bosh could play 5 as well. This series should be short and sweet. Don't expect a win for Philly. I'd be shocked to see one to be honest. X factor for Philly is Lou Williams/bench play. Bench comes out and plays well they may stay in games. Lou Williams has got to play great in this series for the team to have a chance. If he plays well at the 1 they should win a game or more. If he doesn't......will be a long series. Sixers prove me wrong!!

Heat win 4-0 sweep! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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NBA 1st round playoffs preview: Bulls vs Pacers

I've stated numerous times for the last couple of months I have a feeling Chicago is going to the Finals. So yes, I'm gonna pick them to win this series. Obviously, they are the favorites. I'd like to give a congrats to Indy for making the playoffs after x amount of years. Also give Bulls some credit for exceeding a lot of people around the league and NBA fans that they are the number 1 seed. So claps!!

In any case, here is my preview:

I don't expect this to be a long series. 5 games at the max. I'm expecting 5. I figure Indy will win one at home. Wouldn't be surprised if it ended in a sweep o. Bulls got the playoff experience, better team overall, better coach, and has an MVP. I don't know if anyone else heard Danny Granger's comments. Watching sportsnation(I know) and it was stated Granger said he was happy to be playing the Bulls over the Celtics. That may have hit a nerve. Could drive the Bulls to play better or they may have  just ignored the comment. In any case, should be a short series. X factor in the series is Roy Hibbert in my opinion. He plays great they could win one or stay in games late. He doesn't.....it will be a long series. Things are looking up for the Pacers oh. Gotta show love!

Rooting for the under-dogs in this series, but I figure they won't win of course. Good luck to both teams. How do you feel this series will end up? Prove me wrong Pacers! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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If playoffs started today predictions............

West Conference

SA vs Memphis=winner SA in 5
LA vs NO=winner LA in 6
Dal vs Por=winner Portland in 7
OKC vs Den=OKC in 6

SA vs OKC=winner OKC in 6
LA vs Por=winner LA in 6

OKC vs LA=winner LA in 7

East Conference

Chi vs Ind=winner Chi in 5
Bos vs NYK=winner Bos in 4
Heat vs Philly=winner Heat in 6
Orl vs Atl=winner Orl in 5.

Chi vs Orl=winner Chi in 6
Bos vs Heat=winner Bos in 6

Chi vs Bos=winner Chi in 7

NBA Finals

LA vs Chi=winner LA in 6.

Posted on: March 22, 2011 12:52 am

Better matchup for Knicks......Boston/Miami?

After replying to Knicks/Boston aftermath thread I read a post by a Knick fan stating he'd rather the Knicks play C's over Miami. I think this would be a good debate which is a reason I started this post. Of course, talking about possible 1st round playoff matchups.

Now I know many Celtic fans may be upset same with the Heat about their team, but I'm gonna state it how I see it. State your opinions about my post or just state your opinion of the matchups of which would be better for the Knicks.

I'm gonna state the advantages and disadvantages of facing both teams. Than come to a conclusion on which matchup I think the Knicks would have a better chance of winning a playoff series against.

Heat's advantages against the Knicks: The Heat have three reliable scorers who are very consistant. 3 of them could go for 20 every game. Lebron and Wade could go 40. Their advantage is simple they have 3 scoring option to worry about. The team has played longer together as well. A lot longer than the Knick teammates have. I believe that is another advantage.

Heat's disadvantages against the Knicks: Of course this is against every team so it doesn't really matter. Point guard position is not reliable option especialy on defense vs a veteran point guard such as Billups who can score 20 on some nights. Size of course is both issues for both teams. That is one of the reasons I believe the Heat would be a better matchup vs the Knicks. Both teams are still trying to get chemistry like other veteran teams. Just another reason why I think Heat would be a better matchup vs Knicks. Heat's bench production is weak. It can't compare to the Celtic's bench by any means. Another disadvantage for the Heat.

Of course if you read thus far I think the Heat is the better matchup. They have in my opinion a lot more disadvantages than Celtics do.

Celtics advantages against the Knicks: The team has great chemistry cuz the majority of the roster has been to the Finals together more than once. Knicks gave up basically half their roster via trade before the trade deadline. Team has played what? 15 games together? Celtics also have a bit of a balance. In my opinion they are better defensively more so than offensively. The Knicks offense has got to score to win the game cuz they can't make stops on defense. They are probably the worst team defensively in the NBA right now. Celtics are probably the best defensively. Playoff success/experience may play a factor as well. The Knicks havn't been to the playoffs in quite a while. To me that is also an edge for the C's due to the fact the team has a lot of veterans that have won championships. I think Billups is the only guy to win a championship on the Knicks. Celtics have great production from their bench. A lot better than both the Heat and Knicks.

To me that just makes my point. Celtics are just a bad matchup for the Knicks. I wouldn't mind seeing C's play Knicks in the playoffs cuz I love the old school rivalries. I also like watching the Knicks lose. Who worse to get beat by than their rivals. Knick fans will be po.

