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Posted on: September 5, 2011 8:02 pm

Friars best scenario? Ledo never steps on campus

By Jeff Goodman

Ed Cooley had no choice. He had to go after local star Ricky Ledo.

Ledo is one of the most talented scorers in the entire country, a guy that the new Providence Friars coach can normally only dream of landing. CBSSpports.com broke the news on Monday afternoon that Ledo committed to Providence.

But, in essence, the ideal scenario for Cooley may be the following:

Ledo never, ever steps foot on campus.

``It's absolutely the best thing for Cooley," said one source extremely close to the situation.

It sounds nuts, but hear me out.

Ledo is at his fourth school - which is a major academic red flag for not only the NCAA, but also for those who track the success rate of those who have established a clear track record of instability in high school. This is his second pledge to the local school, the first coming when Keno Davis was at the helm.

Many of those who have suited up alongside Ledo aren't enamored with him because of his unwillingness to be a quality teammate - and the attitude he often displays. His pledge could wind up hurting Providence with some local targets.

Also, there are plenty who feel as though Ledo playing so close to home in the fishbowl that is Providence may be ultimately setting him up to fail. 

Ledo's record this past July, at one point, was 1-10. The last high-level guy who had a mark like that one was Renardo Sidney, and um, look what's happened with him.

Let's hope I am wrong about Ledo - and he winds up academically qualifying and buying into his role as a member of a team.

However, I'm skeptical.

Cooley has already reaped the reward of a two-week stretch in which he landed arguably the nation's top point guard, Kris Dunn, and another elite level wing in Ledo.

It's given him and the Providence program exactly the pop he needed to make the Friars "cool."

People are writing about Providence for the first time in years.

But Ledo - if he does wind up in a PC uniform - could set the program back instead of moving it forward.  

Ledo has already spent four years in high school and doesn't have a diploma. The plan is to have him get his GED, then add one core class and arrive in December or January.

I'll believe it when I see it.

And I just don't think that'll ever happen - and that may not be the worst thing for Cooley and the future of the Friars.
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Providence keeps Ledo at home

Posted by Eric Angevine

When Rick Pitino began talks with the Puerto Rico national team, pundits assumed that, in part, he hoped to gain an upper hand in recruiting. One of the primary targets he was after at the time was Ricardo "Ricky" Ledo, a top 2012 shooting guard from Rhode Island who is eligible to play for the island's squad due to his parentage.

Turns out, Ledo would rather play in front of his hometown fans and family, which is quite the Christmas gift for Keno Davis.

"I'm going to do it in front of my family and friends as opposed to leaving," Ledo said on Christmas morning. "So many other guys have left. I want to stay close to home, like Marvin Barnes."

Barnes, PC's legendary big man of the early 1970s, was a top player at Central High but never received the regional or national acclaim that Ledo has owned over the last two years.

Ledo said the attraction of his family and friends was powerful, as was PC's pitch for him to stay home and follow in the footsteps of Barnes, Ernie DiGregorio, Joe Hassett, Abdul Abdullah and, most recently, Jeff Xavier, as local high school stars who played for the Friars. Ledo spent Christmas with his grandparents, Ada and Julio Carrasco, as well as his brother Kyron and his parents, Kimeco Ledo and Ricardo Carrasco. He said everyone was excited with his choice.

-Kevin McNamara, Providence Journal

Davis has had a rough time in recent months, with Greedy Peterson and other players encountering legal troubles and being dismissed from the team. In addition, his leading recruiter, Pat Skerry, decamped to Big East rival Pitt. Keeping Ledo at home should go a long ways toward rehabbing the program's image, but Davis will probably need to win a fair number of games between now and 2012 in order to keep the wolves at bay.
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