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Deserved praise and criticism week 4 2011

The on going series continues for all the critics out there.

Deserved Praise:

1.Curtis Painter-I along with 90% of NFL fans didn't give this guy a chance. We wanted a proven vet in there to take over for Peyton. Now it looks as if he is proving us all wrong with his play. Almost pulled out a victory Monday Night vs the Bucs.

2.Ravens defense-I hate to say it, but after the past 4 weeks.....they have proven they have the best defense in the league "right now"!

3.Panthers/Newton-They are actually staying competitive in football games which is surprising to me and the rest of the nation. People had a label on them as being the worst team in the league again via record. Keep playing like this.....I don't think so!! Newton critics are silence!

4.Lions 4-0??-I believe it was 27 point comeback victory. Correct me if I'm wrong. Romo proves time and time again he has the clutch gene.

5.Tarvaris Jackson>Matty Ice-last week T-Jax outperformed Tom Brady v2. He threw for over 300 yards and almost led the Seahawks to a comeback victory vs the most over-rated team in football.....The Super Bowl bound Atlanta Falcons!!

Bonus:The question I'm asking myself now is my fantasy football team facing Aaron Rodgers? I hope not because I figure this guy has a monster game vs the Falcons. Worst case scenario: 400 yards passing!

Deserved Criticism:

1.Lowest comp % in Jets qb history!!-31% was the number Sunday that put Mark Sanchez in Jets history. Rex Ryan according to reports was furious and stated they are going back to the ground and pound football. Back to their identity!! NYJ @ NE Sunday....."can't wait!!"

2.McNabb/Vikings-I don't know what it is. Is it just I didn't want to believe Shanahan was right? McNabb couldn't handle the conditioning to play late? I remember him getting pulled in the 4th last season with the Skins needing a score to tie the game. McNabb has been terrible. Play calling has been questionable as well. They have built 3 possession leads, but they continue to choke it away in the 2nd half by not running the football. The best running back in the league attempted 5 rush attempts in the 2nd half. APs father been talking about it as well. LOL! I had the Vikings at best 5 victories which was being generous at the time. Right now....I think 3 is!

3.Rams-This was there year to shine and take the division. Bradford has been not playing like the next "Peyton Manning" like we all thought he would. I knew personally they would struggle early due to tough schedule early. I believe they can bounce back and finish  at least 2nd in the division.

4.Bills/Raider hype machine-yep.....I was blind by it. I had high expectations for both teams. Both wanting them to come out with a victory. The bigger letdown was Bills lost a game after leading 17-3.

5.Eagles lose 3 straight-It isn't surprising if you some wasn't blind by the hype machine. Anyone with common sense knew they were gonna struggle early. It isn't due to tough is due to new coaches/players trying to get a feel for the system they are running. Schedule only gets tougher......who knows if Eagles will make the playoffs. I had them as #6 on the wildcard knowing they would struggle. Leading by 21 and lose it to an NFC West team. 49ers keep proving me right.

Bonus: Rivers has a turnover in every game he has played in this season. If not for the defense bailing him out.....Chargers would be 1-3 at best!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be..........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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ATKOOL: "I'm not throwing in the terrible towel!"

I'm a very disappointed/frustrated Steelers fan. Not just by the Steelers performance thus far, but the amount of Steeler fans on here labeling the Steelers done. I expect more from a fanbase I believe is the best in the world. Is it biased cuz I'm a Steeler fan? I suppose one could say that. In any case, all the threads are making it real hard to stay positive. Steelers performance really is hurting those chances as well. I'm making this because I want to voice my personal frustration and disappointment in not only the Steelers performance in the 1st quarter of the season, but also some of the Steeler fans. It is time for someone to state why they are gonna bounce back rather than why they will fail.


Performance of the offensive line: We all knew the offensive line was a concern. It has been for years, but this performance is the worst I've seen in years. I want Flozell to come back. I don't want Scott blocking the blind side of Big Ben after that terrible performance against the Colts. No disrespect intended to Freeney, but I feel Steelers should have did a lot better than that. Offensive line has always been good at creating holes for the ground game to have success. I don't know what it is, but I feel the poor running game performance is due to the offensive line. Am I putting too much on the offensive line? I suppose one can say that. I expect at least a ground game o. If not for Ben and the passing game......Steelers would have nothing offensively on the board. I know a lot of people are taking shots at Ben for the amount of turnovers given up, but if you look at the way he has played along with the amount of time he has had in the pocket.....he has played very well. Hard to tell how the offensive line would be without Pouncey.

