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Posted on: January 29, 2012 11:28 am
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Boatright's lawyer takes shots at NCAA

By Jeff Goodman

Ryan Boatright was cleared by the NCAA yesterday -- for the second time. 

Boatright and his mother received more than $8,000 in impermissible benefits prior to and after he enrolled at UConn from an least two individuals linked to nonscholastic basketball and professional sports. 

The NCAA posted specific information on its website yesterday, including the reasons why Boatright was granted limited immunity by the NCAA's Committee of Infractions. 

His lawyer, Scott Tompsett, just sent an email to numerous media members concerning the information that the NCAA publicly released in reference to Boatright. 

"I am astounded that the NCAA released confidential information about Ryan’s case. Ryan and his mother Tanesha cooperated fully with the NCAA with the clear understanding that the information they provided would be kept confidential and would not be released to the public. The NCAA has violated the Boatrights’ privacy by releasing their personal information.

Moreover, the NCAA’s statement contains false and misleading information. For example, the statement implies that the benefits in question were provided to influence Ryan’s decision either to attend UConn or choose an agent, if and when he goes pro. That is false and the NCAA knows it. In fact, the two individuals who provided the benefits are friends of the Boatrights. They were simply helping the family with no expectation of repayment or reciprocation. And there’s not a shred of evidence that they influenced Ryan’s decision to attend UConn or that they intend to represent Ryan if he ever goes pro. The public also should know that the NCAA never told Tanesha and Ryan who made the accusations about them or told them the substance of the accusations so they could defend themselves. Further, contrary to the NCAA’s statement, neither Tanesha nor Ryan received a car from anyone.

Until the NCAA released its statement, the Boatrights considered this matter closed. But the NCAA’s improper release of private and false information has caused the Boatrights to consider their legal options."

Scott W. Tompsett, Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP

UPDATE: The NCAA has responded to Tompsett's allegations with a statement of its own. Here goes:

<tt>"Scott Tompsett’s allegations are not accurate. The NCAA statement regarding Ryan Boatright is factual and in response to numerous public misstatements and the resulting inaccurate reporting by some media. The NCAA acted appropriately to ensure the misleading accounts did not continue. The NCAA did not violate the student-athlete or family’s privacy in anyway, nor did it imply that the benefits were used to influence Ryan Boatright to attend the University of Connecticut.

"In fact, both UCONN and Mr. Boatright should be commended for their cooperation throughout the process to gather information. The school and student-athlete’s dedication to uncover the facts should be viewed as a positive example, not somehow construed negatively. Had Ms. Boatright cooperated fully from the beginning, this matter could have been settled months ago"</tt>

Posted on: January 28, 2012 4:58 pm

Boatright cleared to play for UConn

By Jeff Borzello

Connecticut freshman guard Ryan Boatright will be eligible to play Sunday afternoon against Notre Dame, beat writer Kevin Duffy first reported on Saturday.

Boatright has missed the last three games as the NCAA reviewed his eligibility. He was also suspended for the first six games of the season after the NCAA found his former AAU coach, Reggie Rose, had purchased a plane ticket for Boatright.

Sources told Duffy that this investigation was for something different, but was sparked by the same source as the first investigation.

Boatright, a 5-foot-10 product of East Aurora (Ill.), provides an added weapon on the perimeter for Connecticut. The most explosive lineup for the Huskies includes Boatright and starting guards Shabazz Napier and Jeremy Lamb.

Boatright was averaging 10.2 points and 3.1 assists before the suspension.

Posted on: November 26, 2011 6:02 pm
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UConn wins with new/fun backcourt

By Gary Parrish

They were sloppy at times -- full of questionable decisions and questionable shots. That'll have to improve. And it will. And when it does, watch out. Because after watching Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright play together for the first time (that's Boatright jumping over Napier at UConn's First Night this year) in the fourth-ranked Connecticut's 78-76 overtime win over No. 22 Florida State on Saturday, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to call the tiny playmakers the nation's most entertaining backcourt. What they lacked in composure they made up for with excitement. What they lack in experience they'll gain soon enough.

Napier spent the afternoon bombing away.

He hit six of 13 3-point attempts.

Boatright was crossing anybody and everybody.

He slashed into the lane almost at will.

They took turns playing with the ball and off the ball.

Both seemed mostly comfortable in either role.

