Posted on: September 13, 2011 7:57 pm

Seahawks @ Steelers week 2 2011 preview

It was a surprise to everyone that the Seahawks made the playoffs. They made it with a 7-9 losing record in which the media along with everyone else was criticizing over. Seahawks beat the Saints in a fashion that most may never forget. Some call that play Lynch made was the greatest run in the history of the NFL. Some goes as far to say the greatest run they ever saw. High praise for the football team, but not coming in with a lot of hype after winning in the playoffs along with the 2010 division crown. Seahawks made some questionable moves this offseason sending Matt Hasselback packing and signing T-Jax which everyone was kind of like what? They also added an injury prone Sidney Rice who wasn't able to go last week vs 49ers. I believe they lost last week to the 49ers. They will be looking for a win as the visit Pittsburgh.

Steelers didn't start off to hot last week either coming off an appearance at Super Bowl 45. They should be able to bounce back in get the victory if they live up to expectations. Last week, defense didn't get pressure on Flacco which is quite shocking to me. Ravens played a "great" football game. They deserve a lot of credit. The monkey is no longer on Flacco's back. The performance of the offensive line has to improve. Running game didn't look good at all last week and I learned that Willie Colon may be out for the season which stink because he was out all last season as well. It looks like Steelers will be calling up Flozell Adams to come back. I expect a Steelers win in week 2. Keys to victory for both teams:

1.Do what you do best and stop the run unlike last week. Don't allow them to control the game.

2.Offensive line needs to give Ben more time in the pocket along with allowing us to be able to get the ground game going.

3.Defense needs to get pressure on the quarterback to either sack or force bad throws that may turn into an interception. Force Jackson to make plays. Do that Steelers win!

1.Don't touchback and force Steelers special teams to play. Special teams is obviously one of the Steelers weakest links. Leon Washington should be able to create good field position for the Seahawks which is key.

2.Get the ground game going and control the tempo of the football game. Don't ask too much from Jackson.

3.Seahawks defense quite simply stunk last year. Neither passing or rush D in the top 20 last season. If they step up and don't allow Steelers offense to convert on 3rd downs.

Posted on: September 4, 2011 4:33 pm

Predicting 2011 division rival record:Ravens

I think this would be pretty interesting to see how Steeler fans or simply other fans feel the Ravens will finish. I'd like to share with others of how I think they will finish. Just a prediction sorta thing. Of course injuries will happen and upsets will as well. Critics are welcome! Raven fans I know may get upset, but hey....I'd love to hear how you think the Steelers will do as well. This isn't intended to bash the Ravens. It is simply to see how everyone thinks they will finish. Personally, I think they will make the playoffs with double digit wins as a wildcard.

1.Pittsburgh-Is Ben in the starting lineup? 100% of the time when he is in Steelers win so a loss for the Ravens.
2.Titans-I think the Titans will be tougher than expected for all teams, but I say Ravens pick up the win cuz they are the better team.
3.Rams-I don't think the Rams have enough weapons for Bradford to help them pick up the victory.
4.Jets-Jets got the better receiving core, running game, and defense. Jets win!
6.Texans-A lot of it depends on the health of Foster, but I feel Texans pick up the victory.
7.Jaguars-No receiving core and Ravens rush D won't allow Jones-Drew to have a good day.
8.Cardinals-Offense and defense stinks!! You know the result.....
9.Pittsburgh-Read week 1!
10.Seattle-Passing game stinks....Seattle loses.
11.Bengals-Depends on the quarterback starting, but I feel the Ravens will sweep the Bengals.
12.49ers-Passing game still stinks.....49ers lose!
13.Browns-I feel the Browns will upset the Ravens some time this year. Depends on the health of Hillis.
14.Colts-Colts own Ravens! Until proven otherwise Colts win expecting Manning is under center.
15.Chargers-#1 offense and defense....depends on the type of day Rivers has. Expecting a better day than Flacco.
16.Browns-Read week 13.
17.Bengals-Read week 11!

*week 5 bye.
*division record 3-3
*Final record 10-6 w/ wildcard spot in the playoffs.
Posted on: September 3, 2011 12:43 am

Steelers @ Ravens 2011 keys to victory!!

