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Posted on: November 7, 2011 11:55 pm
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Mississippi State led by trio in opener

By Jeff Goodman

Rick Stansbury knew it wouldn't be pretty. Not against Eastern Kentucky and Jeff Neubauer's methodical offense and 1-3-1 zone defense.

But he's just happy to come out with a season-opening victory.

Dee Bost went for 23 points and six assists, UTEP transfer Arnett Moultrie had a double-double (13 points, 10 boards) in his debut and freshman Rodney Hood had 12 points and nine rebounds.

"It wasn't easy with the way they play and the way they control the game," Bost told CBSSports.com after the 76-66 win. "But A win is a win."

Oh yeah - and Renardo Sidney finished with a lackluster nine points and three rebounds in 23 minutes.

"He's better than he was, but we still want more from him," Stansbury said of the talented big man. "We need more from him."

Stansbury spoke highly of Bost - who he has from the start of the season this year - as well as Moultrie and Hood.

Stansbury is also optimistic that freshman guard Deville Smith will be cleared and be able to play against Akron later this week. Smith was released from the hospital on Monday after experiencing headaches and dizziness.

"Has the the ability to change games - both offensive and defensively," Stansbury said.

With Bost, Moultrie and Hood, Mississippi State has three guys that can match up with just about anyone.

The key, obviously, is the much-maligned Sidney - who needs to give consistent effort.

"He'll get it going," Bost said of his once highly touted teammate. "This team changed defenses a lot - and it was tough to get him the ball in the post."

If Sidney finally gets it - and it's a huge if - this team could be scary.

But so far, with one game in the books, he hasn't shown anything different.

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Posted on: August 26, 2011 11:47 am
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Mississippi State freshman Tweets, gets dismissed

By Gary Parrish

Rick Stansbury dismissed D.J. Gardner from the Mississippi State basketball team on Friday. The development came a day after Stansbury announced the heralded freshman would redshirt, and less than 15 hours after Gardner publicly expressed his displeasure with the coaching staff via Twitter.

"These b***es tried to f**k me over," Gardner Tweeted late Thursday, according to a screen shot grabbed by the Clarion-Ledger's Brandon Marcello. "That’s y I red shirted .. But I wish my homies a great as* season.. I don’t even know y I’m still here"

Gardner is an in-state product who averaged 32 points and 10 rebounds as a high school senior.

He chose Mississippi State over Memphis.
Posted on: February 3, 2011 4:32 pm
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Will dysfunctional Bulldogs cost Stansbury's job?

Rick Stansbury probably looks like this all the time now.

Posted by Eric Angevine

I mentioned the Mississippi State Twitter fiasco in my nightcap post last night, but it's become a cause celebre on the introwebs today. Plenty of schadenfreude about the runaway train in Starkville. It's the sort of thing that's tons of fun when it's not your school embarrassing itself on the national stage.

Since I look at coaches who might be sitting on heat-retaining furniture every Monday in the Coach Speak segment, my thoughts have been on Rick Stansbury (above) and his role in all this for a while now. The dapper gent has been at the tiller of the Mississippi State program for thirteen years now, and he's always seemed in control, almost to the point of being boring. It's actually been a rather astonishing run for a guy most college hoops fans couldn't pick out of a police lineup.

Now, suddenly, there's no hardworking, unselfish Jarvis Varnado making Stansbury look good. There's Renardo Sidney, who attracts adjectives like soft and undisciplined. He's been held out of action by the NCAA and had a punch-up with a teammate. He's one of the twitter complainers who had his account suddenly voided, as if the words would disappear from the ether because he willed them to. There's Ravern Johnson, calling out his coach via tweet and alluding to an imbalance of ball distribution that makes him want to transfer. There's Dee Bost, the supposed target of the ballhog ire, who was also held out of the lineup for a semester before coming in to take away everybody else's shots, the big meanie.

Where's Stansbury in all this? Making mild statements, working in all his cliches and starting to remind me of Steve Martin playing an overmatched parent in the vomitous Cheaper by the Dozen. He looks less and less like the boss of this rodeo every day.

Do I think this will cost Stansbury his job? No, not really. Nor should it. He's taken the Bulldogs to six NCAA appearances during his tenure, and this season seems like an aberration. Fellow SEC coach John Pelphrey survived worse times at Arkansas last year, and his record on the court isn't anywhere near as laudable. Bruce Pearl... well, you know what he did, and he's still employed. That doesn't mean the MSU administration will react the way ADs at those other institutions did, but the precedent is there.

