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Posted on: March 15, 2011 10:37 am

Coach Speak: targets for Oklahoma and NC State

Will Doc Sadler stay in the Big 12?

Posted by Eric Angevine

Two more expected firings have come down the pipe as we prepare for tournament coverage. Oklahoma let Jeff Capel go, and N.C. State finally ended the Sidney Lowe era.

One of the first things we like to do in these situations is look to see which coaches are on fan wish lists and try to sort out which are fantasies and which might actually happen.

Oklahoma: It's hard to believe that the man who brought us Blake Griffin is gone, but everything for Jeff Capel went downhill when the electrifying dunker left school early to go to the NBA. Strange names come up in the local newspapers for this one. Doc Sadler is mentioned, which isn't all that odd except that he's already struggled mightily to build a winning program at a football-oriented Big 12 school. It speaks well to the respect he has in the coaching community that both Texas Tech and Oklahoma have kept an eye on him. Right up there with Sadler is Marquette's Buzz Williams, who has also been mentioned for the Tech job. Billy Gillispie is on everyone's radar, so throw him in there, too.

The strange names are these: the Norman Transcript tosses out Miami's Frank Haith and UConn women's coach Geno Auriemma. Haith seems to be on the hot seat in Miami, but his history as an assistant at Texas (from whence he got the Miami job) may make him a popular choice. Auriemma is at the pinnacle of his sport, and has shown no willingness to toss that away in favor of the challenge of rebuilding a men's program just to show he can do it. Until Jim Calhoun retires, I wouldn't expect Auriemma to ever look at making that move.

N.C. State: Sidney Lowe's firing is so fresh that the local columnists haven't really weighed in with their wish lists yet. The website Sports by Brooks has a fanciful list (which they shoot down as well) of Rick Barnes, Tubby Smith, Sean Miller and Mark Fox. Three of those coaches are in the NCAA tournament. Barnes is slotted in at the school that figures to own and operate the Big 12 from here on out. Miller and Fox are seeing their rebuilding efforts start to pay off at Arizona and Georgia, respectively, so why start over after just two years? Tubby Smith doesn't really seem like he wants to leave Minnesota.

The guys at Backing the Pack have some candidates on their list that seems sensible. Xavier coach Chris Mack would be a great get. Some other mid-major geniuses on the list are Cuonzo Martin (Missouri State), Chris Mooney (Richmond) and Blaine Taylor (ODU). Any of those gentlemen would be a fine choice as well.

State allegedly has $3 million a year set aside to lure a top coach, so it'll be interesting to see who jumps at the bait of repairing this once-proud program.

We'll do this again when the next round of coaches gets the axe, and we will, of course, keep you apprised when hirings happen. They're so much nicer than firings.

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Coach Speak: Sidney Lowe is running out of time

Hey Kool-aid! The big red blazer just ain't gettin' it done.

Posted by Eric Angevine

Hot Seat

Prior to the start of this season, I thought Sidney Lowe had a really good chance of keeping his job in Raleigh, despite the fact that new AD Debbie Yow declined to even pay lip service to a vote of confidence in his abilities. Lowe had brought in a stellar recruiting class, headlined by local forward C.J. Leslie, but very strong from top to bottom. More importantly (since freshman make plenty of mistakes), he got Tracy Smith back for his senior season after a flirtation with the NBA draft. With all the pieces in place, the burden fell squarely on Lowe to get the machine running.

The Wolfpack won the early games they were supposed to win, but stumbled in every non-conference statement game they played. Georgetown beat them by 15 at home. A trip to Wisconsin yeilded an embarrassing 39-point blowout. There was a rather close loss at Syracuse three days after that, then a ten-point home loss to Arizona. The roadies would have been acceptable except for that monster score differential in Madison. The home failures were a bit more troubling.

Then the ACC season started, with Smith back from a long injury time-out and Leslie and Ryan Harrow starting to show some maturity. Would things turn around? Oh, no. The only teams the Pack have beaten are Wake Forest and Miami (we'll get to you later, Frank Haith), the two rock-bottom teams in the ACC. The Pack are now 2-5, and they're headed to Duke on Saturday.

I don't think Yow will pull the plug in the middle of this lost season. There would be little point, and such a move could drive some of those talented freshmen away. But a change is gonna come in March, bet your big red blazer on that. Even a big win at this point would seem like a fluke after four seasons of 10+ conference losses every year, and no NCAA berths.

Quotable Coaches

"We had blank expressions on our faces. Guys weren't talking. And that's my responsibility. That's our program. Our program didn't do well here today. And that's all of our responsibilities."

-Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski following his team's 93-78 loss at St. John's
“I thought defensively that they kind of had their way with us late in the game. They had a good adjustment and went really small and spread the floor and with Dairese Gary driving that ball. We needed a second defender to help and get him stopped and he just seemed to find every open man late in this game. [He] made big shots.”

-BYU coach Dave Rose talks about a guard not named Jimmer after an 86-77 setback at The Pit
"At the beginning of the game and the same thing with Ohio State, he has to realize when things aren't open he can't keep going and driving it in there. People scout you and they jam him up. He's got to make the next pass."

-Illinois coach Bruce Weber diagnoses Demetri McCamey's recent offensive struggles

"Pat, I'm telling you, is an excellent coach. I'm talking about from when you look at the technical part of the game how hard they do things. Then, I also know how hard they work and I know how hard he works at it. I really believe they're going to be fine. They're going to get better, his teams always have.

There's so much that goes into being a good team or a good program. And I know this, there's not another program in the country that does it more right than they do. I mean, he's never going to violate an NCAA rule, he's going to represent Texas Tech they way it's supposed to be represented."

-Texas coach Rick Barnes, who has only lost to a Pat Knight-coached team once, praises the Texas Tech head coach

Sometimes, words just get in the way. That's why I'm sharing this fan video of Tom Crean celebrating with the Indiana faithful after beating a ranked Illinois squad:

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