I wanted to include this in my "preview" thread that was really a recap of the storyline of the 2011 offseason with the Ravens and Steelers. It should be a great one and they usually never disappoint. In any case, here are the keys to victory for both football teams! 

Steelers keys to victory:


1.Don't get beat in the backfield with short yardage passes.

2.With Ravens offensive line concerns....I feel the Steelers should take advantage and pull out all kinds of different blitz packages.

3.Force Flacco to win the football game. It usually comes down to who has the better quarterback cuz the games are always close. Be in Flacco's face all day and force him to throw interceptions, bad throws, or simply fumble.


1.Control the clock!! Time of possession is always key in winning football games. In this case, it won't be any different. Obviously, turnovers will play a factor as well.

2.Offensive line don't get called for holding. Those penalties could kill drives and possibly cost the Steelers the game.

3.Come out throwing the football early to open up the rushing lanes. The passing game will play a huge factor in winning this football game. Making them catches to continue drives especially on 3rd down will be key. I have a ton of confidence in this core. In my opinion, the big 5 will cause problems for the defense. Double Wallace at your own risk....other receivers can make the big plays.

Ravens keys to victory:


1.Don't allow Steelers to have success with the running game. They can't afford to not be able to stop the run and not get time of possession.

2.Put one defender on Wallace in the first half so you can focus on other wideouts. If it doesn't work.....make adjustments.

3.Use a ton of zone packages cuz the youth of Steelers wideouts along with the speed will beat the older/slower defense.


1.Offensive line has got to show up and protect Flacco.

2.Come out and have success running the football. It is easier said than done vs Steelers #1 rush defense.

3.It always comes down to quarterback play. Flacco has got his chance to earn some respect and live up to the hype. Top 5 quarterback?

Steelers win.....24-14!!

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Saints vs Packers season opener preview!!

Let me start off by saying I strongly dislike both teams. No bias at all here. Don't believe me....ask any Saint or Packer fan on these boards. In any case, the game is less then a week away. We are all pumped for some football. Here is how I figure the game will play out.

I figure the Packers will come in with an obvious game the football!! The Saints weak rush D has been well documented. Lynch of the Seahawks had a monster game vs the Saints to end their season in wildcard opener. An opener in which everyone picked the Saints including me. Everyone was shocked especially with critics claiming Seahawks shouldn't be in the playoffs with a losing record.

If the Saints don't stop the ground game the Packers will win the game. I'm not saying they are gonna run all game long, but running game is key in the 4th quarter. Time of possession is one of the key attributes in winning football games. If Pack has the lead in the 4th they will run that clock down. I figure that Ryan Grant will have a good game unless Saints rush D proves me wrong.

Saints key to victory, get stops and don't let the Packers have success on the ground. On offense, if you can run the football. Drew Brees obviously is the key for the Saints to win football games, but if they can control the clock then I don't see why they don't win the football game. I don't doubt Brees throwing the football. I doubt the running game and rush D which is why I feel the Packers will win to open the season.

It will be a close game though. I don't see a shootout between Rodgers and Brees happening. I say Packers win the game w/ less than 25 points on the board and w/ the Saints less than 20. It will come down to defense. Since that is the case in my opinion, Packers D will get it done. I'll be rooting for an upset victory, but I doubt it will happen.

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Final off-season NFL playoff predictions 2011

1.Steelers-Best team in the league!!
2.Patriots-Hate the team, but I respect them.
3.Texans-Peyton Manning missing games along with him being rusty in first games back will cost Colts the season.
4.Chargers-Expecting of course them living up to the hype. How many people picked Chargers last year? I was one of them.
5.Ravens-I can't deny they are a great football team.
6.Jets-Why Colts out again? I didn't expect Peyton to miss games.  Peyton comes back while they are on a losing streak. They don't recover. Jets

Final team eliminated: Colts

1.Packers-I won't be having a Thanksgiving dinner w/ Packer fans, but the Packers will be the best team in the NFC this year.
2.Saints-I think I'm a bit high on this team. I think Brees can lead the team to victories despite lack of pass rush.
3.Cowboys-expecting core guys to stay healthy.
4.Rams-receiving corps is a lot better than previous year.
6.Eagles-the team will struggle early and lose some games cuz Vick gets injured.

