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Night recap: Jenkins adds to his Hofstra legend

Posted by Matt Norlander

No. 22 Kentucky 85, Mississippi State 79. Yeah, that whole ESPN thing with the camera in the ceiling and making all of us dizzy? Never again. That's pretty much universal. Renardo Sidney was nearly as abused as the ESPN camera angles on Twitter. UK survives at home, but with how sloppy MSU looked, yet UK couldn't pull away ... will Wildcats fans really start to get restless? You bet! A lot of folk thought Calipari's team was trending upward. May not be the case.

No. 2 Ohio State 71, Michigan State 61. The problem with Michigan State: It gets no brownie points for keeping it close on the road. The hole's now too big, so we can't even credit the Spartans for giving a game effort. Hard to figure how some still had this team in the field as of yesterday. Sparty is now 14-11 and 6-7 in the Big Ten with a miserable record against sure-fire Tournament teams.

Games with bubble implications.

Gardner-Webb 59, Coastal Carolina 57.
The Chanticleers go out mere hours after I say they probably aren't good enough for an at-large bid and prove me right. At 15-1 in the Big South, the Chants will need to win the league tournament to earn an at-large, most likely.

Virginia Tech 91, Maryland 83. And the Turtles, who were also a subject addressed in the link above, do themselves no favors by falling on the road to the Hokies. Maryland's about done, folks. Only a road game at UNC presents itself as a worthwhile opportunity to boost Maryland's resume. From there, the ACC tournament will need to be the springboard, and a title-game appearance is the minimum.

St. John's 80, Marquette 68. The Johnnies are now 8-5 in the Big East. Would take a five-game losing streak for Steve Lavin's team to be in danger of not dancing. Marquette at 6-7 and with a lot of close losses, doesn't appear it can turn the ship like it did last year, when it rallied and won close to earn a bid.

Wichita State 80, Evansville 74. The Purple Aces are a tricky team in the Missouri Valley. The Shockers get the win and remain in the at-large picture by doing so. A loss would've crumbled everything.

Missouri State 60, Drake 51. Missouri State, like Wichita State, is 13-3 in the Valley. Fun race to the finish!

Hofstra 81, William & Mary 78 (OT). And, the best for last. Here's Charles Jenkins of Hofstra. I've written on him here. Man's a bona fide All-American. Here's how he won the game for the Pride last night, lifting his team to 12-4 in the CAA.

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Video: Reggie Jackson talks bubble, his 31 points

Posted by Matt Norlander

One of the things I learned today: Boston College's Reggie Jackson may know more about the ACC bubble picture than I. He efficiently broke down the at-large picture in the post-game presser, then I followed up with him afterward, and he expanded upon those thoughts, adding how he follows the game like a fan.

Jackson had a season-best 31 points this afternoon against Maryland, a game the Eagles won, 76-72.  He also discusses his mindset when in the midst of a big game, how Jordan Williams was still a factor for Maryland, even if he only had 12 points, and Boston College's defensive tendencies and how it can improve heading into the second half of February.

A building employee asks us to move about a minute into the video. It's all so candid!

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Will Vandy continue UK's road woes?

Posted by Eric Angevine

Kentucky ventures into Memorial Gym trying to add another road win to their meager total. Just last night, Anthony Grant's Alabama team took their shot and narrowly missed pulling the upset in Nashville. Are the Wildcats up to the task? How much do they need a road victory as selection day comes nearer? Lauren Shehadi and Steve Lappas dig into those questions in this video preview of a game that should be one of the weekend's loudest.
Posted on: February 10, 2011 2:02 pm

It's Always Sunny in Frank Martin's World

Posted by Eric Angevine

Who knew Frank Martin was a sunny, pie-in-the-sky optimist? Talking to Seth Davis the other day, the K-State head coach expressed that he felt good about his team's chances to come from sixth place in the Big 12 to make the Big Dance.

There's little doubt that his team will have the chances, but they've shown little ability to take advantage of those opportunities. He lists third-leading scorer Curtis Kelly as a player who must excel for his team to make the postseason push, which may raise an eyebrow or two, considering that Kelly is under internal investigation for the second time this season.

K-State is currently tied with Colorado in sixth place in the conference, so Saturday's game in Boulder is huge for either team's hopes. If Martin can exhort his remaining troops to victory in that matchup, he gets in-state rival Kansas in the Octagon of Doom, which could be his biggest and best chance to make the selection committee sit up and take notice. After that, February 26 vs. Missouri and February 28 at Texas are the remaining big games.

If the Wildcats lose all three of those, they'll be without a real statement win in conference. If they lose to Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska or Iowa State, only a miracle run to the Big 12 title can save them.
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Video: Post-game with SU's Kris Joseph

Posted by Matt Norlander

I wanted to get Rick Jackson, but there was a massive horde around him, plus, he took the longest to get out of the shower. (I've got people waiting here, Rick!) So I popped over to Kris Joseph's locker. Kris is a good quote and has an equally compelling personality, win or lose.

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Video: North Carolina warms up in hostile arena

Posted by Eric Angevine

This is the noise level one hour before tip-off.

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Assembly Hall hardwood now doubles as trampoline

Posted by Matt Norlander

Since I've come over to CBSSports.com, I've tried to curb my urge to post every exciting dunk that pops up on YouTube. There are two other such blogs that have continued to grip that torch high, and kudos to them for keeping up with such facialization on a nightly basis.

But there's a burgeoning trend that's as shocking as it is confusing as it is stereotype-smashing; a trend that I can't keep from you, loyal visitor to this here space. The question that comes to mind upon seeing such a trend: What's become of the air in Bloomington, Indiana? Another: Is Assembly Hall sitting on a pocket of electromagnetic energy, or is there a glitch in the earth's gravitational constants?

First we had Tom Pritchard giving us one of the best pictures of the year while throwing down this put-back dunk a few nights back:

And earlier today, the only highlight possible that could be unearthed and birthed out of an Iowa-Indiana game. Ladies and gentlemen, watch Will Sheehey alter your universe as you know it:

Hoosiers fan learned in the preseason that Sheehey had hops.   Someone get the "Fringe" crew out to Bloomington ASAP. Actually, scratch that. Whatever freak force in the universe that's allowing white boys to pop off the hardwood with such alacrity is a mystery better left unsolved.
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Utah State's tea party

Posted by Matt Norlander

Did the organized student chant below actually lead to the missing of a free throw? Hard to argue against it.

"Wild Bill" Sproat is becoming the embraceable version of Fireman Ed in college basketball. If you're unfamiliar with who Wild Bill is, then you probably haven't been watching WAC basketball after 11 p.m. on ESPN2 for the past three years. For this, there is no fault to find in you.

Regardless, Wild Bill attended last night's Nevada-Utah State game dressed as Mrs. Potts from "Beauty and the Beast" because, he's Wild Bill, so why the hell not? The get-up was more than an effeminate camera-catcher; the Aggies superfan and the student section around him organized a funny children's rhyme to distract Nevada junior forward Dario Hunt.

And ... yeah. Hey, it adds to this sometimes-bizarre culture we have in college basketball. I certainly embrace it. Not as much as Wild Bill, but who can get on his level? Utah State cruised to a 67-45 win, by the way.

It's good to see Wild Bill even attending these games; he had serious health scares over the summer. Though he's still rather voluminous, his spirit's perpetually contagious. Only question: How does he top this?

(H/T, Dagger, BIAH)
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