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Posted on: October 25, 2010 9:23 pm

Heat...Maybe not #1 Team

This July, one man's decision caused great tumult in the National Basketball Association. That man was LeBron James who decided to join fellow NBA icon Dwyane Wade and also, down the line, skilled PF, Chris Bosh. They also have some alright returning players like Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers. However, other than those two (and maybe Eddie House if he shoots well) there isn't a whole lot of bench support on this team. Although that is probably the most obvious reason however I think having two many stars might (although it is quite a far-flung idea) might be more of an obstruction than a benefit. They could kind of cancel each other out. [As a sidenote I would strongly caution Fantasy Basketball participants against drafting James, Wade, and Bosh as highly as they've been drafted the past couple of years because of that possible cancellation effect]. Although very few people actually care about the preseason, and D-Wade hasn't really been that healthy, there record is still pretty lackluster. Now I'm not saying that they will finish fifteenth or anything, just that they might not win a championship this year like some people predict...maybe not even next year or the year after. You still have to take into consideration teams like the Lakers, Magic, Thunder, and not to mention the Boston Celtics who made some pretty good offseason moves. I think before the Heat win any championships they need to work on getting a little bit more defensive help (Bosh can't do it all) and most importantly need to learn how to flow smoothly as a team (the Lakers are a good example of this) and that won't necessarily come overnight.
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