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Posted on: November 18, 2011 8:34 am
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Wakeup Call: Sorting, waiting out Syracuse saga

By Matt Norlander

★ We're going to link the big Syracuse stuff to start. I'd go with this story first. 

★ Also, here's ESPN's story, the one that broke this, one that some believe it took a gamble on in running it.

Video testimony from the accusers.

★ The Syracuse Chancellor has already written a public letter to the school's faculty and staff.

★ This is some really good early perspective with needed reminders on Syracuse and the history of improper allegations there.

★ Bernie Fine, in photos.

★ Plenty of media don't God up coaches. But fans do. That's the real problem -- and it's unlikely to ever change on a grand scale.

★ Thinking Krzyzewski deserves a little more heat for how he's coming to Paterno's defense here. He seems to sticking himself right between not defending Paterno but absolving him, too.

★ How coaches get their recruits to play, offensively, and where the ebbs and flows come from. Interesting data, some of it a little misleading.

★ Well, well, look which conference is currently No. 1 in RPI. Doesn't mean much, but good to see the non-BCS leagues get some run early.

★ Get smarter about what happened in the Kentucky-Kansas game by seeing how each player was on the defensive end.

★ Kemba Walker as Sportsman of the Year? That's an interesting one. He's a top-25 college basketball legend.

★ Did one of the best, newest rallying cries in college basketball start eight years ago at Navy?

★ Gary Williams will take on some TV work at this network this year.

★ And here's Nicole Auerbach on Mark Turgeon taking over for Williams, and how it's gone thus far.

Just click this and save it for a Saturday read.

★ No better way to finish up the links than by giving you Luke Winn's always informative and creative and vital Power Rankings.

Rush into the weekend, why don't you. It's a damn shame -- and a crooked system -- that this band isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The work from the late '70s through the mid-'80s opened up a new universe for music. Perhaps the best and most talented power trio of all-time.

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Posted on: November 17, 2011 8:33 am
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Basketball Wakeup Call: Tourneys begin

By Matt Norlander

America, in crisis, in the '70s. Images from a time that was probably the most dynamic the country's ever been. We're close to that now, I think. I really love the shot of Seattle. // Here's the Siri parody video that's probably been linked on your Facebook feed six times already. // Was this photo not digitally altered at all? // We may want to not let the government ruin the Internet, guys. // There we go. This is the headline I needed ...

★ The basketball early-season tournaments really get revved up today/tonight. Here's a list of the best ones.

★ Very good story on a 2013 recruit who goes by "The Crime Stopper." He's from Baltimore; when his games are played, the illegal activity takes a break, seemingly.

★ Charting the recruiting trends and unpredictability at UNC, Duke and Kentucky -- the three schools that recruit on a different echelon.

Kentucky will play Maryland at the new Barclays Center next year. Will it be the first basketball game in the joint? That's where the Brooklyn Nets will eventually move to.

★ If you need a hearty read on Coach K, something that's a real hour-long session, I implore you to get this.

★ And this needed to go up. For all the praise and retrospect on K yesterday, there are still plenty of stories about how he's been a jerk throughout his career.

★ Another thing on Mike Krzyzewski and how he probably should have gotten win 903 last year. (I disagree with the premise, by the way, even if it's conventional NCAA protocol.)

Jason King settling in nicely at ESPN. Please read Jason's stuff -- he's one of the kindest guys in the business.
★ When Pauley Pavilion's renovations are complete, they will include a statue of John Wooden. You think Mike Krzyzewski gets his statue before he leaves the Duke job?

★ But UCLA and other schools, when it comes to redoing these arenas, it's a huge pain in so many ways.

★ Pat, I wrote this six weeks ago! Glad to see you're on our side of this, though.

★ Review of the MAC, review of the MAC.

★ Somebody linked this on Twitter yesterday -- sorry I can't thank you personally; I often click links and suddenly have 25 tabs open -- and it's great. The best buzzer-beaters from last season.

► Another nasty oop, this time from D-II Pikeville. The game would end abruptly after both teams were ejected in wake of a bench-clearing kerfuffle.

♬ Band recommendation for a Thursday: The Avett Bros. A plaid two-man outfit with an energetic-as-hell live show and some lyrical work that can cut into a man thick as couch leather. Warning: don't listen if you fear acoustic guitars.


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