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Surprising upsets to look forward to in 2011!!

Upsets happen in the NFL all the time. Weekly and some times more than one in a week. I decided since the season is about to begin, it is time to start calling some upsets. I'll call 1 for each week:

week 1:Cowboys over Jets-It can happen......
week 2:Browns over Colts-Hillis will put up huge #s!
week 3:Texans over Saints-I'm remembering Lynch owning Saints D.
week 4:Lions over Cowboys(can you consider that an upset?)
week 5:Chiefs over Colts-one of the worst rush defenses in the league vs the best ground game
week 6:Texans over Ravens-Expecting Flacco doesn't have a good day.
week 7:Bucs over Bears-I like the Bucs D!!
week 8:Dolphins over NYG-not really a good upset week, but I think this is the most likely to happen.
week 9:Chargers over Packers-Rivers just has the better day over Rodgers.
week 10:Lions over Bears-Reminding me of Calvin Johnson TD no call.....
week 11:Chargers over Bears-Bears offense will struggle.
week 12:Eagles over Patriots-Brady has a bad day....
week 13:Lions over Saints-I think Brees will be under pressure all day!!
week 14:Chiefs over Jets-I don't like the Jets front 7 this year.
week 15:Bengals over Rams-4th place team beating a playoff contender.......
week 16:Browns over Ravens-Almost happened last year......
week 17:Lions over Packers-I expect Lions to win 1 game next year vs the Packers.

I didn't do some rivalry games in this for the simple fact they were upsets last season such as Texans over Colts. I don't consider Jets over NE, Bears over Packers, Bucs over ATL/NO, ect upsets. Many may be shocked, some will whine, and others will say this is a bash fest. It isn't intended to bash one team or another. It is intended to hear others opinions and see some of their upset calls.

Posted on: July 30, 2011 10:42 pm

ATKOOL's 4 point play NFL predictions 2011

This is a start of my version of predictions. Give out 4 rather surprising predictions. Some may be shocked, others will critic, and the rest will be entertained. Here is 4 predictions that everyone are gonna be witnessing this coming year in football.

1.Colts missing the playoffs for the first time in 9 years-I said on various posts that I'm not betting against the Colts and Manning. The more I read Jags/Texans adding FA while Colts are doing nothing. The chances of Colts making it back to the postseason really doesn't look too good. They barely won the division last year. This year with the Texans D better than it was last year along with Jags taking away Colts linebacker and adding other pieces I feel Colts will struggle to win their division and make the playoffs.

2.Browns win 8 games or more-While looking at the Browns schedule, I figure the team will win at least 8 games this year. AFC North is facing the NFC West this year. To me, Browns are just as good as any of the teams in the NFC West. I think they can sweep the Bengals or win one of those and win a game vs the Ravens this year. In 2 or 3 years, the team will be battling for a division championship.

3.Giants will miss the playoffs 3 years in a row-Giants have way too many questions. Running game isn't what it once was. Eli is coming off probably the worst year of his career with league leading interception total. I think the offense will struggle with the Eagles getting all those great players in FA. Cowboys or Eagles offense>Giants offense. I think the offense will be the reason they fail to make the playoffs in 2011.

4.Cardinals will finish last in their division-Trading away a 2nd round pick along with a pro bowl cornerback? You ain't gonna win games this year. Cardinals defense last year was flat out terrible. They went out and signed a new defensive coordinator(ex-steeler) to try and turn the team around. Cardinals havn't got a running game(ranked last 2010), defense gave up 27 points a game(-Pro bowl corner=), who does Kolb have to throw to not named Fitz? Cardinals will not only be worse after that trade, but probably the worst team via record. It isn't really that bold I suppose since I believe they finished last last year, but I felt I needed to give my opinion on the terrible trade they made.

There you have it......ATKOOL's 4 point play NFL predictions 2011.

Surprised??SurprisedDon't be..........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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Do people watch the game of football?

