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Posted on: January 9, 2012 3:39 pm
Edited on: January 9, 2012 3:47 pm

The Poll Attacks

By Gary Parrish

Associated Press poll: I thought Steve Spurrier was wrong when he went at Ron Morris.

I defended Ron on that one.

But I can't defend Ron's AP basketball ballot almost ever ... and certainly not this week.

Come on, Ron.

Connecticut at No. 7?


Listen, I think the Huskies have the potential to be great thanks to a roster that includes Shabazz Napier, Ryan Boatright, Jeremy Lamb and Andre Drummond, but they haven't been close to great yet. They don't have a single win over a team currently ranked in the AP poll, and they have obviously bad losses to UCF and Rutgers (plus a double-digit loss to Seton Hall). That's the resume of a school that doesn't belong in the top 25 at all, much less the top 10. So not only do I think it's ridiculous that Ron has UConn all the way up at No. 7, I also think it's silly for AP voters to have Jim Calhoun's team 17th. The Huskies have done nothing to earn that ranking and plenty to lose it. They shouldn't be ranked right now.

And neither should Florida.

But the Gators are 19th in the AP poll and 11th on Ron's ballot.

The first part of that sentence is ridiculous, the second part inexplicable.

(Note to Ron: You've got to get it together, man. This isn't even fun anymore.)

How can anybody have Florida 11th when the Gators are 12-4 with zero wins over teams receiving votes in the AP poll and losses to Rutgers and Tennessee, two schools with a combined record of 17-14? As is the case with UConn, I like Florida's roster and think Billy Donovan will get things straight. But on Jan. 9 teams ought to have bodies of work that in some way support their rankings. UConn and Florida, right now, do not.

Coaches poll: I was down with Harvard being ranked earlier in the season.

But not now.

Not anymore.

Because the Crimson took a horrendous loss last week at Fordham, and because their best win -- a neutral-site win over Florida State -- can no longer be considered impressive. The Seminoles were ranked when Harvard beat them; now they're just a 9-6 team with losses to Princeton and Clemson. So Harvard has zero wins over teams receiving votes in the latest coaches poll, and a loss to a school ranked 238th at KenPom.com. Is that resume really worth a top 25 ranking?

Answer: Absolutely not.

That's why we dropped Harvard from our rankings.

The men with votes in the coaches poll should've followed our lead.
Posted on: January 2, 2012 2:36 pm
Edited on: January 2, 2012 2:53 pm

The Poll Attacks

By Gary Parrish

You think adopting a cute dog will keep you out of the Poll Attacks?

Think again, Toni.

Think again.

Let's go!

Associated Press poll: Pittsburgh is 11-4 overall and 0-2 in the Big East.

And yet the Panthers are still getting points in the AP poll.


The good news is that all four of Pitt's points came from the same voter, which means 64 of the AP's 65 voters understand the Panthers belong nowhere close to a Top 25 ballot. The bad news is that one voter isn't quite as tuned in. Her name is Toni Ginnetti, and this might be the first time I've ever Poll Attacked a woman. (Insert joke here.) Honestly, it makes me a little uncomfortable. But how can she have Pitt ranked 22nd?

Pittsburgh has no good wins and four bad losses (on the road at Notre Dame and at home to Long Beach State, Wagner and Cincinnati), which means the Panthers are in the running for the nation's most disappointing team considering they were ranked 10th in the preseason. And yet Toni has them ranked 22nd. Which is silly. She also has Xavier ranked 18th. Which is also silly considering the Musketeers have dropped four of their past five games, including Saturday's home game to a Gonzaga team that is now 11-2 and ranked 25th but somehow unranked on Toni's ballot.

In summary, Toni is the only person giving Pitt and Xavier votes.

So she's smarter than everybody or completely unaware of what's happened the past two weeks.

The latter seems more likely.

But, either way, let's end this on a good note. Seems Toni just adopted the cutest dog in the world. I'm for stuff like that. So because she's so generous I promise to never Poll Attack her again ... as long as she gets Jamie Dixon's underachieving Panthers off her ballot by next Monday.

Coaches poll: Jeff Goodman and I ranked Indiana seventh in the Top 25 (and one).

Now for the question you're asking ...

Do we really believe there are just six teams better than Tom Crean's Hoosiers?

Answer: No.

But what do you do with a team that's 13-1 with no bad losses and wins over Kentucky and Ohio State? At some point you have to throw away what you think you know and just rely on the body of work, and IU's body of work is among the nation's best. Again, the Hoosiers are 13-1. The only loss is a loss at Michigan State, and Indiana actually led that game with less than nine minutes remaining. (Michigan State, by the way, is 13-2 with losses only to North Carolina and Duke. So, like I said, IU's loss at Michigan State is not a bad loss.) Meantime, the Hoosiers have wins over Kentucky, Ohio State and Butler. That's really good at this point in the season and why I can't understand the coaches ranking IU 12th.

Let's compare the Hoosiers' body of work to one team ranked ahead of them -- Louisville.

The Cards are 12-2.

They have zero wins over teams currently ranked.

They have a loss to the Kentucky team that IU has already topped.

And, if you're into this sort of thing, the Cards are nine spots behind Indiana at KenPom.com.

So how is Louisville ranked ahead of Indiana? And why is Indiana still outside of the top 10? If the Hoosiers are fraudelant, we'll find out soon enough and adjust accordingly. But for now, they probably belong in the top 10, and they definitely belong ahead of Louisville.
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