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Posted on: February 23, 2011 10:18 am
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Jimmer will wear pink in night's key MWC matchup

If BYU wears pink shoes and it's not on TV, did it really happen?

Posted by Eric Angevine

Jimmer Fredette and the BYU Cougars are planning to wear pink sneakers tonight. The color scheme could, quite frankly, be ugly, but the reason for it is beautiful.

Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune gives us the scoop:

In other BYU basketball news, the school announced that the Cougars will wear pink shoes and the coaching staff will wear sneakers against CSU to promote cancer awareness and to support BYU women's basketball player Alexis Kaufusi, who is battling cancer.

“Our players and our staff want Alexis to know that we are thinking of her during this difficult time,” BYU head coach Dave Rose said in a school news release. “Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as she fights this terrible disease. We wish her the very best as she goes through her treatments.”

Colorado State coaches will also participate in the event by wearing tennis shoes. When BYU played at Colorado State earlier this season, both coaching staffs wore tennis shoes in support of the fight against cancer.
There may be no other team that feels the battle against cancer more keenly than BYU -- N.C. State is the other that leaps immediately to mind -- not only because of Kaufusi's battle, but also because memories of coach Dave Rose's battle with pancreatic cancer are still fresh.

So far, Rose has been lucky. His conversations with his doctor have moved from immediate concerns to his outlook 15 or 20 years down the road. No doubt, he and his players would like to make sure more cancer patients in their community have that positive conversation.

Aside from the pink shoes, this is a huge game for both teams in basketball terms. Colorado State is a rather distant third in the Mountain West with an 8-4 record. They have a couple of good wins from the non-con season -- over Ole Miss and Southern Miss -- but have fallen off the pace in league play. With three road games left, including a season-ender at San Diego State, their road to an NCAA-worthy resume is tough as nails, but nobody can say they lack opportunities.

For BYU, the issue is momentum. Heading into Saturday's visit to San Diego, the Cougs have a chance to sweep the season series with the Aztecs and put themselves on the inside track for a No. 1 seed in the Big Dance. At bare minimum, top seed in the MWC postseason clash is at stake. This is rare air for the Cougars, and the MWC conference as a whole. That balloon deflates with an audible pop if they lose to the Rams tonight.

Colorado State plays at Brigham Young tonight at 8:00 p.m. Regional coverage is provided by the MountainWest Sports Network. If you're not one of the lucky few who get the Mtn., be sure to follow the action via our CBS GameTracker.

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 10:08 am

Should we be concerned about The Jimmer?

Posted by Eric Angevine

One of the cable channels used to show Leave it to Beaver reruns in the morning, so I always ended up watching them as I ate my cereal and got ready to head off to school as a teen. I've probably seen every episode four times, so some of the lines are stuck in my head forever. I'm going to slightly alter one that was often delivered by June Cleaver to her TV husband:

"Ward, I'm worried about the Jimmer."

Why would I be worried? The Jimmer show rolls on. Am I not entertained?

Jimmer Fredette in a rare moment on the BYU benchYes, of course. Hoops fans fell in love with 33-point Jimmer (home win over Arizona), 47-point Jimmer (at Utah) and back-to-back-big-game Jimmer (42 at Colorado State, 43 at home to beat SDSU). In a subsequent loss at New Mexico, The Jimmer had a rather studly line of 32 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals, but to no avail. Since then, he hasn't topped 30 points in a single game, and his average over the past five games is 25.2 ppg. Why, that's the sort of scoring a mere mortal can achieve.

To be clear, I think Jimmer's reduced scoring load is a good thing, because BYU is still winning. That signifies that the Cougars are becoming the more balanced team they'll need to be in the postseason. Fredette can easily Superman BYU through the MWC, but if his team is to live up to its hype in the Big Dance, his teammates must be prepared to play bigger roles, and actively seek to take the pressure off of their star.

Here's the good news on that front. After scoring just 6 points in the loss at The Pit, guard Jackson Emery is back on his game, averaging 14.4 points per game over the recent five-game stretch. In the same period, forward Brandon Davies has just notched the 10 ppg mark, though he's been wildly inconsistent, going from a 20 point game at Wyoming to a 2 point effort at home against Utah.

For the Jimmer Show to continue into the postseason, you'd like to see the 6-foot-9 Davies get a lock on the third scorer's role, but it's important to note that his rebounding has been key throughout the season, and that teammates tend to step in and score when he doesn't have the mojo. For instance, guard Charles Abouo and forward Stephen Rogers both got into double figures in a foul-plagued 4-point effort from Davies when UNLV came to town, and Abouo nearly out-Jimmered his teammate in a recent blowout of Utah, scoring 22 and nabbing 10 boards. I wouldn't exactly call the Cougars a deep team, but they have multiple scoring options in spite of the fact that they have one of the greatest individual scoring threats in the country at their disposal.

So, if we aren't worried about Jimmer's scoring, what exactly is the point of all this hand-wringing?


In the past five games, the extra defensive attention paid to Fredette has not only lowered his scoring totals, but it has resulted in 24 turnovers credited to his account. That's on the other side of the ledger from just 20 assists in the same time period. His shooting has become inefficient in that handful of contests as well: 34/86 = 39.5 percent from the floor.

We can't lay all of this on Fredette's doorstep. Dave Rose is a smart coach, and he knows that over-reliance on one player is a bad deal, no matter how strong that player might be. Nobody wants to see Fredette lose his aggressiveness, but it's clear that he needs somewhere to go when his efforts are stymied.

