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Podcast: Does CBB not have 25 great players?

By Matt Norlander

There's a grouping of surprising college basketball teams who've yet to feel the swoon of conference play. But are they for real? Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman present their cases. They also discuss UConn's Final Four chances, why they'll come together.

There's also the matter of the Mountain West, which I believe is the fourth-best league in hoops, better than the ACC and Pac-12. Goodman and Parrish can't quite go there. It's a longer podcast today, 42 minutes, and at this point you know what you're getting on the Wednesday show: unfiltered bickering mixed in with some smart analysis.

  • From the beginning: We had to record this Tuesday afternoon because Goodman is travelling to New York today. We started talking the Wooden Award ballots, primarily the bickering behind them.
  • 6:39: Compiling a list of 25 worthy players for this list proved to be tough. Isn't that a bad sign? Parrish equates it to the bubble.
  • 7:40: UConn is going to get it together, meaning they're going to resemble a team most will see making the Final Four, Elite Eight at the worst.
  • 12:51: UNLV landed Khem Birch and damn are the Rebels getting it done immediately with Dave Rice.
  • 16:35: I make the case the Mountain West is the fourth-best league, top to bottom. My superiors scoff in my general direction. Actually, they do more than that.
  • 19:54: The A10 is a jumbled mess -- can it afford to be one?
  • 23:37: Who's for real? There are six teams out there. "I think they're a real basketball team" makes me laugh much more than it should.
  • 32:08: The final 10 minutes ... it's just a bunch of gabbing. Goodman's schedule, Parrish feeling slighted I didn't ask about his schedule, me lamenting the most epic #whitepeopleproblem of all-time, me vs. Bob Huggins.

Continued thanks from me to you for keep coming back and listening. Please: spread the word. Hoops season is ramping up, and I'd love more hate mail. Spread this page and the iTunes subscription link to anyone you'd think would like this sort of think. We post three times per week, with the Wednesday show being a low-rent sitcom wannabe of a half hour, thanks to CBSSports.com national writers Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman Skyping in their opinions. The RSS feed is another way to keep the podcasts coming to you ASAP. We've got a Zune download link as well.

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College Hoops Podcast: Parrish and Goodman

By Jeff Goodman

If you haven’t already heard, podcasts are all the rage these days.

Well, at least that’s what everyone tells me, anyway.

So my colleague, Gary Parrish, and I decided to break into the podcast business and we taped our first installment on Thursday.

As usual, he was long-winded – yet, I have to admit, semi-entertaining. I was, of course, entertaining and informative.

We covered a variety of topics – from Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski and his phone call to John Calipari and his apparent shot at Coach K. We weighed in on Bruce Pearl and his job offer and I also made it clear that there will be a major overhaul of Parrish’s Top 25 (and one).

We’ll try to do these every couple weeks in the offseason and then weekly once the season gets going. If anyone has any suggestions on an upgrade for a co-host, please let me know.

And someone let Tom Izzo know we’ll also revamp the Preseason Top 25 soon - and that his Spartans will be where they belong. 

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Podcast: Parrish breaks down everything re: Pearl

Posted by Matt Norlander

I got stuck in Chicago last night, so I bothered Gary Parrish late and made him come on to record a podcast. Given everything that went down with Bruce Pearl, that obviously became the topic over the NCAA tournament. 

So Parrish is pretty fantastic on this epsidoe. He extensively breaks down the ins and outs of the Bruce Pearl firing. We talk how Tennessee can survive, when Pearl will coach again, who will coach Tennessee, why it came to this, and more. One topic I forgot to bring up: why Pearl's getting paid all this money, but his assistants get cut loose in a few months. Apologies for skipping past that.

Anyway, aside from a ton of Pearl talk I think you'll benefit from, we do jump into the Sweet 16, with discussion about Jimmer, Duke being elite thanks to Kyrie Irving, pressure on Bill Self, and how Kentucky faces more pressure than Ohio State.

As always, I urge you to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or if you have a Zune, we've got you covered there as well. And for the XML-savvy, here's a permalink.   

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Podcast: NCAA tourney from a Vegas perspective

Posted by Matt Norlander

Wanted to go different today. Wanted to discuss the bracket in betting and probability terms. So I chased down Jacob Wheatley-Schaller of VegasWatch.net.

He does a great job of not only following/documenting betting trends and smart/dumb plays on the site, but is a worthwhile follow on Twitter. We discuss the inconsistency with the seeding process, and really, how it needs to be blown up and reconfigured. Not only that, but much lamenting is done about the First Four, and how, if it must be had, then why not all at-large teams going for 12 seeds?

And if you're in a pool with 15 people, should how you do your picks be different than if you're in a pool with 50? He says, yes, absolutely, and explains why.

How to approach your pool; why the seeding process is broken

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