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Posted on: January 7, 2012 7:35 pm
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Kentucky transfer Stacey Poole picks Georgia Tech

By Jeff Borzello

Some people questioned Brian Gregory’s ability to attract high-major talent to Georgia Tech when he took the vacant head coaching job last spring. He continues to prove the doubters wrong, though.

On Friday night, Kentucky transfer Stacey Poole Jr. chose Georgia Tech as his next destination, a source told CBSSports.com.

“Stacey is a done deal,” the source said.

The source went on to say that the Yellow Jackets are still working to get Poole admitted into the school, but it should be official by the middle of next week.

Poole left Kentucky in early November after rumors swirled for weeks about his status for the season. The 6-foot-4 small forward from Florida played only 45 minutes during his freshman campaign with the Wildcats last year. Because he didn’t play in any games this season, Poole hopes to be able to play next season.

Posted on: November 11, 2011 11:10 am
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The SEC POY was out later than you last night

By Gary Parrish

John Calipari has long preached that "nothing good happens after midnight."

I disagree.

Because some of the very best things that ever happened to me happened well after midnight, and I wouldn't trade those memories for all the Final Fours in the world. That said, I do recognize the point the Kentucky coach is always trying to make, and I'll bet you five bucks Calipari repeats that motto at least 47 times between now and when the Wildcats open the season tonight against Marist.

Yes, UK opens tonight.

And yet Terrence Jones -- the preseason SEC Player of the Year -- was out and about in Lexington at 2:30 this morning, which is around the time he was, along with teammate Stacey Poole, involved in a traffic accident that sent both to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. To be clear, there's no indication Jones and Poole were at fault; they were apparently hit by an intoxicated driver operating on the wrong side of the road. Calipari posted on his website that no evidence of drugs or alcohol were found on Jones or Poole (or in their vehicle). So it appears this is simply a case of two people being at the wrong place at the wrong time -- although Jones needs to explain why he left the scene of the accident because the only public explanation given to date doesn't make much sense to the rational (and unbiased) mind.

Calipari said Jones left the scene out of "fear of an altercation with the driver of the oncoming vehicle," but who does that? Seriously, who has ever done that? Have you ever done that? I know I've never done that. I can't tell you I've never had friends or heard about people leaving the scene of an early morning accident, but they've always had a reason to do it, and their reasons are usually along the same lines. Never once heard about somebody leaving the scene -- and leaving a friend, much less a teammate -- out of fear of an altercation, especially when that somebody is 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds. But I guess there's a first time for everything. Perhaps this is that first time. Perhaps.

Either way, what was Terrence Jones thinking?

Not about leaving the scene.

About being out so late the night before the season-opener.

When literally the only thing anybody questions about you as a basketball player is your ability to be mature and lead, it seems like you'd want to start eliminating those questions heading into your sophomore season, and being out in the middle of the night less than 24 hours before the opener doesn't do that. It only validates the questions and makes things worse. Jones, simply put, has to be smarter.

I still think he's a terrific talent.

I still think he'll be an All-American.

But popping around town at 2:30 a.m. the night before a game with a guy who is reportedly close to leaving the program can't possibly be a good sign, and it's a helluva way to start what could be a helluva season. Nothing good happens after midnight? Again, I disagree. But if I were a basketball coach, I'd probably say that a bunch, too.
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Kentucky's Jones, Poole involved in car accident

By Jeff Borzello

UPDATE: Terrence Jones was also involved in the car accident, John Calipari announced. He left the scene after the accident, but was later questioned by police.

According to reports, the accident occurred at 2:30 a.m. Calipari said the team will have a curfew for the rest of the season as a result.

Kentucky’s Stacey Poole was involved in a car accident along with another person, Lexington police said Friday morning.

Poole and the driver suffered minor injuries when another car swerved into the wrong lane and hit the car, knocking the SUV into a parked car.

Police charged the driver of the other car with DUI and insurance violations. The driver of Poole’s car has not been released.

A TV station reported that Poole tweeted, “Yoooo, im good!!!”


Posted on: November 1, 2011 10:04 pm
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Poole's dad doesn't deny departure speculation

By Jeff Borzello

With only days until the season tips off, Kentucky’s roster still seems to be in a state of fluctuation.

Reports swirled Tuesday night that one player would be leaving the Wildcats on Wednesday, and sources indicate the likely candidate is sophomore forward Stacey Poole.

When reached on Tuesday night, Poole’s father did not deny the reports.

“I can’t confirm the rumor at this time,” Poole Sr. told CBSSports.com.

Poole Jr. and his former AAU coaches did not respond to phone calls and text messages.

Poole is a 6-foot-4 swingman from Florida who played a total of 45 minutes last season. With the addition of four star freshmen, his playing time was not likely to increase. Moreover, reports out of the Wildcats’ early practices and workouts indicated that Poole has struggled and has often been frustrated. 

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