Celtics disadvantages against the Knicks: Offense really isn't as consistant from Pierce, KG, or Rondo. I'm speaking about scoring ability of course of these players. They have their good and bad games. Not as consistant as the Heat's trio. I believe Allen is the most consistant o. Bench production is also an issue at times. With a lot of teams it happens like that. Days they don't show up. I still believe they have a good bench o. Celtics also have injury concerns with Oneal's and what not. I believe their health along with bench play will decide how far C's go in the playoffs.

Celtics have way more advantages than the Heat do. Heat has more disadvantages than the Celtics do as well. That is why I believe Miami would be the better matchup for the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs than the Celtics. Knicks may win a game or 2 if they play the Heat. I think it would be a better series. Celtics vs Knicks may last 5 games at the max. Wouldn't be surprised if a sweep occured the teams met in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Do you agree? Disagree? Comments? Who do you believe the better matchup for the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs?

Posted on: March 6, 2011 11:00 pm

Cavs 2009 record compared to Miami's 2010 record

Miami's record: 43-20

compared to last year's 2009 Cavs team with league's best record: 61-21

Will Miami reach that win total? I think not. LOL! It is rather embarrassing is it not? Miami is on their toughest stretch in their schedule currently and loss 4 in a row. Is the Cavs doing that great without James? No, but to say he had no help and crap like that is idiotic. To have league's best record 2 straight years. These 3 superstars together! 3 all-stars that led 3 different teams couldn't get the same record as the lowly Lebron's team. In which folks claimed he received no help. Obviously he had some help. Better help from those players than the young guns who claim they are the 3 Kings of the NBA.

What will the excuse be for the lack of victories? This team is no where near the 90s Bulls nor are they better than the 2009 Cavs or 2008 Cavs. If you ask me that is pathetic! What is your thoughts on this comparison via record?
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20 Q&A NBA sorta like predictions midseason

Shoulda did this sooner, but I figured someone would do this at all-star break. No one did so I figure I will do it. This is like a prediction post just for fun here.

1.Who will be coach of the year?
2.Who will win the MVP award?
3.Sixth man of the year is.....?
4.Defensive player of year is......?
5.Most improved player this year is.......?
6.Who is the rookie of the year?
7.What team will represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals?
8.What team will represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals?
9.What team will win the NBA championship?
10.Is Orlando a top 4 team in the East?
11.LA=3peat?Why or why not?
12.Will Utah or Denver make the playoffs after trading star players? If yes speak which team or state both or neither.
13.What team is the most over-rated team in the West?
14.What team is the most over-rated team in the East?
15.What player is the most over-rated in the West?
16.What player is the most over-rated in the East?
17.What matchup do you wanna see in the Finals? Both biased and unbiased!
18.Make your 5 NBA player dream team!?
19.What move made your team look good and what move made your team look stupid?
20.What improvements does your favorite team have to make this offseason?
Posted on: February 28, 2011 7:29 pm

The boldest prediction of them all!!!

Since it is halfway into the season and basically six weeks left til the playoffs. I figured everybody should make a bold prediction. My bold prediction is probably the boldest one of them all!!

The NBA Finals will not feature any of the following teams "Spurs, Boston, Miami, nor the LA Lakers"

Posted on: February 28, 2011 7:20 pm

NBA all-time/current best scorers/defenders

It is a rather interesting topic I came up with some time ago. I was thinking about who is the best scorer at this position and that position. For instance if I wanted the best offensive team all-time or currently who would I have on that team. If I was facing a team with great scorers such as Kobe or MJ who would I ask to guard them. That is the whole point of this post. Create basically 4 starting lineups based on your opinion of course. 1 would be a list of the best scorers by position. You can only use let's say Wilt Chamberlain for scoring not defending. You also can't choose more than one position player. Example: You can't have on best scorers list Shaq and Chamberlain nor vise versa for defense. I'm a young fan which I will say first. I may not know the best of the best all-time, but I thought this would be a very interesting topic. This is like your own created teams. Best defenders vs the best scorers. I'll start:

Best scorers all-time:                                  Best defenders of all-time
C-Wilt Chamberlain                                    C-Bill Russel
PF-Duncan                                                 PF-KG
SF-Larry Bird                           vs                SF-Pippen
SG-Jordan                                                 SG-Clyde Drexler
PG-Magic Johnson                                      PG-Gary Payton

This is just best scorer by position. I did my best. You can argue both ways for KG being a great scorer and Duncan. They both needed in there in my humble opinion.

Best scorers right now:                                Best defenders right now:
C:Andrea Bargnani                                     C:Dwight Howard
PF:Dirk                                                     PF:Ibaka
SF:Lebron                              vs                SF:Rudy Gay
SG:Kobe                                                   SG:Manu Ginobili
PG:Russel Westbrook                                 PG:CP3

Remember some of these guys I named arn't nec. quote unquote superstars, but they are great in their own right. I mean I'm sure most folks don't even know who Ibaka is. In any case, this was rather fun and interesting. Hope for some solid feedback on this topic.
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