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Detroit Sports Report - 2/2/11

After waiting anxiously all day to hear how the 2011 recruiting class would turn out for my Spartans and seeing bits and pieces of the tortous game that my beloved Spartan Basketball team played against Iowa last night I had the opportunity to watch a little of the Red Wings.

Red Wings vs. Senators

Well the game turned out to be a shootout! Johan Franzen carried the offense with 5 goals in the wild 7-5 final. Jimmy Howard was shaky early on in letting in a quick goal, but by he end of the game he had 29 saves and won the game.

Pistons vs. Bobcats

Well the Pistons lost another one and are starting to fade in the Central race for third place. Could we see another year with no playoffs? I think its getting more likely. Ben Gordon played a pretty good game in leading the Pistons with 20 points. Tayshaun Prince had 16 points to go along with Gordons but no other player had more than 12 and Detroit lost 97-87 to a Bobcats team that saw Stephen Jackson score 39 points.  At 17-32 I have a feeling that we will see the Pistons lose 45-50 games and maybe more.
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National Signing Day!!

National Signing day is here and it has not gone the way that I had hoped for my beloved Spartans. MSU has yet to see a guy decide today to pledge to the Spartans. All of there highly rated targets have decided to go to other schools. Marquise Wright(Rutgers), Jake Fisher (Oregon), Aundrey Walker (Southern Cal), Darian Copper (Iowa) and even Frank Clark (Michigan).

One guy that I think pulled one of the biggest shockers is Andre Sturdivant! He chose the Toledo Rockets over the likes of MSU, Iowa, Illinois, and Penn State.

As far as my Sparty's are concerned I believe it is going to take another 10 win season to really see more top rated guys commit to MSU. Guys like Tommy Schutt and Jordan Diamond are the guys that I hope they are able to real in for the 2012 class.

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Conference Play!

I know I said that I would be trying to post more regularly on my blog, but I have been under alot of stress lately. I am in the final stages of being a stressed out mess as my math class is about to come to an end. Anways I am going to make a concerted effort to post more about "MY SCHOOL."

Well Conference play started a couple weekends ago and the Spartans started out strong by beating both Minnesota and  Northwestern before dropping a close game at Penn State. MSU rebounded great last night in getting a win against Wisconsin and currently sits at 3-1 in conference play.

There upcoming schedule looks to really test the Spartans mentally.... after looking at there schedule they are playing Northwestern at Breslin on Saturday (1/15), and then its onto the road to both Illinois (1/18) and Purdue (1/22). I believe that MSU will beat Illinois without very much of a fight from the Illini unless MSU comes out and plays horrible in the beginning. Purdue is going to be a game that could go either way and that depends on how well the Spartans start the game off. If they struggle the game could be decided by halftime or if they come out strong they could upset the Boilermakers and take control of the Big Ten race I believe.

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I'm BACK!!!!!

Its been quite a while since I blogged about my Spartans!  Life was extremely busy for me leading up to my most recent knee surgery.

Anyways! Basketball season has started with a couple of lumps on the record early on but that is typical of Michigan State considering thathey typically have one of the hardest schedules among all the teams in the country. Derrick Nix caused an early season story with his not accompanying the team on the trip to Hawaii for the Maui Invitational.  I honestly believe that if he was there the outcome may have been different even with as little as he plays per game. One or two rebounds the Sparty's way and the would of won the game in my opinion.

The Duke game was a great test of the mental toughness that MSU always stresses. I think we will see Adreian Payne start to shine in the next couple of weeks. I see him being in contention for Freshmen of the year by the end of the Big Ten season.

Now on too Football.....

Well they got royally SCREWED in my opinion. These BCS RANKINGS are BS! I understand that MSU was beat pretty badly by Iowa, but if I remember right MSU put a beating on Wisconsin as well. The score was no indication of how much Michigan State ran all over Wisconsin on offense and shutdown there offense. I just hope that Ohio State and Wisconsin get their a** kicked and MSU beats Alabama.  When that happens we all can laugh at the system that college football has in place.

C'Mon Connecticut in a BCS game over a team like MSU! HA HA! LOL!

Adios... I will be back within the next week or so with more about the basketball team.

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Posted on: October 22, 2010 3:05 pm

Spartans vs Wildcats!!!

It looks like the Wildcats are going to give the Spartans a fight till the end once again! They want to show up and play with a balancedd attack to try and thwart the Spartans defense. Honestly the little bit that I have seen Northwestern play so far this year they looked horrible and a team that will probably finish somwhere around 6th - 8th in the Big Ten Standings. 

I see Kirk Cousins, Larry Caper, Edwin Baker, and LeVeon Bell terrorizing the Wildcat defense both on the ground and through the air! As fara s the Northwestern offense goes my feelings they are going to walk away from this game battered and bruised pretty bad. Greg Jones will have anoth of his great games with 10+ tackles and sack or two. The other guy that I will be watching closely is Darquez Dennard, If he continues to show that he is becoming a reliable replacement for Chris Rucker then I doubt we see Rucker again this year.

Pat Fitzgerald will probably be saying the same thing about Michigan State's defense that Ron Zook was saying last week after the game. "Best Defense seen so far this year" I sure hope the dream season continues through November 20th!



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Spartan Program!!!

This Spartan Program is here to stay for a while!

Mark Dantonio in my opinion isd the reason for the success that they have had this season. Yes!!! The Spartans have some great talent on the roster, but I believe that with the cohesiveness that Coach D has in place amongst his coaches shows that guys like Pat Narduzzi and Don Treadwell are just as big to the success of Michigan State as well.

Kirk Cousins has been great this year with his leadership at quarterback. Hehas shown the ability to stay focused and let the game come to him. To me he understands that the game is 60 minutes, not 30. These first few games in Big Ten play he has shown that after halftime he takes control of the game and is able to dictate how the final 30 minutes will decide how the game was won.

THREE HEADED MONSTERS ....  Edwin Baker, LeVeon Bell, and Larry Caper. Baker and Bell have been the two that have had the most playing time, but after yesterdays game I think Larry Caper is going to see some more carries from here on out. I believe that he looked like he was back to the form thath e showed last year as a freshmen.

Greg Jones .... All I can say is he is a BEAST!!! He had his 20th double digit tackle game of his storied career yesterday. With his 14 tackles he is now 1 tackle shy of taking over 3rd place on the career tackles list. He has 419 tackles for his career and is only 54 tackles behind the great Percy Snow for second place on the career tackles list. He should be named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year for a second straight year!

Defense .... The defense in my eyes has been a big reason for the 7-0 start. Yes! Greg Jones is the key guy in the middle of the defense but I have to admit that guys like Eric Gordon, Johnny Adams, Jerel Worthy, Chris Norman, and Trenton Robinson have also played big parts in the success.  I like the upside that Darquez Dennard showed against Illinois yesterday. I believe that he showed the coaching staff that Chris L. Rucker is an afterthought. Yes! He is a senior that was looked at as a leader in the defensive secondary, but after his latest run in with the law I doubt that we will see him for a few more games. I see him getting a 3 or 4 game suspension if not kicked off the team. If he does return he will probably split time with Dennard for the remaining games.


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