Final team eliminated: Bucs

Wildcard Round:
Texans vs Ravens___Flacco chokes away the game!! Texans win first playoff game!
Chargers vs Jets___Chargers get revenge from 2009 playoff loss. Why? Front 7 lets them down.

Eagles vs Cowboys___The all hype team wins!! Who? Eagles!
Lions vs Rams-offensive line can't protect____Lions win their 2nd game in the past 53 years!!

Divisional round:
Texans vs Patriots___nice little run comes to an end....Pats get first playoff win in 4 years!
Chargers vs Steelers____I suspect more than a TD win for the Steelers!!

Eagles vs Packers____rematch of last years wildcard round....Eagles get revenge and beat the Pack!!
Lions vs Saints____weak secondary of Lions come back to haunt them. Saints win!

Championship round:
Saints vs Eagles____Lack of pass rush by Saints D will stab them in the back. Eagles win!!
Patriots vs Steelers___Steelers will play well from start to finish and beat the Pats!!

Super Bowl:
Steelers vs Eagles___offensive line can't protect Vick which is why the Steelers will win SB 46!!

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Steelers @ Ravens 2011"Put up or Shut up" preview

All the off-season talk from both sides. Mostly Ravens side anyway. I'm gonna give a bit of how the season started last year then go into where we are now.

Last year began with hype around Ravens not only winning the AFC North, but winning the Super Bowl. Being picked by several people. Steelers are gonna fail because of injuries and Ben out first four games. It really didn't make 90% of the idiots who buy in the garbage look that good at all. The media changed their mind about the Ravens when the season was over. Steelers won the division and Ravens get wildcard berth. Steelers got a bye week while Ravens played the Chiefs in the first round. Flacco played well which made some morons believe he could do the same vs the steelers. I mean last year was his breakout year, right? All I hear is he improved every single year. I could see that if he improve by more then 10 yards at the end of the year, but come on now. Steelers proved the idiotic doubters wrong after WW3 happened. Suggs and all Ravens pounding their chests saying they are gonna come out on top and so on. At the end of the day, with Ben as the starting quarterback for the Steelers vs Flacco's led Ravens 0-6. 2 including in playoff games.

Off-season 2011:

Appearing on NFL Network's Total Access earlier this month, Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley was asked if Joe Flacco could lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl.

"No, not at all because they have to go through one team -- that's the Pittsburgh Steelers in that AFC championship," Woodley said. "So in order for them to get to the Super Bowl, they have to beat us, and we're not gonna let that happen once we get that close. So that's not gonna happen in this lifetime."

A few days later, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, also appearing on NFL Network, responded to Woodley's comments. “We don’t need any bulletin board material to get ready for [the Steelers] or anybody else, but we’ll be ready for LaMarr Woodley and the rest of that football team and they know it.”

Last weekend, Flacco was finally asked about Woodley's "not gonna happen in this lifetime" observations.

“[Woodley] obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about," Flacco told WBAL's Keith Mills and Pete Gilbert. "At some level, I don’t care [what Woodley says] because what does that really mean? But there is another level where it does kind of piss you off a little bit.” 

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones says Flacco can't handle pressure and makes too many bad decisions.

NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes says Flacco doesn't work hard enough.

Ryan Clark vs Ray Rice twitter debates.

We’ve frequently called the Ravens and Steelers the best current rivalry in the NFL.   Steelers safety Ryan Clark doesn’t see it that way.

“People try to make this game between the Ravens and the Steelers like so much of a rivalry, of a fight, you know. You can say it’s a rivalry if you like, but for something to be a rivalry, I think both teams have to win equally,” Clark told KDKA via the Baltimore Sun.  ”The hate between the fans doesn’t make it a rivalry. Teams have to win equally, and that really hasn’t been the case in our situation.”

Ravens QB Joe Flacco was a guest on “The Scott Van Pelt Show” on ESPN radio in which he too called himself a top five NFL quarterback.

