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Video: Post-game w/ Kemba, Scoop Jardine

Posted by Matt Norlander

Interesting game, yes? Kemba Walker was held to a season-low eight points. Just a guess: he'll not stay out of double digits in the points column in another game this season.

I got one on one with Walker just before the media horde came in after me. Here's the interview. Something to note: win or lose, Walker's as soft-spoken as he is in the video below. Apologies for the difference in volume between my questions and his answers.

Scoop Jardine, below, well ... I'm not sure how to define what his mood was. He seems happy, in a way, but he notes how the four-game losing streak, not the win tonight, was the turning point for SU this season.

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Video: Steve Lavin and Mr. Miyagi

Posted by Eric Angevine

Steve Lavin respects his elders. He talks a lot about John Wooden and Lou Carnesecca in the video above, but his relationship with Gene Keady is also fascinating to me.

One of my favorite moments from the beginning of this particular college basketball season occurred during the 24-hour Tip Off Marathon that ESPN puts on. St. John's head coach Steve Lavin, in his first game back on the bench since he departed UCLA in 2003, was getting a bit hot at the officials during a wee-hours matchup with St. Mary's, and he appeared to be ready to get his first technical of the season as well.

Then, from out of nowhere, 'special advisor' Gene Keady appeared with an amused expression on his face. He casually reached out an hand and hooked an index finger under Lavin's collar, tugging him back in the direction of the bench. It was just such a revealing look at the relationship between Lavin, the titular boss, and Keady, who is technically his employee.

A few weeks later, I did a phone interview with Lavin, and I could hear his sidebar interplay with Keady throughout the conversation. For the rest of the season, I'm going to watch how the Purdue legend and the slick former broadcaster interact on the bench. This video gives us a little insight into how Keady and another legendary coach influenced Lavin's career.
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60-foot buzzer-beater puts Manhattan past Marist

Posted by Matt Norlander

Buzzer-beaters, whether from two feet, 20 feet or 60 feet, happen with regularity each year.

In a way, we've become numb to most of them, even if they'll forever be exciting in the moment.

That said, doesn't it seem like we're getting more than our usual import of long-distance, successful heaves this season? Maybe it's because 93 percent of all college basketball games are on television, thus we're able to see them at a more frequent rate.

Your latest dose of last-second dramatics comes courtesy of the Jaspers of Manhattan. Manhattan and Marist were locked in a close game that, frankly, few people did or could care about; by game's end both teams would own four wins this season. The Jaspers got to a 4-18 record thanks to Michael Alvarado's running 3-point shot from about 60 feet from the tin.

(H/T, Pete Thamel)
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Post-game video: Villanova's Corey Fisher

Posted by Matt Norlander

Corey Fisher is a trooper. After talking with the media at large in the post-game interview session, then doing a 10-minute run of questions from a smaller pool of reporters in the hallway of the Wells Fargo Center, the Wildcats senior talked with me about today's loss, whether the Providence travel had any effect, the team's confidence, and more.

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Posted on: January 27, 2011 2:42 pm

Bill Cowher talks college hoops

Posted by Matt Norlander

Who says Cowher's eager to get back to NFL coaching? No way, folks. All of the sudden, he's crossing over into other sports.

In the video below, a segment on Wednesday night's edition of "Courtside with Seth Davis," Cowher and Davis talk a few issues with college hoops, particularly the former Steelers coach's relationship with Pittsburgh's Jamie Dixon. There's also Cowher's advice to Roy Williams' recent lectures to local media and fans.

By the way, Cowher's familiar with the sport and the culture because he has/had daughters play D-I basketball level, at Princeton and Wofford.

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Pre-game pat-down introduction for Arab player

Posted by Matt Norlander

Is this offensive? I'll let you decide.

The University of Toledo has a quick, interesting introduction for one of its players, who happens to be of Arab descent. Rockets junior Jay Shunnar was born in Ann Arbor, Mich., according to his bio, but his teammates can't exactly incoporate anything about that into the pre-game dramatics. So, instead, they go with the Homeland Security approach.

The airport-like pat-down happens at the 40-second mark.

Thoughts? I mean, if he's cool with it, and it seems obvious he is, then I suppose it's OK. Funny? I really don't know. At the very least, it's creative. And I can't believe I'm talking Toledo basketball today. It's a 4-16 team.

(H/T, Hustle Belt)
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Peyton Siva lifts Louisville past Mountaineers

Posted by Matt Norlander

We're all enjoying San Diego State-BYU, but it's worth showing you how Louisville improved to 5-2 in the Big East and bounced back from a loss against Providence over the weekend.

West Virginia, currently playing without its best scorer due to a coach-issued suspension, nearly stole a win in Louisville, but Peyton Siva had a nasty crossover and just enough luck on the glass to give his team a win in the final seconds.

(H/T, @bubbaprog)
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Terrence Jones, with authority

Posted by Matt Norlander

Kentucky went into Columbia, S.C., tonight and avoided back-to-back road losses in the SEC, beating the Gamecocks, 67-58.

There was no clear evidence of John Calipari swearing at his players so openly, but plenty in the building took offense to this monster slam from freshman Terrence Jones, who coincidentally was the player on the receiving end of Calipari's acid tongue earlier this week.

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