Why the offensive line can get better: During the Colt game, announcers voiced that the offensive line had so many injuries we had to put Gilbert who was injured back in. Ben even stated tight ends and defensive lineman coming in was discussed at the end of the game. Hopefully they will get healthy, bring guys in(Flozell Adams) in to help improve this terrible offensive line performance.


Steelers rush defense: 3 100 yard games in 3 weeks to Addai, Foster, and Rice. I believe only once before this season began since 2009 have the Steelers given up a 100 yard rushing performance. The reason offensive line isn't under disappointment because it was expected the line was gonna be terrible. Steelers rush defense was expected to play like it always has. Missed tackles, long drives, ect have been attributed to this. When I'm watching the Steelers play, it feels like the only man making plays on the field is Polamalu. The rest, I never hear from making big plays.

Why to expect Steelers to get better: I said before the season began(not knowing Peyton was injured at the time) the toughest stretch of 4 games would be the first 4. Why? 3 out of the first 4 games were on the road. 1 of the games being vs a division rival and another being vs the Texans. Both teams are 3-1. They are good football teams. Majority had a loss marked against the Steelers before the game began. If I voted by halfs of who won: 1st half Texans with Steelers winning the 2nd half. Over 20 minutes Texans had the football in the first half. Maybe the defense will get more comfortable being at home. Same goes for Steelers offensive line. It is noteworthy that Steelers have allowed no points defensively at home or turnover the football. If you ask me.....that is a positive to look at. Steelers schedule gets a bit lighter in a stretch til they face New England the night before Halloween.

All I can say fellow Steeler fans, try to stay positive. Lay off the negative threads. See one made by another Steeler fan.....ignore it. It is important for you to believe in your favorite football team. Don't give up hope. The panic button is far too soon to be pressed after just one quarter of the season gone. It is important to stay supportive of the franchise that you love. The best sports team in the world "The Pittsburgh Steelers"! If you don't agree with that.....don't let the door hit you on the way out!! This ATKOOL saying, "Steelers are going to slam the door in the next coming weeks on all you haters!!" Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Pittsburgh @ Houston week 4 2011 preview

After week 3 both teams have a record of (2-1). This is a huge games for both teams. I would call it a statement game. I've been impressed by Houston thus far this season. Of course, they are the favorites to win their division this year with Peyton Manning out. Defense has been most impressive to me. Wade Philips has done a great job thus far. He deserves a lot of credit along with the talent out there getting the job done. They are looking to bounce back after a tough loss to the Saints. A win would look good for the Texans saying "We are for real!" A win for Pittsburgh would look good saying "We're back!" Some good news for fantasy owners this week is that Arian Foster will start this week. How good will he play? The biggest concern for me on Texans offense isn't the ground game. It is a man named Andre Johnson. He is regarded by a majority of NFL fans as the best wide receiver in the game today. I'm confident that the Steelers D will be able to handle the ground game. Passing game is the real question here.

The biggest concern though for me....heading into Sunday is the offensive line. 3 starters went down to injury. Colon was gone after week 1 as well. 2 of those guys are questionable for Sunday. Texans pass rush vs Steelers offensive line I believe will be the difference. The ground game for the Steelers feels as if it is a non-factor. Love to see something from the ground game. I was shocked that the Colts allowed the ground game less than 1 yard per rush at half-time. That is seriously stating something because Colts rush defense stinks. The Colts prepared well last Sunday. They deserve a lot of credit. I'm talking about the defense more so, but the protection has got to improve. Should be a good game. Majority of the analysts has chosen the Houston Texans to pick up the win this week. Steelers do a lot better when they are the under-dog. I expect a close game with a Steelers victory! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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Deserved praise and criticism week 3

I'm gonna try to make this weekly series due to my critics claiming I only praise my favorite team while bash everyone else.


Lions-They deserve a ton of respect for doing something they weren't able to do the past couple of football games late. Stafford is a lead candidate for comeback player of the year. Lions + playoff win in 2011 season sounds likely!! Won first game @Minny since Barry Sanders day. Congrats is well deserved.

Bills-I always make the safe pick and go with the team that is far more proven. Pats have earned respect around the league for years now. Bills proved the doubters wrong and came up big with a victory. I'm happy to say congrats to Bills! Fitzpatrick>Orton and Henne. A dolphin fan laughed when I predicted 3rd place for the Bills. I suppose the Bills are getting the last laugh.

Colt McCoy-The man led an avg receiving corps without Peyton Hillis to a 4th quarter comeback. I had a feeling it would happen when I witnessed it. I couldn't believe Dolphins choked away the victory.Credit is well-deserved for the Browns offense!! Looks like the former Longhorn will be having a bright future in Cleveland for years to come.

