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Posted on: March 1, 2011 9:23 am
Edited on: March 1, 2011 9:26 am

Tim Floyd is delusional about C-USA's quality

Posted by Matt Norlander

It's a cliché that needs to be called out on more often: coaches praising the quality of their conference.

You know the jargon. You go up and down throughout this league and there's not an easy win. I'll put our league up against anybody. The fact of the matter is, you can't take any team for granted.

After Tim Floyd and UTEP absolutely embarrassed Memphis Saturday afternoon, defeating the Tigers in El Paso, 74-47, the often-embattled coach took the the postgame microphone and used it as a means of making a PR pitch about his conference.

He also took a swipe at Andy Katz for writing this.

The heart of the folly of what Floyd has to say is in the first two minutes of the presser.

Goodness does that irk me. Rice? RICE? You're making Rice references as means to how good your league is? And Central Florida may as well be a different species, let alone team, from what it was when it knocked off Florida. At a certain point, the conference coachspeak moves beyond a dry, worn-out quote and enters territory of tunnel vision and absurdity.

Floyd seems fairly comfortable there.

Let the record show: Conference USA is ranked as the eighth-best league by most statistical indicators and no longer has one team considered anywhere near a lock by any mainstream big-bracket prognosticator.

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 9:28 am

Tim Floyd will not go quietly into that night

Posted by Matt Norlander

What we have here is our viral video of the day.

Why does Tim Floyd have that NHL feel to him? That we only talk about him whenever things don't seem to be going well or there's controversy surrounding him. It's never about the success or good times with Floyd, whose UTEP team started out 17-4 with nary a positive column written about it.

Now the Miners are 20-8 on the heels of last night's 83-76 road loss to Eastern Carolina, an at-large bid surely all but evaporated. The game, as you can see above, is one Floyd was ejected from and had to be restrained/removed by building security. Such a sentence never says good things about the state of your coach or program.

You don't see Jamie Dixon, Rick Barnes, John Calipari, Bo Ryan, Tom Izzo, Sean Miller getting tossed from games and needing uniformed men ushering them into the bowels of arenas.

The reasons for Floyd's temper tantrum are surely myriad, but ECU's 45 attempts from the foul line had to be a primary catalyst. But reasons aren't reason for this behavior. Look at the video again. It's embarrassing.

For all the wrong reasons, Floyd's the closest thing we have today to Bob Knight.

In the first 35 seconds of the video you can see the UTEP players convening, sans Floyd, and trying to regroup themselves amid struggles on the road against .500 team. Floyd's too busy making demeaning chatter with the official, whose mouth you can read; he's clearing saying, "Back off."

After a brief lapse of time, the video cuts to a few moments later, when Floyd can't keep his yap shut, storming down the sideline and berating an official, looking right out of a Looney Tunes episode with the way his mouth is motoring. Then the T comes, and Floyd's instantly in the paint and charging the official.

Apology to come or not, this isn't what UTEP or Conference USA needs. The driving headlines out of the conference this year have been about Memphis players transferring, the overall lack of an uptick in play in the wake of Memphis' drift back to mortality in the conference ... and now this.

The worst thing about Floyd's behavior: it's not surprising. Pay for what you get, UTEP.
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Posted on: February 20, 2011 9:14 am

Video: Randy Culpepper's 33 points for UTEP

Posted by Eric Angevine

There was so much great basketball on the tube yesterday that I feared this star turn by UTEP's Randy Culpepper might have been lost in the shuffle. The Miners are embroiled in the tightest league race in the nation in C-USA, and need every win they can get, and having Culpepper in rare form is exactly what they'll need to repeat their tourney trip from last season, which happened under current Auburn head coach Tony Barbee.

We'll be back later today with the big stories from our Sunday slate of games.
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Posted on: February 4, 2011 10:02 am
Edited on: February 4, 2011 2:52 pm

Whatever happened to Conference USA?

Tim Floyd and Randy Culpepper can lead UTEP to the Big Dance

Posted by Eric Angevine

For years, the only team that mattered in Conference USA was Memphis. The Tigers had historically been a good to great team anyway, but John Calipari brought star power and the attendant riches in talent and support that go along with it. Starting in 2005, when Cincinnati, Marquette, Louisville, South Florida and TCU left the fold, Memphis topped the league standings four years running, going undefeated in conference play the final three seasons of Cal's tenure. Memphis was an apex predator of a program, and C-USA's other programs got a little fame out of the deal in the same way that the gazelle co-stars with the cheetah in a National Geographic documentary.

These days, Josh Pastner still has Memphis humming, but the 16-0 seasons are -- at least temporarily -- a thing of the past. Last year, it was another Calipari protege, then-UTEP coach Tony Barbee, who captured the league title. This season, the Miners are there again, but with veteran head coach Tim Floyd in charge. In fact, the league's retreads are bunched around Memphis in the standings, with Floyd and former Iowa State leader Larry Eustachy (with Southern Miss) slightly ahead of the Tigers, and Mike Davis (Indiana to UAB) and Matt Doherty (UNC to SMU) nipping at his heels. Jeff Lebo (ex-Auburn) and James Dickey (ex-Texas Tech) are in the mix as well.

Now, this could have gone very differently. One of the most baffling collapses of the season thus far must be owned by the UCF Knights. The Knights were 14-0 and ranked in the national Top 25 on January 5, having just beat Marshall for their first C-USA win of the season. It was also their last C-USA win of the season, as they added six straight losses to the ledger, including a home flame-out against league doormat Rice. It has been a stunning reversal of fortune for a team that upset in-state big boys USF, Florida and Miami along the way. The Knights quite simply became one of the most turnover-prone teams in the nation, seemingly overnight.

With the Knights falling off the face of the planet, C-USA's chances for two bids to the dance have gone to practically nil. UTEP, currently leading the league with a 5-2 record, has ugly losses to Pacific, Georgia Tech and, most recently, Tulsa to overcome. Eustachy's non-conference losses to Ole Miss and surging Colorado State aren't devastating, but three losses to league foes of varying strength put the kibosh on Golden Eagle hopes for an at-large. Memphis will go to Spokane to play Gonzaga this weekend in what could have been a real resume-booster if the Zags weren't also a shadow of their former selves.

If it's to be a one-bid league, then the league's best representative would have to be UTEP. With Floyd directing Randy Culpepper (above) alongside fellow seniors Julyan Stone, Christian Polk and Jeremy Williams, the Miners could be rounding into prime giant-killing shape.

For the future of the league at large, however, things must change. Memphis, UAB and Southern Miss can solidify the upper echelon of the league if they can find some consistency, meaning they should only lose to one another if they want to be taken seriously. The teams in the middle of the conference seem to often be able to challenge in the league race as well. It's tough to champion parity in a league like this one, because the outside world tends to view it as mediocrity. The NCAA selection committee knows what's up, though, and they'll no doubt notice that Memphis, UAB and Southern Mississippi have RPI numbers above 60, with the Blazers' 45 standing out. UTEP and Marshall are in the 60s.

The seeds are there for this league to more closely resemble the Mountain West or A-10 than the Horizon League. In fact, kenpom.com currently has C-USA ranked eighth in his conference standings based on the average rating of its member teams, just under the SEC and just above the A-10. Establishing three or four consistently dangerous teams at the top, and winning some of those big non-con matchups in the future will go a long ways toward balancing the ledger a bit, and getting this league to live up to its multi-bid potential.
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