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Posted on: February 22, 2012 10:54 am
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UMass' pint-sized point guard brings relevance

Chaz Williams is probably shorter than Gary Parrish. (Goodman's phone)

By Jeff Goodman

We'll have a column today on Xavier, but UMass certainly worthy of praise as the Minutemen stand one victory shy of a 20-win campaign: 

AMHERST, Mass. - Derek Kellogg had never laid eyes on Chaz Williams before. The UMass head coach and his staff did their due diligence, talked to plenty of CAA coaches who spoke glowingly of the Hofstra transfer and his toughness and ability to play far larger than his diminutive stature. 

Then the UMass coach and former point guard got his first look at Williams when he came to Amherst on a visit. 


"I thought his height was questionable," Kellogg said. 

"But he walked with a swagger," Kellogg added. "And I just figured this kid has to be able to play." 

Williams is listed at 5-foot-9, but Kellogg was already forewarned that his newest recruiting target wasn't a legit 5-9. Then he walked in the door. 

"I think he's probably 5-foot-5," Kellogg said of the Brooklyn native. 

"He's killing me," Williams said of Kellogg claiming he's 5-foot-5. 

All joking aside on Williams' stature, this kid can play. He's exactly what Kellogg has needed since he replaced Travis Ford at UMass: a legitimate floor leader. 

Admittedly, I saw Williams on his most impressive 40 minutes (he actually logged 38) as a Minuteman point guard. He was clearly the best guard on a court that also featured fellow New Yorkers Tu Holloway and Mark Lyons, going for 29 points and dishing out nine assists. 

"He did everything for us tonight," Kellogg said. "He made shots, made free throws and defended," Kellogg said. 

That hasn't always been the case, but when Williams plays this way he changes this UMass team and makes them a viable contender for a Top four spot in the A-10. The Minutemen won their 19th game last night against Xavier and improved to 8-5 in league play, which puts them in a three-way tie with the Musketeers and Saint Joseph's for third place. 

"This was as big as any win we've gotten since I've been back," Kellogg admitted after the 80-73 win. "Xavier has been the benchmark of the league -- and for us to do it with what was on the line."

Kellogg hasn't gotten UMass basketball back to what it was in the days when John Calipari was running things, but the fan support has grown as the wins have piled up and as Kellogg has altered his style of play, opting to press and run with added frequency. 

Xavier came into last night's game having won the past six in the series, but Williams and his teammates snapped that streak and while the program's point guard hasn't had to endure what most of his teammates have over the past few years, he was primed on the importance of this victory. 

"They gave me an understanding of everything," Williams said. "Guys told me how Xavier has left a bad taste in their mouth over the last few years, but this year we're turning things around and making people realize that UMass basketball is back." 

Back by Calipari standards?  No, but that'll never happen again. That's just plain unrealistic. 

However, UMass has become relevant in the A-10 again. 

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 11:28 am
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Report: Creator of Dribble Drive leaving UMass

By Jeff Goodman

The creator of the Dribble Drive is leaving UMass.

Vance Walberg, who was brought on by Derek Kellogg shortly after he got the job three years ago, will be leaving the staff.

At least that's the case, according to Matt Vatour of the Daily Hampshire Gazette. 

Kellogg told CBSSports.com a couple weeks ago that he was going to cut down on the amount of the Dribble Drive this season - and that may have played into the decision.

Walberg was the head coach at Clovis West, Fresno City College and also had a brief stint as the head coach at Pepperdine, where he was 14-35 in two years.

His offense became renowned largely due to the success of John Calipari - who implemented it while at Memphis.
Posted on: October 12, 2011 11:13 am

UMass' Kellogg finally has a point guard

By Jeff Goodman

It was the brainchild of Boston University's Scott Ellis. All six Massachusetts D-1 men's basketball programs together for a media day.

Since I already went by Boston College last week and wrote a story on Steve Donahue's young Eagles, I will try and touch on the other five schools in the area over the next couple of days.

We'll start with Derek Kellogg's UMass Minutemen:

BOSTON - Derek Kellogg knows better than most how difficult a challenge it is to win without a point guard.

The UMass coach - and former Minuteman point guard - hasn't had one over the past couple of seasons and it's been a key for why the team has struggled.

But now he has one in Hofstra transfer Chaz Williams.

"He's a typical New York point guard," Kellogg said. "He'll be our guy."

The first season Kellogg took over he inherited Chris Lowe, who had difficulty making the transition from Travis Ford's system. Then it was Ricky Harris, who was essentially a two-guard forced to run the team - and last season it was supposed to be Darryl Traynham, who was kicked off the team midway through the year.

