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Posted on: April 21, 2011 10:26 am

The Miami Heat can't win.

After following the Miami Heat all season I have come to the conclusion that they can't win. No I don't mean that they won't win the championship this year, looking at the teams that Miami would probably face only the Bulls could challenge them in the East. The West doesn't have anyone that would make me want to go to Vegas and plop down a boat load of money on.

No the thing that Miami will lose to is history. Let me put fourth two scenarios that may or may not happen, but wouldn't take a stretch of the imagination to see coming true.

Scenario 1- Miami wins the championship this year.

Most fans in the basketball community will yawn and say "So what, if you have LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh you have no excuse not winning it all." Others will claim the the Heat bought themselves a title and will diminish the achievement.

Another problem that could arise is the up coming labor talks and impending lock out, or as future NBA historians will call it "The Collective Bargaining Agreement to crush the Miami Heat." I believe that there are owners and GM's that are still seething over what the the big three did and want to make sure it can't happen again. I mean after all, it's one thing if the owners and GM's put together a super team, but it is another if the players dare to do it.

If Miami wins it all this year, I could see a situation that some of the owners would be willing to lose the entire 2011-12 season, just make sure that James, Wade and Bosh are another year older before they see the court again. Can't you?

Scenario 2- Miami doesn't win the championship this year.

The first thing that would happen is the anti-Heat fans would throw a party that would surpass any Marti Gras thrown in New Orleans. In fact I think that as long as the big three are together the Heat Haters will will act like the '72 Miami Dolphins and crack open the champaign every year the Heat are eliminated from the play-offs.

The next thing every sports writer, blogger, sportscaster and that guy sitting next to you at the local bar will denounce the 2010-11 Miami Heat as the biggest failures in sports history.

The owners will feel that they dodged a bullet and as I said in scenario 1 will make sure that the new CBA will hamper Miami's chances to win a title as much as they can.

Overall I feel that whether or not the Heat wins one, several, or no championships they will not win the battle against the history that will be written about them.

Posted on: November 27, 2010 10:10 am

Is it now or never for the Miami Heat?

If the Miami Heat fail to win the championship this year, the task could become even harder in years to come. There is a looming threat far bigger than the Lakers, Celtics or the apocalyptic plague that some of the country wishes upon the Heat. The biggest threat to the Heat could be what comes out of the new labor agreement.

The gulf that divides the owners and the players is extremely wide and if no progress is made when the two sides meet in February, a lock out could be unavoidable. The length of the work stoppage would be determined on how deep both sides have their heels dug in on certain issues, but the one issue I think the owners will not budge on is the hard salary cap.

Currently the NBA operates under a soft cap, so in theory there is a salary cap in place, but once you factor in all the exceptions it is rare for a team to actually operate under the cap.

Miami could be the biggest loser if a hard cap comes into existence in the NBA. With the basketball season an eighth of the way over glaring weaknesses have come to light in the Heats game, need for a point guard, lack of an inside game. I guess that’s what you get when you let players pick the teams. Without knowing what is going to come out of the new collective bargaining agreement Miami’s front office is limited on how they address these problems.

Currently Miami is paying James, Wade, Bosh and Miller 48.2 million dollars for this year alone, that is for four guys. If a hard cap comes into place that could be anywhere from three-fourths to two-thirds of your allowed salary. What is Miami going to do for a bench to support these guys?

Again without knowing what is coming out of the CBA, I know that I’m just thinking out loud about things that might not come close to happening. But you have to admit this year might be now or never for the Miami Heat.

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