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Posted on: March 24, 2011 9:50 am

Gus Johnson and great moments in history

Posted by Matt Norlander

Man taking flight. Walking on the moon. Moon-walking. All of these, such transcendent moments in our history as a nation, as a people, truly.

And we have Gus Johnson's call for each of them, and more. The creative minds at funnyordie.com got someone who does an incredible impersonation of the most popular microphoned man in March to flash us back to moments of triumph throughout history. You Thursday won't be complete until you hear this. Consider it a tune-up for tonight's games, which will have Johnson on the mic for BYU-Florida and Wisconsin-Butler.

Give a listen, and reenvision the invasion of the Trojan Horse forever.

(H/T, Jimmy Traina)

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