According to Matt Vensel of the Baltimore Sun, Flacco was asked about Eli Manning’s comments and responded that he felt the same way Eli did.  ”I think of myself the same way,” he said.  ”You don’t want to talk about yourself as a quarterback, but here in Baltimore, we’ve won a lot of games in the last three years and we’ve won playoff games each year. And when you’re talking about football games, it’s all about winning football games and that’s what we’ve done.”

With all of that stuff said and done. It is time for one man really to live up to the hype. That player is named Joe Flacco. That is why I called this "put up or shut up" preview. It is time for Flacco to earn some respect. Here is 3 of the main ways for him to earn my respect.

1.Beat Steelers with Ben in the starting lineup-Flacco led Ravens have yet to beat the Steelers with Ben in the lineup. The only wins he has in resume vs the Steelers is while Batch was in and Dixon(1st start went OT). 0-6 and 2 losses in the playoffs. Wanna call yourself the best? Beat the BEST!!

2.Perform well in the playoffs-He has played in 7 games in the postseason. 2 of those games he has a passer rating above 62. His average is 60 or 61 currently with 4 TDs and 7 interceptions.

3.Win a Super Bowl-Some value stats, others value MVPs, I personally think the Super Bowl is the best prize of them all. I agree with Woodley!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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Playoffs? Who's goin to the playoffs in 2011?

This is an update kind of due to recent moves lately.

AFC East:Patriots-Getting Chad and Ellis to me improves their football team. They are better than the Jets.
AFC North:Steelers-They keep proving the doubters wrong and they'll do it again in 2011.
AFC South:Colts-I know I stated on some occassions that they will miss the playoffs. The prediction was made simply because 5 new teams had to get in. At the time, I thought Jets were the better team. Now I feel they have the best chance to get in 2011.
AFC West:Chargers-Raiders got worse, Broncos still suck, and Chargers are gonna be one of them new 5 football teams to make the playoffs in 2011.
AFC Wildcard #5:Ravens-Got respect for the Ravens. No doubt they will be in the playoffs in 2011.
AFC Wildcard #6:Texans-everyones darkhorse, but I didn't pick them last year. I liked the moves they made this offseason and I believe they can finally get to the postseason. Possibly a division title.

NFC East:Eagles-I suspect slow start, but I feel they will finish strong and make the playoffs.
NFC North:Packers-1st division crown since Rodgers has taken over.
NFC South:Saints-I think I have over-rated this football team a bit after their draft. They may win the division. I like the Bucs too.
NFC West:Rams-Gotta love Bradford. Kinda shocked by the lack of moves in FA for weak wr position. I think they can still get the job done o. 49ers will surprise some folks. Watch out!!
NFC Wildcard #5:Cowboys-I say 10 or 11 wins with a playoff berth. Cowboys>Giants
NFC Wildcard #6:Bucs-I wouldn't be shocked if this team wins the division this year. They are under the radar. 10-13 wins possibly.
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Edited on: August 9, 2011 9:53 pm

Jets will be worse in 2011?

I thought personally that when Chad Ocho-Cinco was traded to the Pats that they would win the AFC East. Them(Pats) taking Ellis away from the Jets? That broke the camel's back!! Some people may argue it was when they lost out on Nnamdi Asomugha. Their front 7 doesn't look as good as it once did a year ago. Pats got better during the off-season with acquisitions of Chad and Ellis. Jets really only added talent offensively. That gives Sanchez better weapons. At least I think so, but Plax getting injured first week of practice? It isn't looking good. Jets defense is the reason they were successful especially against the Pats.

Will the Jets be worse in 2011? I agree that they won't be as good as they once were. Jets will not be back in the AFC Championship game!! Some may call that a bold prediction. I simply don't believe it is. I know Jet fans will take shots back at me, but it is fine. I'm here just to state my opinion about the Jets. I like the Pats to win the division this year. I think the Jets will be lucky to make the playoffs this year. That is my personal opinion anyway. Prove me wrong!!

What do you think about the Jets in 2011? AFC East division winner, Wildcard playoff team, ect? They finish 9-7.

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