Posted on: January 9, 2011 1:41 am

NFL the" fix is in"

After watching the first two playoff games,I have decided once and for all that nfl games are set up.You have a 7-9 team beating the defending champs.The Seahawks couldn't stop their own offense let alone the Saints.This was a definate setup.Then you have the lowly Jets beating the afc power Colts on their home field.Just a couple of weeks ago jay culter went crazy on them,but they stop Peyton Manning,get real nfl.Roger goodell this and that,fans are starting to catch on and when they all do your billion dollar empire will crumble.I have been a huge fan all my life and have listened to people tell me its set up,but I chose not to believe it.Now I am conviced more and more.Take the running into the kicker call in the colts game.Come on already the dude was trying to hold him up and he flopped like a little biatch.That was a call made because holmes dropped the pass before that to seal the game.The NFL wants the high market teams in the super bowl.Notice its always ny giant,jets,steelers,eagles and Packers every year.Those are all high market teams.Last years saints story was great,but come on the whole world wanted them to win and look what the nfl got,huge ratings.Now they can't beat the seahawks a year later.Lets take for instance the bucs and Raiders teams that went to the super bowl.Both teams tumbled from that point on.No way you can be that good one year and not even make the playoffs the next.Roger Goodell is an idiot and the nfl does not want the public to find out what they actually do and thats set up these games for money in vegas to make them richer and to make these high market teaams richer.The onlyn thing I can't figure out is why you choose the teams you choose.Nobody wants to see seattle in the playoffs,they are terribbbbble.7-9 are you serious.And the jets that could not stop anybody from passing stops the best qb in the nfl.Yes fans hes better then brady.Speaking of brady who plays in a high market are Boston,Celtics,Red Sox, all their teams are good and they all are from the ny area,ie the Bills in the 90s 4 super bowls straight.Pittsburgh is the same way.How is it that some teams are always good and the bad ones never get better.Open you eyes fans,they are not supposed to get better.High picks every year and they don't get better but the good teams keep winning with lower picks.Its about time somebody calls out the nfl the game we all love and one I am growing to not like.
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