What should be addressed, before things get even further out of hand, is the issue of leadership. Stansbury isn't getting any from his players. Nor is he getting any wins, really. So what could possibly be keeping him from cracking down on the perpetrators of this embarrasment? He's banned the team from Twitter, but it's time for Stansbury to breathe fire, or throw some bats in the shower, or something. They're kids, scare 'em. What led him to slap Sidney on the wrist after the Hawaii throwdown? If the head coach is unwilling to discipline his players for blatant acts of defiance, what can Bulldog fans expect from the next unrepentant knucklehead who comes along?

If Stansbury has lost control of this team, the ripples will be felt far beyond the current, humiliating lost season in Starkville.
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Coach Speak: Bob Huggins was a Monk?

Posted by Eric Angevine

Welcome to Coach Speak. It's going to be a regular Monday feature here at the CBS College Basketball Blog. This space will be dedicated to tracking down the best in coaching sound-bites every week. We'll also keep track of moves on the coaching carousel as they happen.

Today, we check out video from the Bob Huggins Show, which aired December 25th at West Virginia Illustrated. I love how Huggy Bear projects charisma and toughness even while slouching in a folding chair wearing a track suit.

Money quote:

“My dad took the job. He didn’t know what they were paying. When he found out what they were paying, he decided maybe I should take the job. It’s Brotherhood of Christian instruction and they take the same vows that priests do. They take the vow of poverty and they want everybody else to live it. I did that for three years.”

-Huggins talks about his coaching start at Walsh College, which played an exhibition game at WVU on December 22

A few other gems from a quiet holiday weekend in college hoops:

"We’ve been 8-4 before, we’ve been 9-4, I'm not trying to make light of it, I'm not trying to make it worse than it is," Izzo said. "If I keep scheduling this way, we're gonna have some losses. ... I’m disappointed. But I've been here before so I know what to do over Christmas. It’s a lot harder work than shopping."

-Tom Izzo following Michigan State's loss to Texas

I hope Santa puts some more patience under my tree. Hopefully Santa puts some toughness and grittiness and meanness under their trees."

-Tony Barbee on his hopes for the 4-7 Auburn Tigers

Eventually, it gets a little bit old going and seeing different places and schools but not winning. Now, these guys just look at it [games against BCS teams] as another game.”

-Maine coach Ted Woodward on a victory at Penn State that capped a four-game win streak

“You know, we were 4-4 16 days ago. A lot of people had written us off. We really came back (through) our cohesiveness and togetherness and just being a tough, gritty team.”

-Butler assistant coach Darnell Archey on the importance of winning the Diamond Head Classic

"I do like where we are as a team. To win three of those four games is good. We're pretty healthy. We're 10-2, we've played a really good schedule. I think we're well prepared for Pac-10 play."

-Washington State head coach Ken Bone after his team lost to Butler in the DHC championship game

"We weren't emotionally where we needed to be at the beginning of the game."

-Mississippi State head coach Rick Stansbury utters the understatement of the weekend following a DHC loss to host Hawaii

Hot Seats

Five coaches who could soon have all the wrong things in common with Mike Singletary.

1. Stan Heath, South Florida. In December, the Bulls are 2-4, beating VCU and Auburn and losing to Florida Atlantic, Kent State, James Madison and Cleveland State. That runs Heath's record at USF to 47-61 in four years. On New Year's Eve, they'll start a brutal stretch of three games against ranked Big East opponents.  

2. Paul Hewitt, Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are 6-5 with losses to Kennesaw State and Siena. Northwestern beat them by 20. To think, Hewitt was actually courted for the Boston College job over the summer. Think the folks on Chestnut Hill are glad they went a different direction right about now? The good news is that Fordham is snowed in, so Hewitt gets a temporary reprieve before a New Year's Eve date with Mercer.

3. Sidney Lowe, NC State. Lowe was on the hot seat all summer, especially after no-nonsense Debbie Yow was hired as the new Wolfpack AD. He won his stay of execution by talking Tracy Smith into coming back for his senior season and landing a stellar class of freshmen. The result? 7-4, with all four losses coming in statement games. An up year in the down ACC is all that's standing between Lowe and the unemployment line.

4. Pat Knight, Texas Tech. These legacy hires never seem to work out in the Big 12. Knight is close to repeating the coaching fate of Sean Sutton, whose career lasted 62 games at Oklahoma State after he took over for his famous dad Eddie. Knight's team is so moribund, they lost to Stan Heath's Bulls at the South Padre Island Invitational in November.

5. Ed DeChellis, Penn State. The Nittany Lions are famous for keeping coaches around as long as humanly possible, but losing to Maine in the Bryce Jordan Center just before Christmas seems symptomatic of the mediocre effort given by DeChellis teams in his seven-and-a-third year run as head coach. 

Getting warmer: Jeff Capel, Oklahoma; Trent Johnson, LSU; Craig Robinson, Oregon State

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