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Posted on: February 9, 2011 9:18 am
Edited on: February 9, 2011 10:17 am

Podcasting: SU-Georgetown chat/Matt Jones joins

Posted by Matt Norlander

Normally, this podcast won’t be so long, I don’t think, but today it’s a bit of a doozy. Since Matt Jones will be doing some hosting duties whenever I’m not shooting this thing off to the Internets, I didn’t want to wait another episode to get him on. So Jonesy (Jonesy, is it OK if I call you Jonesy?) and I are the second part of this podcast.

We breeze our way through conference talk of all the BCS-level leagues, plus the A10 and Mountain West. There’s some good dialogue about surprise teams in there, too, plus we complain about the free food fed to us when we work.

The first half of the podcast (I didn’t mean to Tarantino this blog post) is a joy as well, as I had to get Mike Waters of the Syracuse Post-Standard on to talk about Georgetown-Syracuse in advance of that big game tonight. Waters is a pro’s pro, and it was an honor to have him on. He’s dialed into the culture of that city and that program so well, I was stupid to not have him join me sooner. I hope you like our 20-minute convo.

Is Georgetown the better team right now? And what’s Jim Boeheim really like? (There’s a particular nugget in there many will be surprised to learn, I think.) Waters also gets into his early days of journalism, how he sort of lucked his way into a round of golf with Michael Jordan and what some of the best places to eat in Syracuse are. Yes, more food talk.

Listen below, and please search and subscribe in iTunes, too. We’ll be back with another podcast for you Friday morning.

Podcast No. 3: All things Syracuse-Georgetown, plus expansive conference talk

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:30 pm
Edited on: January 11, 2011 2:08 pm

Gtown making it tough for 'Cuse fans to buy tix

Posted by Matt Norlander

The game isn't until Feb. 26 (Senior Night for Chris Wright, Austin Freeman and Julian Vaughn), but there's already a lot of controversy surrounding it. And although this looks mighty unfair, I think it's bloody fantastic, primarily because it adds another layer to the hatred between the fanbases.

Syracuse vs. Georgetown is a top-five rivalry in college basketball, and this is a premier example of why. Syracuse, having loads of alumni based in greater Washington, D.C., almost always has terrific fan support for the Orange's annual trip into the District.

The game is much less of a home feel for Georgetown whenever SU shows up. Understandably, this irks the Hoyas' alumni base. But, hey, don't let SU fans snatch up the tickets, right? Well, obstructions have been put in place for that. Now it seems those with power of ticket distribution want to make it as tough and annoying as possible for SU fans to see their team. Look for yourself: it appears individual game tickets can't be purchased on Ticketmaster.

It's not been an out-and-out cold shoulder, but let's just say some savvy folks in charge of distributing tickets have made it a pain for Orange fans to get ducats. And Georgetown has done what other teams at all levels have: force fans to buy group tickets to make more money and sell more seats for less-desired games.

It's the mask that's donned so Syracuse fans can't just purchase a one-game-only stub for the SU-Georgetown tilt on Feb. 26. Also worth knowing: This is the first scheduled home game against Syracuse on a weekend in five years. Demand: high. Georegetown's options: plentiful. Barring a Hoyas collapse, this will be a tough ticket.

The excellent Orange-flavored blog, Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, has been all over this for more than a week now, as this has been a smoldering topic since shortly after the new year began.

I spoke with a D.C.-based SU alum who clued me in to how this works. See, every year, Georgetown goes to alumni clubs around the District and disperses tons of tickets for opposing teams' fans to buy. Syracuse was flatly ignored this year. But diligent SU fans, like the ones behind Otto's Army, obfuscated this quagmire and found a way to get tickets: make a $25 dollar donation to Georgetown University. Then you get your single-game ticket.

Here's the proof.

Call it a Hoya tax, if you will. It's infuriating for SU faithful, but it's working.The aforementioned alum told me yesterday what the experience was like when she called over the phone to obtain tickets.

"When I called myself the kid was like, 'Yeah, we still have hundreds of tickets. But unless you donate you can't have them.' Obnoxious," she said.

Somehow, this rivalry has gotten not nearly the pub it deserves in the past five years, when both programs have been strong. Things like this keep it as hateful and sinister as any. No matter how Georgetown tries to spin this, it's obvious: The school is doing its best to keep as many Syracuse fans out of the building in seven weeks.

In doing so, the Orange fires appear to have been stoked that much more.

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