The endless frustration continues even after posting stats for the geeks. It is unbelievable to me that even with stats they refuse to give Ben any credit. I posted stats to support my argument in my post called "Who had the better Super Bowl run?" The critics didn't show, but they did vote clearly. 40 something-60 something pct between Ben's first Super Bowl run and Peyton's. I can't believe the idiots despite the great stats Ben put up compared to Peyton's still voted for Peyton. Even Irregardless makes idiotic comments saying Dilfer didn't have a defense or running game. Are you kidding me? How far are you gonna go with this? I know your hatred for Ben blinds you, but come on now.

Ben has a great defense and a great running game which is what I hear. He is discredited time and time again which I can't understand. How the hell can you tell me Dilfer didn't have a great defense? How can you tell me Brady didn't? Brady threw 1 TD in his first Super Bowl run. Not once did his team win by 7 points!!! Peyton won 2 games on his first Super Bowl run with defense giving up less than 10 points. He finally led the Colts to beat the Pats, but had a touchdown in a 30 point plus game. Do you people watch the games? How does Rodgers not get discredited for having a great defense? During his Super Bowl run last season he only won one game by more than a TD.3 of those games came down to the final minutes where the defense bailed him out. Yes....I said bailed him out! Something you critics claim Steelers defense does with Ben apparently. He gets no credit for either Super Bowl wins he had. He played great in his first Super Bowl run except in the Super Bowl, but he did have a TD in the game. 43 he led the team to a game winning drive after the defense gave up 16 points in the 4th quarter? Before you come here and say James Harrison interception...I would like copy and paste some things: 

It was over when....

Saints CB Tracy Porter stepped in front of Reggie Wayne, intercepted Peyton Manning's pass and returned it 74 yards for a touchdown to give New Orleans a 31-17 lead with 3:12 remaining in the game. The Colts were unable to rally in the final minutes, giving the Saints their first Super Bowl championship.

B.J. Raji returned an interception for a score and Sam Shields picked off two passes to lead the Green Bay Packers to a 21-14 victory over the Chicago Bears in Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

Rodgers, who completed 18 of 27 passes for 180 yards, had to watch from the sideline as Vick nearly led the Eagles back. But Tramon Williams intercepted Vick's pass for Riley Cooper in the end zone with 33 seconds left to seal the win.

Key Stat

The Vikings dominated in every major statistical category, but the Saints kept the game close by forcing six fumbles and two interceptions.
Is that enough evidence for you to discredit both Rodgers and Brees? I mean Ben gets discredited for having a great defense. If he deserves no credit for either Super Bowl why should they? I mean the defense bailed them out in both games right? Defense had to stop the opposing offense late to get the victory. You can throw all the stats you want in my face all day long. I mean you are a blind homer/hater/critic/or just a flat out idiot not to discredit them for it. You discredit Ben because the great play of his defense that apparently led him to them Super Bowl wins. If that is the case you got to do the same with these two quarterbacks. It is either blind hatred for the man or you are all idiots who say otherwise.

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Who had the better Super Bowl run?

All we hear is how great this or that quarterback is. Every time Ben gets in the conversation it always ends up the same. He is credited for having Steelers defense. They always bring up Super Bowl XL game as well which is fine. He didn't play great of course I can admit, but to say he deserves no credit at all for that Super Bowl run is idiotic in my opinion. That Super Bowl game overshadows how great the guy played in 3 of the games on the road to get to that Super Bowl.

I got the idea about the topic from all the haters keep bringing the Super Bowl up along with some Manning thread about how many rings he should have if he had this or that. I showed my respect to Peyton in my reply. I saw others reply talking about interceptions in big games. I looked at his playoff stats the year the Colts won the Super Bowl. I wasn't that impressed. Which is why I ask the question: Who had the better Super Bowl run? I will post the stats for you. I used pro football reference site by the way. Here you go...