"It's been a tough situation for us," Kellogg said.

But Kellogg expects Williams to finally solidify the position.

"He's done it at the college level," he said. "And he's already established himself as a leader. He's got plenty of charisma."

The 5-foot-9 Williams averaged 7.1 points and 4.2 assists as a freshman at Hofstra before transferring to UMass following a coaching change.

"I'm working with him to pick his spots," Kellogg said. "He can score, but I need him to make life easier for his teammates."

Kellogg said he's seen signs of maturity from a group that came in two years ago as freshmen. With their experience, he said he'll press more this season and also play more up-tempo, use more ball screens and utilize less of assistant coach Vance Walberg's Dribble Drive.

"We have older guys now and have depth," Kellogg said. "We have long, athletic guys and a fast point guard."

One of the players that Kellogg expects more from is extremely long and talented 6-foot-9, 175-pound redshirt sophomore Raphiael Putney.

Putney redshirted his freshman season and averaged 4.4 points and 3.0 rebounds in 12.7 minutes last season.

"His body's still not there," Kellogg said. "But mentally he's stronger and tougher. He plays with a little bit of an edge now."

- Kellogg also said that 6-foot-9, 245-pound Cady Lalanne broke his foot, but should be back on the court in about 10 days. Lalanne is a former Georgia signee who didn't qualify to play for the Bulldogs.
Posted on: January 10, 2011 10:25 am

Coach Speak: Roy Williams is a cookie monster

Posted by Eric Angevine

Our video today comes from the A-10. Here, a couple of our television colleagues talk with UMass head coach Derek Kellogg about the Minutemen's 55-50 upset of defending NIT champs the Dayton Flyers.

Quotable Coaches

"I'm sitting here right now, and I feel like I've been inside the cookie jar in the cookie store and stole every cookie out of the jar and every cookie out of the store, and I want to get out of town as fast as I can. It was one of the ugliest W's I've ever been involved with."

-Roy Williams on North Carolina’s narrow  win at Virginia on Saturday


"I use the story that I have a dog. Every time the doorbell rings my dog runs to the front door to say 'Hi' to the person who rang the doorbell. In all the time I've had the dog, it's never been for him. The person that came to the door has never come to the door to see my dog. But that doesn't stop my dog. Every time it rings, he goes. And that's how Will rebounds. Every shot goes up, he goes to the boards. Even if it's not going to come off on his side, if it appears its going in, if its a lay-up, he goes every time, and he's rewarded for that. We want him to rebound like my dog."

-Oakland head coach Greg Kampe discussing forward Will Hudson’s inside presence on WXOU-FM


"They didn't make shots, and I'm sure John is disappointed. But I don't think he'll be disappointed in how they guarded or how they fought."

-Kansas coach Bill Self praises the Michigan team that nearly upset his squad on Sunday


“It’s a major swing. It’s a turnover. It’s taking away a basket from the other team. It’s taking away momentum from the other team and slipping it back to you. I tell the guys, ‘When a guy takes a charge, you’ve got to run over there like you’ve just won the lottery and pick him up.’

-San Diego State’s  Steve Fisher reflects on the value of sub Tim Shelton’s ability to draw offensive fouls


They did a great job on Kemba, forced him into some real tough shots. But coming down the stretch, Kemba Walker is Kemba Walker."

-Jim Calhoun reveals the intricate game plan that allowed UConn to triumph over Texas


“It’s not something she’s looking forward to doing again”

-Bruce Pearl talks about his wife Brandy’s reaction to watching Tennessee lose to Arkansas with him while he is on suspension


Heard a good one from your team's head man? Pass it along to eric.angevine@cbsinteractive.com

Hot Seat

Keno Davis, Providence Friars. The near-misses are not going to cut it much longer. Providence is 0-4 in the Big East after almost beating St. John’s, hanging close to Syracuse and Pitt and then, quite frankly, laying an egg against Rutgers two days ago. Davis’ rapid ascension to the Big East always seemed a bit rash – he served just one (albeit very good) season as head man at Drake – and he still seems to be in over his head in his third season at PC. Davis - son of the great former Iowa coach Dr. Tom Davis – seems to be a very good recruiter. What happens after he gets the kids on campus continues to underwhelm, however. Looking at those four losses again, it seems that the Friars play to the level of their competition; banging with the two ranked league teams they’ve seen, then going soft at the wrong moments to lose to two undermanned teams under new head coaches. Throw in the rash of discipline problems the team has faced during Davis’ tenure, and it doesn’t look good for Keno.

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