McFadden's ground game-I was thinking upset here, but my respect for the Jets kept me from picking them.  Raiders proved me wrong. They are legit and Campbell is excelling. Congrats is well-deserved. Hopefully ya snatch that AFC West crown. Undefeated in division last year and now defeating playoff teams. Take the Rex Ryan challenge and beat NE.

SD defense-Have you seen that defense this year? The defense has been doing their job and bailing out Rivers in 3 straight games. Despite starting this season with 6 interceptions.....that stat stuffer still almost cost his team ball games. An interception by Weddle was the difference in the win/loss this week with 55 seconds left. Only giving up 10 points in week 1. Rivers is a lucky man!


Miami Dolphins-losing to the Browns without their best offensive player? Giving up a 4th quarter lead late as well. Am I the only one who still feels Sparano will be fired first?

Falcons-The Super Bowl bound Falcons, who were gonna be an offensive powerhouse with Julio Jones, only put 13 points on the board. They should have 3 losses right now if not for Vick getting hurt. LOL! Super Bowl and Falcons? Are you kidding me? Hate to say I told you so. Nope....I don't hate to say it.

Pats run game-Why didn't the Patriots run the football in the 2nd half? I can't understand why they would continue to throw with that lead. I know some folks say they have a terrible ground game, but it was top 10 in 2010. Take some time off the clock and keep the Bills offense off the field. Instead they throw.....we know how that resulted!

Vikings offense-3 consecutive games the Vikings have gave up leads in the 2nd half. I believe all were more than a TD. I can't put it all on the defense because you expect more from an offense. McNabb has got to step up if they can't get the ground game going. Not a good situation to be in 0-3 in a division that has two undefeated teams. Got to get a W this week if you wish to make the playoffs.

CJ2k-game isn't back yet after week 3. If Titans want to dethrone the favorites to win the South, he needs to get his game on.
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Predicting 2011 record: New England Patriots

With them being 2-0 currently. Some may question if they will finish better then last years record: 14-2.

@Bills-I say they sweep the Bills this year.
@Oakland-Another W here!
vs Jets-I think the Jets will split with the Pats this year, but not at home.
vs Cowboys-This game really depends on the health of the receiving core such as Miles Austin. I say Pats pull out a close one.
week 7 bye
@Steelers-Will they call holding on the Pats offensive line? If they do.....Steelers win!
vs NYG-Pats get revenge with a victory!
@Jets-Jets win!
vs KC-Depends on how the running game performs. With Charles out....I suspect Pats will win!
@Philly-Two media loved teams facing one another. "Potential" Super Bowl 46 matchup. Eagles pull out a close one!
vs Indy-No way Colts win this one.
@Skins-Can Pats pass D handle Grossman? LOL! Pats win!
@Broncos-If Tebow is the starter......nah Pats win!
vs Fins-The Pats pick up the W!
vs Bills-Win by a larger margin than week 3s victory!

I say 13-3.....12-4 I predicted before the season. I expected Peyton to play vs Pats.

Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis week 3 2011 preview

I voiced during the time of the preseason before Peyton had his last neck surgery that the Steelers would win no matter the quarterback. No matter if it was a rusty Manning(at the time didn't play a preseason game), Painter(inexperience), or Collins(doesn't know the playbook). The Steelers without a doubt will beat the Indianapolis Colts. For all of you who has Mendenhall, I suggest starting him on your fantasy football team. One of the worst rush defenses in the league vs a top 10 rusher last season. Go ahead and mark a loss on your schedule Indy for week 3. The game will be on NBC. It will probably be the least watched/lopsided victory of the season on NBC.

A message for Colt fans who are whining about Peyton not being there:

I can understand that you are upset about Peyton getting injured. I personally don't like it when players get injured myself. All that Indy fans will be missing this season is a good regular season record with a stat sheet. Peyton wouldn't have led the team to the Super Bowl that will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium this year. Colts playoff record wi/Manning isn't jaw dropping by any means. The Colts arn't the same team that went to the Super Bowl to face Saints. I doubt they will ever get back to that stage either with Peyton under center.

I want you fans to look at the bright side of things. You will be seeing a real football team in week 3 because they will be back there winning Super Bowl 46..........The Pittsburgh Steelers!!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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Deserved praise and criticism week 2

Several of my critics claim I don't give credit to other football teams in which I do. I felt it was time for much deserved praises along with criticisms for certain players/teams. I welcome opinions of this post and on week 2. Who deserves praise and criticism after week 2?