Peyton Manning's Super Bowl run:
78.9 comp%/1 TD/3 int/pass per attempt 7.05/passer rating 71.9/Colts win vs KC 23-8
50.0 comp%/0 TD/2 int/pass per attempt 5.67/passer rating 39.6/Colts win @ Bal 15-6
57.4 comp%/1 TD/1 int/pass per attempt 7.43/passer rating 79.1/1 rush TD/Colts win vs NE 38-34
65.8 comp%/1 TD/1 int/pass per attempt 6.50/passer rating 81.8/Colts win vs Chi 29-17

Ben Roethlisberger's Super Bowl run:
73.7 comp%/3 TD/0 int/pass per attempt 10.9/passer rating 148.7/Steelers win @ Cincy 31-17
58.3 comp%/2 TD/1 int/pass per attempt 8.2/passer rating 95.3/Steelers win @ Indy 21-18
72.4 comp%/2 TD/0 int/pass per attempt 9.5/passer rating 124.9/Steelers win @ Den 34-17
42.9 comp%/0 TD/2 int/pass per attempt 5.9/passer rating 22.6/1 rush TD/Steelers win vs Sea 21-10

Tom Brady's Super Bowl run
61.5 comp%/0 TD/1 int/pass per attempt 6.0/passer rating 70.4/1 rush TD/Patriots win vs Oak 16-13
66.7 comp%/0 TD/0 int/pass per attempt 6.4/passer rating 84.3/Patriots win @ Pit 18-12
59.3 comp%/1 TD/0 int/pass per attempt 5.4/passer rating 86.2/Patriots win vs STL 20-17

I think it is without question....Ben Roethlisberger had the better numbers. I suppose I can let the rest of you to decide especially you critics who will find some how to make Peyton's better, but you can't. Ben Roethlisberger's Super Bowl run was far superior than Peyton's and Tom's. You can go by stats, the fact he was on the road, ect. Enjoy....

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Pre FA 'Who's goin to the playoffs?' thread

The reason pre FA is in the title: NFL has yet to have free agency. These predictions are before anybody makes that big move to help their team get to the playoffs. I know haters will join on here and say I was wrong after A team made the playoffs after getting a top free agent to help them get there. This is my pre free agency "Who's goin to the playoffs" thread. All haters, critics, friends, and fans are welcome.

The question everyone asks during the off-season is "who is goin to the playoffs." That is why I'm here give you the answers. So plz when you're done reading my predictions you can leave a comment, give us your predictions, and enjoy my art. Thank you!!

The better question is "who is not making the playoffs?"
Bills-HAHA! This may be a shocker to some, but I have Bills finishing 3rd in the AFC East. Of course, they arn't making the playoffs.
Dolphins-Their offense was through the running game. 2 FAs could not return. I don't like Dolphins chances.
Titans-rebuilding mode along with the fact other three teams in division had better drafts in my opinion.
Texans-everyone's beloved darkhorse will again fail to get to the postseason.
Jaguars-You proved me wrong last year, but until you beat the Colts to win the division.....I don't see it happening.
Broncos-I'm hearing chants "Tebow" to end the season. Unfortunately, it won't be in the playoffs.
Raiders-I have them finishing last in their division.
Chiefs-I was happy for the team's success last season. I figure SD will find a way to get back on track to the playoffs.
Bengals-too many questions with the team along with Browns being a better football team.
Browns-a year or 2 away from taking Ravens spot.

Skins-Big Al making too much dough along with McNabb wanting out. Too many question marks.
Eagles-Teams figured out how to defend Vick. The team will finish 3rd.
Falcons-most over-rated team in the league last year. Gave up too much to get Jones.
Panthers-Could get the number 1 pick next year.
Seahawks-I was shocked they won the division. Division won't be that bad next year.
Cardinals-this team along with 49ers are most of the reason I put pre FA in the title. A quarterback addition could get a division title.
49ers-read Cardinals.
Vikings-Ponder isn't enough. Rice may be gone as well along with Pat Williams.
Bears-prove me wrong
Lions-Have them finishing 2nd......just missed. Next year for sure.

