Posted on: December 2, 2010 6:59 pm

For all Cavalier Fans...

If anyone going to the Heat/Cavs game tonight is thinking of doing anything stupid, let me just say DON'T YOU DO IT!!!  All this hatred toward Lebron is not worth getting arrested.  Think about it.  You may get on TV.  But will it be worth wasting the money you paid to get a ticket for the game?  Is it worth the price of bail?  Maybe you won't get out tonight and may miss work tomorrow.  Think your boss will like that excuse?  Let's not forget the fine you'll inevitably get.  It wouldn't be to me.  Go to the game, boo him, wear a funny shirt, call him a sellout or some other name (nothing too far over the line, let's keep it non-offensive to others), but don't throw anything on the court or worse yet, go on the court.  He's gone, and ain't coming back.  Root for the Cavs that are there representing your great city.  Get behind them and use your energy for something positive.  I'm with ya Cav fans.  I hope he has an awful night and you wipe the floor with him and the Heat.  But that is "Just my opinion".

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