Posted on: November 21, 2010 9:46 am

Who dunnit?

I love sports. Just like anyone who would be reading this, I always have. I played until my body informed me that I would be a better spectator than performer. Once devoted to spectating, I gave it my all, and I have loved every minute of it. For about a dozen years now I've also been deeply enthralled by fantasy sports. I've won a league here or there, but I'm certainly not an "expert" in the field.

My concern regarding sports is about myself, the athletes, the unions, the owners, the hotdog guy, the parking lot girl and everyone else involved in sports. WE ARE ALL CRAZY!

The amount of money I spend on sports is ridiculous. The amount of money athletes get is also ridiculous. The amount the hotdog guy charges for his offering is unbelievably ridiculous. And don't even get me started on $25 to park my car for a few hours.

Where did it all go wrong? Some would say greedy players and their sinister union created this price-tastrophy. Others may place the blame on the owners and their desire to add another million to their gaudy billions. I guess we really can't go after the hotdog guy are the parking lot girl. So that leaves players and owners...oh yeah, and one more possibility...ME!

The truth is, the owners invested huge dollars with a substantial risk involved. In our economic system, we reward that, (if the product is viable). The players are the ones who actually perform, they risk their mobility, intelligence and even their lives, and of course we should reward that. So that leaves only ME to blame for $400 ticket prices, $135 jerseys, $15 hotdogs and $25 parking fees, oh yeah, don’t forget the $9 coke that costs $.45 to produce or the $10 beer that cost $.75 to produce.

How in the world can I blame myself? It's simple: I buy the stuff! If I didn't pay those prices, the prices would come down, (see Yankee tickets last year). It is BASIC economics. If no one is buying a product, the price comes down.

I agree my solution is simplistic, but I warned you that I'm a simple guy. It stands to reason for simple-guy-101 that if I stopped buying these things, the prices would come down. Owners would make less money thereby causing player's salaries to eventually come down, making games, jerseys, etc more affordable.

Now, I remember enough from Econ101 to know that all that would just drive the prices back up, but that's okay, that's the way it is supposed to be: prices fluctuating in the market between buyers and sellers. The problem is that people like you and me treat sports like they are necessity items, and not entertainment/luxury items. We need to STOP the insanity and buy less. By being smart consumers, buying less will eventually allow us to buy more.

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