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Video: Ending that must be seen to be believed

By Matt Norlander

Kaboom. And kaboom. And KABOOM!

There were a reported 1,631 people inside Kellogg Gym in Pomona, Calif., Friday night. Ten years from now, that number will swell to at least five times over due to "first-person" recounts thanks to how legendary this ending was.

Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Dominguez Hills -- a couple of D-II schools -- played a double-OT regular-season finale that is one for the ages. This age, any age, all ages can appreciate this sort of end-of-game dynamite. The California Collegiate Athletic Association game was decided by three baskets, three 3-pointers, in the final 8.7 seconds. It was, and is, the absolute epitome of emotional swings in sports.

This is why basketball's so great. You don't get the pendulum to sway like this so fast, and three times, in any other sport. Check the first shot at the beginning, by Cal Poly Pomona's DeRonn Scott, then click to 2:30 to see the rest. A kid by the name of Mitchel Anderson hits the 60-foot shot to give the Pomona Broncos a 60-58 win. My favorite detail: there wasn't a single point scored in the first overtime. First the drought, then came the rain.

Exasperated play-by-play men always make that moment better. It's like they're willing a woman to birth.

By the way, Robert Willhite sank the 3 from the top of the key for Dominguez Hills with just .6 seconds left, giving the Toros the fleetest of leads. Willhite, just .6 away from being a legend. 

(Dutiful hat tip to The Big Lead for getting spreading this first.)
Posted on: January 21, 2012 6:21 pm

Video: Incredible finish to Florida State-Duke

By Matt Norlander


The past few minutes have felt like the first weekend in March. Tennessee pulled out a great, close home win over UConn; Kansas eked out a 69-66 win at Texas; and then you have this, Florida State's second huge win on a Saturday. Only this time, it came on the road. Austin Rivers took the ball to the hoop, tied the game, then Michael Snaer sent the dagger in as time expired, most definitely vaulting FSU into the polls come Monday morning -- and permanently getting them into the NCAA tournament conversation.

FSU controlled most of this game. It deserved the win -- and now the ACC is a definite three-team race. Some Saturday we've had so far.

We should have more reaction from FSU soon. 

Posted on: January 15, 2012 12:11 am

75-foot buzzer-beater gives NAIA school a victory

By Matt Norlander

Last-second heaves never get old. Ever. The two-second traverse always gets your attention. People believe, What if? Will it? Looks like it can. And every so often, it does. The ball, the shot, is true. And everyone, except those on the losing end, pops out of their clothes.

Saturday night, college basketball got one of its best game-winners you'll see all season. Chase Spreen a Lindsey Wilson College senior guard from Bedford, Ind., chucked the shot after one dribble and two steps. The initial camera shot doesn't even keep up with the ball. The replay's even better, though. Down goes Georgetown College, 79-78.

Every good buzzer-beater becomes a great one if the play-by-play man gives his heart and soul to the moment. That certainly happened here -- and then some. This is committing to the moment. Hell, this is marrying yourself to it.

(H/T, Duo-County Telecom for getting the video)
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Oral Roberts wins on insane half-court shot

By Matt Norlander

Time to step your game up, Christian Watford.

The Golden Eagles of Oral Roberts won a game Monday night in a fashion that's unlikely to be repeated this year or even for years to come. Tramar Sutherland of Arkansas-Little Rock heaves the rock a few feet too far for his teammates on a game-winning set-up attempt for Little Rock. Oral Roberts' Damen Bell-Holter winds up with the ball and just snipes it back toward his rim.

Oral Roberts radio play-by-play man Geoff Haxton doesn't even think the game's ending then and there, and then ...

That thing just smacks violently off the backboard and scurries its way through. What a way to win for ORU, which needed a good W, because it gets Gonzaga and Xavier on the road in the next five days.

And No. 22? With the dancing? That's Steven Roundtree. Just get down with yourself, young man, and do no apologize.

Bell-Holter has done this before, by the way. The call here is almost as good as is how this game-tying play develops.

(H/T to Fran Fraschilla, who retweeted Oklahoma radio color guy Mike Houck's tweet to the video)
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Buzzer-beating March drama is happening NOW

Posted by Matt Norlander

You can thank Jamie Skeen for being the first player to produce a buzzer-beating moment this March.

The VCU forward hit a spinning, off-glass bunny shot to beat Drexel earlier this afternoon to lift the Rams past fifth-seeded Drexel in the quarterfinals of the CAA tournament.

Here's the final seconds of the game, which only needed Skeen's dramatics because Drexel's leading scorer, Chris Fouch, hit a long 3 to tie the game at 60 with with 13.2 seconds left.

Enjoy this. Embrace March. It is here with full force. No matter the size of the arena, the channel of the broadcast or the jerseys on the floor, everyone gets a piece of the best month of the year.

(Timothy Burke is my hero.)

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60-foot buzzer-beater puts Manhattan past Marist

Posted by Matt Norlander

Buzzer-beaters, whether from two feet, 20 feet or 60 feet, happen with regularity each year.

In a way, we've become numb to most of them, even if they'll forever be exciting in the moment.

That said, doesn't it seem like we're getting more than our usual import of long-distance, successful heaves this season? Maybe it's because 93 percent of all college basketball games are on television, thus we're able to see them at a more frequent rate.

Your latest dose of last-second dramatics comes courtesy of the Jaspers of Manhattan. Manhattan and Marist were locked in a close game that, frankly, few people did or could care about; by game's end both teams would own four wins this season. The Jaspers got to a 4-18 record thanks to Michael Alvarado's running 3-point shot from about 60 feet from the tin.

(H/T, Pete Thamel)
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