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Posted on: December 11, 2011 4:17 pm
Edited on: December 11, 2011 4:41 pm

Xavier reveals suspensions following brawl

By Jeff Goodman

A few hours after Cincinnati levied six-game suspensions to three players and a one-game penalty to one other, Xavier responded.

The Musketeers have suspended starters Dez Wells four games, Mark Lyons two games and Tu Holloway for one game. Walk-on Landen Amos also received a four-game suspension.

Xavier plays Oral Roberts next and then heads to Hawaii for the Diamond Head Classic, where the Musketeers open against Long Beach State.

Holloway and Cincinnati's Ge'Lawn Guyn began trash-talking with nine seconds left in the Xavier rout. Wells then pushed Guyn, triggering the brawl.

Yancy Gates decked Xavier big man Kenny Frease with a right hand, and his actions earned him a six-game suspension. Lyons was also seen on the video throwing, but not connecting, on punches. Amos retaliated and punched Gates.

Holloway did not throw a punch in the melee, but was scrutinized -- rightfully so -- for his comments in the post-game news conference, in which he failed to apologize for his and his teammates actions.

"We got a whole bunch of gangstas in the locker room," Holloway said. "Not thugs, but tough guys on the court."

Lyons was also on the podium and also didn't apologize.

Personally, I probably would have hit Holloway with another game for his comments. He and Lyons should have been apologetic for his remarks. They certainly didn't handle the entire situation well.

But Holloway didn't throw a punch.

Holloway sat on the podium on Sunday afternoon, along with Mack and athletic director Mike Bobinski, and apologized for his actions. He also tried to clarify his comments from the previous day. 

"We'e not thugs, not doing things on the street," Holloway said. "We're just tough. That's what I meant by gangstas. Tough." 
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