Posted on: March 5, 2011 1:21 pm
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Bob Knight's no-cursing-on-TV streak is over

Posted by Matt Norlander

When he was hired, we all wondered aloud how long it would take for Bob Knight's infamous sailor-mouth syntax to slip past the ESPN censors.

Though he did let out an S-bomb over the radio airwaves two years ago, it took more than 1,000 days for Knight to let loose an expletive on television. That much-awaited bleep bomb came this morning, when the Hall-of-Fame coach called a mock zone defense during a "GameDay" segment, "chicken [expletive]." Naturally, this has already caused waves in the blog world this morning. Bob Knight has sworn! Victory!

Thank Jay Bilas' affection for Twitter, as he gives us this golden exchange between Knight and a "GameDay" producer.

Bilas and Hubert Davis duck away in laughter, embarrassment and acknowledgment once Knight drops his three-syllable no-no off-camera.

(Vid via @bubbaprog)

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Posted on: March 2, 2011 5:50 pm

The Onion's latest parody takes aim at Calhoun

Posted by Matt Norlander

Jim Calhoun's often been a lightning rod for criticism, but not so much for humor, potshots or parody.

Enter the Onion Sports Dome, a weekly television program on Comedy Central that was berthed out of the snark and oft-linked online satirical newspaper, that hilarious fake news source known as The Onion. The empire of hilarity and invented news doesn't run from anything, and in a segment this week, the "Sportscenter" parody show pointed its satirical snipers at the UConn coach, stating he was using his impending death as a way of getting top recruits to the school.

It's incredibly macabre, but incredibly funny, meaning it's a typical at-bat for the kings of deadpan.

Onion SportsDome

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Buzz Williams 'sings' Beyonce

Posted by Matt Norlander

I have no idea what inspired this, but regardless, I'm eternally thankful. Marquette coach Buzz Williams really breaks out some moves on "All the Single Ladies," as he's given an iPod and a pair of headphones to, well, just watch and hope we get a part two later this month.

"Is it Boston?"

For shame, Buzz. Who can't immediately recognize the awful aural exercise that is Bon Jovi?

(Vid via many a Twitter account, tip)

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 10:31 pm

Postgame video: Marquette's Darius Johnson-Odom

Posted by Matt Norlander

A big night for Marquette, but I'll get to that a little later, when my gamer goes up. For now, here's my one-on-one interview with DJO, who scored 11 of his 17 points in the final 5.3 seconds of regulation and overtime. He definitely willed his team to this win, Marquette's first close win of significance this season, and in the team's first overtime game, to boot.

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Posted on: February 21, 2011 5:01 pm

Video: Syracuse at Villanova preview

Posted by Eric Angevine

Syracuse @ Villanova, 7:00 p.m. ET, ESPN: Another tight-as-a-tick Big East race this year, and these two squads are right on top of each other in the standings. 'Nova holds the advantage, after they gave a clinic in shooting over the zone in the Carrier Dome earlier this season. Can they do it again at home? If so, they'll pull into third place alongside Georgetown at 10-5. If the 'Cuse has the road magic, they'll move to 10-6 and things will be that much muddier. Welcome to late February, eh?
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The Interlude is now the main event at UNI games

Posted by Matt Norlander

I don't know what the catalyst or inspiration for an Interlude Dance is, but I do know these things are terrific and make college basketball games an even happier environment. And we can now fully expect a slew of copycats to come along within the next year. (By all means, accept that as an invitation, student sections across America.)

One of the highlights of BracketBusters over the weekend came in the stands instead of the floor, as the Northern Iowa student section once again took over during a television timeout with its latest dance-frenzied party.

All that's missing is the glow sticks and strobes to go along with the bodies and the beats.

This isn't the first time the Northern Iowa students/crowd have showed off their organizational dancing abilities. Previously, the boys and girls did this, and here's where it all began. Man, oh, man is that tutorial amazing.

The Panthers need to find their way into the NCAA tournament, so some arena normally suited for basketball/football games can be Interluded to the max.

(H/T/, BIAH)
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Posted on: February 17, 2011 12:11 pm
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G'town center Henry Sims' politics turn to satire

Posted by Matt Norlander

I wish I'd thought to track down Henry Sims at last night's Georgetown-UConn game. I certainly would have had to ask him about this.

The player who actually prompted Kemba Walker to give us one of the more memorable highlights of the college basketball season is running for vice president of the Georgetown student body. His partner, Jed Feiman, is the alpha of the pair, leading the charge toward presidency. The junior Georgetown center and Feiman first made their candidacy public one week ago today.

The two's campaign page could use a bit of work, but they're full of gusto in other areas. By the way, Sims, who needs to boost his Twitter following well above 1,000 if he's hoping to have any kind of social media traction, averages 2.4 points and 18 minutes per game.

Speaking of social media, that's the theme to the duo's latest campaign push. With the Golden Globes seeing "The Social Network" win four awards, including best picture, the two stayed current (Oscars are just around the corner!) and decided to parody the movie's opening and closing scenes. The two also sample The Beatles' "Baby You're a Rich Man," which is exactly what plays out as the final scene of "The Social Network" goes to credits.  It's all so meta.

What's a Hoya? A student-body vice presidential candidate, apparently.

(H/T, Sports Bog)
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Posted on: February 16, 2011 9:53 pm

Post-game video: UConn's Jamal Coombs-McDaniel

Posted by Matt Norlander

Kemba's going to get all the love in my column, so I went ahead and got Jamal Coombs-McDaniel, who scored 23 points on 8-of-11 shooting in UConn's 78-70 win over Georgetown Wednesday night, for the post-game video treatment.

I'm going to blow up Coombs-McDaniel's spot here. Before the video started, he made sure he looked good and put his hat on. Alex Oriakhi was trying to make him laugh behind the camera as the interview was taking place. Enjoy.
My first question has to do with this tweet.

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