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Posted on: August 23, 2011 4:33 pm
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Former UT staff to get show-cause penalties

By Gary Parrish

The NCAA will announce on Wednesday that former Tennesseee basketball coach Bruce Pearl is receiving a multi-year show-cause penalty for admitted violations that cost him his job, a source told CBSSports.com on Tuesday. The show-cause penalty, according to the source, is expected to range three years.

The source added that Pearl's former assistants -- Tony Jones, Steve Forbes and Jason Shay -- will each receive one-year show-cause penalties for their roles in the recruiting violations. Jones is now a high school coach just outside of Knoxville. Forbes and Shay are coaching at a junior college in Florida.

Pearl made six NCAA tournaments in six seasons at Tennessee.

He was fired in March.
Posted on: July 5, 2011 10:14 pm
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Former Vol assistant now high school coach

By Gary Parrish

Former Tennessee associate head coach Tony Jones (at left in photo, next to angry Bruce Pearl) has accepted a job as the head coach at Alcoa High just outside of Knoxville, a source confirmed to CBSSports.com on Tuesday.

An official announcement is expected Wednesday.

This development means all three assistants who worked under Bruce Pearl until they were fired last March -- essentially because Pearl lied to an NCAA investigator about violations committed at his home -- have now secured other jobs. It also highlights just how far of a drop each assistant had to take to gain employment with an NCAA cloud still hanging above their heads.

Jones, again, is now a high school coach. Former Vol assistant Steve Forbes is now the head coach at Northwest Florida State College -- a junior college in Florida. Former Vol assistant Jason Shay is Forbes' assistant.

Pearl, meantime, remains unemployed.

But he received a $1 million buyout from Tennessee that his assistants did not get.

So working this year isn't crucial.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 10:38 am
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Is Tony Jones the Vols' biggest loser?

Posted by Eric Angevine

Bruce Pearl is a genuine superstar in the world of college hoops. That has as much to do with his charistmatic personality and sartorial choices as it does with his ability to build a winning team. His on-court success and off-court personality are intertwined to the n'th degree, and that's why he's the big story in this UT scandal. But there's another victim of all of the hoopla, one who is unlikely to emerge unscathed: assistant coach Tony Jones.

Jones has been Pearl's right-hand man ever since the two were at Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the early part of the 21st century. When that turned into a high-profile gig at Tennessee, Jones quickly became one of college basketball's rising stars. He has been a finalist for several head coaching jobs at mid-major universities in recent seasons, and no doubt turned some of those opportunities down in hopes of landing the big score later on. Both he and fellow assistant Steve Forbes had their names mentioned in coaching searches this past summer.

What now? Now, Jones is tainted by the scandal - he was barred from off-campus recruiting throughout the month of June for improper contact with recruits - and his head coaching stint in relief of Pearl isn't exactly setting the world on fire. People know his name now, but there's not much shine coming off of it right now.

On the other hand, the argument can be made that Jones didn't have that much clout to begin with. Jones missed out on coaching in his hometown when the Detroit Mercy job came open in 2008, despite his strong ties to the community. The Horizon League job instead went to Ray McCallum , whose closest connection was a one-year stint as a Michigan assistant in 1993.

Jones' players describe him as a more quiet and cerebral type of coach; he's more like the yin to Bruce Pearl's flamboyant yang. Nonetheless, he may want to look to his mentor for an example of a coach who overcame a silent blackballing attempt in the past. After blowing the whistle on a player recruiting scandal when he was an assistant coach at Iowa (yes, the irony of it all has been well-covered by this point) Pearl entered a coaching netherworld that led him to nine seasons as head man at DII Southern Indiana. He made the most of that situation, winning the national championship at that level and working his way back up through Milwaukee and on to Tennessee. Jones may not be in that exact position - his violations were relatively minor, and didn't involve ratting out a fellow coach - so his mid-major opportunities may still be there after this season.

All of the above is good information, and worth chewing on, but we all know the score. Winners get second chances. Jones has lost in his first two chances, and has a rather uneven slate remaining. A win in Saturday's huge rivalry game with Vanderbilt would be a nice start to the next act of Jones' coaching life, and an upset over Georgia or UConn on the ensuing road trip would really make his case. After that, it's three games the Vols are expected to win: LSU, Ole Miss and Auburn are not of UT's caliber this season. If Jones can win, and salvage Tennessee's tourney prospects in the process, you can bet that much, if not all, will be forgiven.

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