"Who is making the playoffs?"
Patriots-No one beats them at home.....during the regular season.
Steelers-doubters proved wrong last year. This year will be the same. Only difference.....Super Bowl belongs to Pittsburgh! #7!
Colts-They make the playoffs, I believe 11 straight x.
Chargers-depends on V-Jax return or replacement.
Jets-Didn't make AFC championship 2 straight years for nothing.
Ravens-How far they go depends on their run game.

Cowboys-4th place schedule along with good draft.
Packers-unless serious injury........
Saints-After that can you bet against them?
Rams-Shoulda won the division last year.
Giants-D-Jax ain't gonna get that lucky....again.
Bucs-Solid is only gonna get better.

Surprised??SurprisedDon't be..........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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Pre FA NFL division winner predictions

AFC East: Patriots-forget all the hype. The team is probably the best when it comes to wins in the regular season. Jets....prove me wrong!

AFC North: Steelers-critics were wrong last go around. This time won't be any different.

AFC South: Colts-Can't bet against them. Made the playoffs 11x straight I believe. Prove me wrong Jags and 5th year darkhorse(laughing) Texans.

AFC West: Bolts-I doubt Chiefs can repeat. Broncos and Raiders just arn't good enough. Bolts are gonna gets their stats and in this case victories as well.

NFC East: Cowboys-getting Romo back with a pretty solid draft. I expect them or Giants to win the division. Either way both are goin to the playoffs.

NFC North: Packers-wins division for the first time in the era of Rodgers.

NFC South: Saints-Brees will have a running game to lead him back to the Super Bowl.

NFC West: Rams-shoulda won it last year. This year they should be able to get the job done.

As you can see I made it nice and easy for ya. I put the division in bold lettering and underlined the team name. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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What teams NFL draft thus far has made you giggle

This particular thread is basically to bash teams who have made some dumb decisions on the draft day thus far. Well of course it is everyones opinion.

I'll give you an example: Falcons traded 2 1st and 4th round picks plus a 2nd rounder to get Julio Jones. Some may call it bold. I call it stupid basically trading their draft away for Julio Jones. I believe White posted on twitter they traded their draft away. Obviously White isn't very happy with the trade. Now the Brownies will be battling for the number 2 spot in the division with Baltimore behind Pittsburgh. Nice job....I'm sure the Saint fans along with Buc fans are laughing right now. I would say Carolina is laughing, but you know. At any case, they were the most over-rated team last year. I doubt the team makes it to the playoffs unless they get the 6th slot in the wildcard which I doubt. Saints not only in my opinion will be the division winner, but they should be the best team in the NFC after thee amazing draft they had. Some could argue they had the best draft. The argument is with the Browns. The reason Browns are in the discussion is because all the picks Falcons gave them. Congrats on being the laughing stock of day ones draft. I know I'm not making any friends with Falcon fans, but I speak my opinion. Saint fans probably dislike me just as much as you will after the read. Congrats on trading this years along with next years draft away. I was amazed as I feel Holmgren was when he heard the offer. Julio Jones isn't worth 5 picks. Especially 2 1st round picks! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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ATKOOL: NFL mock draft

Since basically everyone is making one. I will as well. Here is my NFL mock draft 2011!!! Hold your applause after you read it. Thanks 4 the support.

1.Gabbert, QB
2.Fairley, DT
3.Dareus, DT
4.Newton, QB
5.Von Miller, OLB
6.AJ Green, WR
7.Peterson, CB
8.Bowers, DE
9.Amukamara, CB
10.Julio Jones, WR
11.JJ Watt, DE
12.Quinn, DE
13.Tyrone Smith, OT
14.Liuget, DT
15.Ingram, RB
16.Aldon Smith, DE
17.Wilkerson, DE
18.Solder, OT
19.Castonzo, OT
20.Clayborn, DE
21.Ayers, OLB
22.Jimmy Smith, CB
23.Carimi, OT
24.Cameron Jordan, DE
25.Locker, QB
26.Aaron Williams, CB
27.Kerrigan, DE
28.Cobb, WR
29.Phil Taylor, DT
30.Rahim Moore, S
31.Pouncey, C
32.Heyward, DE

Thoughts? Comments?
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