Napier finished with 26 points and Boatright got 14 -- none of which were bigger than the three that came via free throws with 7.3 seconds remaining in regulation to tie the score and force overtime. It was the freshman's Darius Washington-moment, and he passed it with ease. These stakes were different than those stakes, sure; a bid to the NCAA tournament wasn't in the balance. This is November, not March. But it was still a pressure-packed moment considering this was a game featuring two ranked schools on national television, and Boatright handled it well.

"I was just thinking about winning," Boatright told CBSSports.com by phone. "I knew I had to make them."

Which is precisely what he did.

That it came in his college debut only made it more impressive.

Boatright, as you know, was caught accepting extra benefits from his summer coach before enrolling in college. The NCAA suspended him for six games. That forced him to miss UConn's first five ... plus Friday's loss to unranked UCF.

"It was tough sitting out," Boatright said. "No way to describe the feeling. Watching made me sick to my stomach."

But he won't have to watch anymore.

And he's going to make the Huskies a bigger problem than they otherwise would be in the Big East, because now Jim Calhoun has two dynamic ball-handlers to go with an All-American wing (Jeremy Lamb) and a pro big (Andre Drummond). Sprinkle in the pieces that are Alex Oriakhi, Tyler Olander, DeAndre Daniels and Roscoe Smith, and forget about how the Huskies look now. Think ahead to March and how they could look then.

It's scary.

The pieces are in place to compete for another title.

"We just got that last piece," Lamb told CBSSports.com by phone. "Boatright was great today. He gives us another ball-handler. So I don't know how long it's gonna take, but I think we'll get there. I think we're gonna get there."

Photo: AP
Posted on: November 5, 2011 8:50 am
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Boatright's eligibility tied to D-Rose's brother

By Gary Parrish

Is Derrick Rose's older brother part of another NCAA investigation?

Yes, according to a Connecticut newspaper.

The Danbury News-Times reported Saturday that Ryan Boatright's eligibility at Connecticut is under review because of a plane ticket once purchased for the freshman point guard by Reggie Rose, brother of NBA Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose. Boatright spent his high school years playing summer basketball for the D-Rose All-Stars. Reggie Rose coaches the D-Rose All-Stars.

CBSSports.com's attempt to reach Reggie Rose for comment early Saturday was unsuccessful.

Connecticut announced Wednesday that Boatright, a freshman from Illinois, would be held out of games until the NCAA concluded a review of his eligibility, but the school offered no further details at the time. The News-Times reported Saturday that Boatright could be suspended for three to six games once the NCAA's review concludes.

This isn't the first time Reggie Rose and improper travel have been a part of an investigation. The NCAA found that Reggie Rose incurred $2,260 worth of unpaid expenses while traveling with the Memphis basketball team during the 2007-08 season. That season was later vacated once Derrick Rose's SAT score was invalidated.

Posted on: November 2, 2011 10:01 am
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NCAA reviewing UConn freshman's eligibility

By Gary Parrish

Connecticut freshman Ryan Boatright is being held out of Wednesday night's exhibition against American International because his eligibility is under review by the NCAA. School officials said the review is "not related to academics," which suggests this could be an amateurism or extra benefits case.

Boatright is a 6-foot guard who averaged 31.2 points per game as a senior in high school.

He will practice but not dress or play until the review is completed.
Posted on: October 14, 2011 9:05 pm
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Dunk contest highlights from UConn's First Night

By Matt Norlander

STORRS, Conn. -- UConn's First Night has just ended. Gampel was loud as hell -- particularly because I sat in front of the subwoofers. I can't even hear myself typing this.

The highlight of the evening, truly, was Kemba Walker and Ray Allen being introduced. Both ovations were enormous and roof-rattling. Hasheem Thabeet's fashion choice of a shiny-blue Hartford Whalers winter-type vest was also astounding and didn't go unappreciated by the fans. I particularly adore the face that he's wearing a men's large.

But the dunk contest is what you want to see. I got onto the baseline and captured the video for your pleasure. Freak freshmen Ryan Boatright (who's about the size of an average American ninth-grader) and Andre Drummond made it to the finals, with Boatright winning it. In the final video, kind of thought for a millisecond I was going to relive this.

Here's Boatright's chair dunk.

Drummond's between-the-legs: not likely to be duplicated in game action this year.

Boatright's dunk from the baseline was plenty nasty ...

... but Ray Allen said Drummond's baseline flush was worthy of being among the best in the NBA's contest.

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