*Bills:starting 0-8 last starting 2-0 heading into a game against the Pats. I'll be rooting for ya. I picked the Bills to win this week. They made a huge comeback after being down 21-3. Fitzpatrick deserves some credit. I heard before the draft that Bills needed a quarterback in which I thought Fitzpatrick was pretty good in comparison to some quarterbacks in the league. Despite it he proves the doubters wrong and proves why he is the most under-rated qb in the league. Helluva lot better than Orton.

*Cutler/Romo:I dislike both quarterbacks, but they deserve credit. Romo played injured and led his team to a comeback victory. Cutler? I know a lot of people have been attacking him calling him a bad qb, but look at his offensive line along with the receivers. I think the Bills, Skins, and Dolphins have better receiving cores.

*Lions:Winning 48-3 is very impressive. A lot felt Lions would win simply because Eric Berry was out. Obviously, Lions exposed the Chiefs for having more problems. I think they have been outscored 10-80 something. They deserve criticism. LOL! Lions.....get to the playoffs and win! Stafford prove the doubters wrong and stay healthy! Keep getting it done!

*Cam Newton:I give the kid a lot of credit and hope he continues to do well. I wish all players success when they enter the NFL. Hope he proves the critics wrong. So far he has passing for over 400 yards the last two games. Only Brady has done that. What better class to be in? We know we are gonna hear about the turnovers, but the Panthers were still in the game despite it. Credit is deserved!!

*Pats D:I know they have given up a ton of yardage in the air, but they are creating turnovers which impresses me. Pats D deserves credit!


*Chiefs:I know Haley said he deserves the blame for the Chiefs struggles to start the season, but it isn't all him. Players deserve criticism for being blownout the last 2 weeks by huge margins. 10-80 something.

*Vikings:17-0 lead and they lose the game? No disrespect intended to the Bucs, but no excuses here giving up that huge of a lead. Minnesota was one of the best rush defenses in the league not to long ago. The game ends with Blount going right up the middle for a TD. What is up with that?

*Colts:They arn't this bad without Peyton. No excuse can cover how they have played. 0-3 start the year? Come on man! (They play Pittsburgh next week which is why I went ahead and marked a loss on their schedule.)

*Rivers:Charger fans should have known it was coming. I couldn't believe what I heard from a Chargers fan today. Direct quote:  "I'm getting tired of seeing the Chargers blow these opportunities and continuously relying on Rivers to bail them out late every game." Are you kidding me? I'm gonna have to make a thread for this one. I can't believe this. They must really not watch the games.

*Ravens:Everyone was shining the Super Bowl championship for the Ravens after week 1. Week 2 they come out and lose? For folks not to believe they deserve criticism is idiotic.

I may continue this series week after week to show my critics that I not only critic teams, but also praise them as well. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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For all Steeler critics post Ravens loss 2011

This has nothing to do with the Ravens and bashing them. I've been listening to people these past couple of days since the loss. Pretty much listening.....trying not to respond to some of the foolishness. The critics claim they knew it all along. Steelers were gonna fall flat on their face expecting some kind of praise? You same critics are the same ones who say the same dang thing about the Steelers year after year. Steelers proved you wrong last year which is what kept you quiet til the loss to Green Bay in the Super Bowl. I give credit where it is due. I'm not gonna sit their and praise your team claiming Ravens are now on their way to Super Bowl 46 while other teams including Steelers have no chance.

I'm offended by the amount of people who call me a bandwagon fan. I have Steelers pride. I'm not one of those kinds of fans who claim....the game doesn't matter. You shouldn't get emotional about the games we watch. I want the Steelers to win every game. I know they won't win every game they play, but I'm disappointed afterwards. I planned to wear my Steelers shirt after the first game of the season. Expecting the W, but it didn't happen. Wore it regardless because I'm not ashamed to say I'm a Steelers fan. Yes, the loss stung big time as I threw stuff across the room turnover after turnover. I still believe in this football team. I'm not gonna hide in a closet or give another team far more praise than they deserve. The Ravens played a "great" football game. I highly doubt Steelers will lose to any other team like that. If you ask me.....the score for the Ravens should have been worse. After 7 turnovers they only put up 30+ points? I can't wait for the Steelers to get revenge in week 9 after they beat the Patriots!!

Everyone doing power rankings quickly moving Steelers out of the top 10. It is fine, one bad game doesn't cost a team a season. Much rather it happen in game 1 than in the playoffs on the Steelers home field like the Ravens did to the Pats. I believe in the Steelers and will root for the Steelers day in and day out. I'm proud to wear black and gold. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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