BYU has a perfect run of tough games coming up that should allow Rose to fine-tune his team attack. Wednesday night is a home game against third-place Colorado State, followed by a road trip to San Diego State (Saturday 2/26, 2:00 p.m. ET, CBS) and a mid-week home game against the talented but disappointing New Mexico Lobos. If there is tinkering to be done, and a loss to be taken, let it be now, rather than later. Keeping the Jimmer Show on the air as long as possible this season will be a pleasure for fans of college basketball.
Posted on: February 8, 2011 3:10 pm
Edited on: February 8, 2011 3:28 pm

Besmirch Jimmer on Facebook: get spammed

Posted by Matt Norlander

Nobody likes counter-culture snobs and knobs, except for other contrarians, who take a weird pride in hating going with the grain of what's highly liked and approved of by the masses.

Yes, how dare anyone hate on Jimmer, I ask?

In this morning's Layup Line I linked to a female's letter, one she wrote to the Brigham Young University student newspaper, The Daily Universe (yep, that's what it's called), vocalizing her disdain for the hero worship heaped on BYU's biggest basketball star in program history.

She probably should have kept her agitation at that. Instead, she took to Facebook — a new, deft tactic, to be certain — and broadcast her latest penning to the press. From there, BYU fans lurched on to her then-public profile (it has since gone private, according to my tipster) and spammed the ever-living crap out of her wall.

It is a comedic gold mine, one I urge you to set aside eight minutes to scroll through and read. Here's how the chain starts.

It's another great case of the Internet doing something incredible through word of click/link. The best part is, this isn't mean-spirited. It's entirely jocular and a terrific group-oriented online prank. The whole thing, according to my tipster, began late last night at Cougarboard.com. The posters on the site have certainly "won the Internets," as they say, for today. Heck, maybe the whole month. That's the kind of power we're dealing with here, thanks to Jimmer.

Other highlights not seen from the screen grab above, many of which make allusions to Mormonism. I'll only pick six, though I could list about 20.

  • "if Jimmer is nephi that makes tre'von willis laban"
  • "sullinger wears red, kemba wears blue, but they will get jimmered, oh and your facebook will too"
  • "I noticed in your letter that you accidentally forgot to capitalize some of your pronouns when you referred to The Jimmer. I am sure He doesn't appreciate that."
  • "Jimmer can kill two stones with one bird."
  • "jimmerboard.net because he never hits rim."
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Posted on: February 3, 2011 12:05 am
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This mess brought to you by the letters M, S & U

Posted by Eric Angevine

Some takeaways from the evening's action:

Michigan State is officially done for: There's no cosmetic coverup for a 20 point loss to Iowa.

D.J. Gay hit the winning bucket at Colorado StateD.J. Gay (right) is underrated: San Diego State was in trouble in tonight's roadie at lean and hungry Colorado State. With 1.8 seconds left in a tie game, the senior drilled a shot just inside the arc, then stole the ball from the home team with .1 seconds left to salt away a 56-54 victory for the No. 7 team in the country. Prior to the game-winner, Gay was 2-8 from the floor. That's confidence, baby. We hear a lot about Steve Fisher's frontcourt, but Gay could very well be the X factor in the postseason.

Mississippi State's ugly season just won't go away: Thanks to Clarion-Ledger beat writer Brandon Marcello's twitter feed, MSU Bulldog fans know exactly what Ravern Johnson and Renardo Sidney are thinking - and it's not flattering. Marcello re-tweeted Johnson's musings on the righteousness of transferring and another about lagging fan support before reporting that the feed had been abruptly deleted. Sidney's tweet also showed open irritation with fans. It's normal to be sensitive to criticism, but does either player really feel that fans of the program are wrong to feel sick about the way this season has gone?

Jimmer is human: Insofar as your average human could score 26 points in a DI basketball game and call it an off night, that is. The Cougs weathered Wyoming's near-perfect storm due to Brandon Davies' 20 points and 9 rebounds, as well as decent supporting appearances by Jackson Emery and Noah Hartsock. Bad news, future BYU opponents - you can contain the Jimmer, but he's not a one-man show.

The Spectrum is on my list: There are so many great venues in college basketball, but we so rarely get to see Utah State's home crowd in action. Cameras have captured the atmosphere in the Aggies' home building before and during games like tonight's TV nightcap with visiting Nevada, but it really seems like a 'you had to be there' kind of place. I'm still working on getting that western hoops blogging tour pre-approved by Accounting. Commence holding breath.... now.
Posted on: February 1, 2011 10:24 am
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PSU's Battle trails hometown buddy Fredette

Talor Battle grabs a rebound at Purdue

Posted by Eric Angevine

Talor Battle (No. 12, above) is a high-scoring, do-it-all, senior guard from Albany, New York, starring for a team that wears blue and white.

Where have we heard that before?

Oh, right, that's Jimmer Fredette's story, too.

Hold on to your hats, kids. According to Penn State beat writer David Jones of the Patriot News, Jimmer and Talor were AAU teammates back in their shared hometown.

The word you hear now is that Jimmer Fredette was there for the taking for pretty much any D-I program that wanted him. Even Penn State.

Supposedly, Fredette was a 2- or 3-star talent. And the Nittany Lion staff even had a contact on his Albany City Rocks AAU team – a kid who'd already committed to PSU named Talor Battle. Battle played with Fredette on two different City Rocks teams, when the two teenagers were 15 and 17.

“He was really good even then,” said Battle on Friday night after PSU's practice. “He could score the ball, he could shoot. He always could play the game.

“But I think everyone was pretty sure he was going to either BYU or Utah, being Mormon. He's really into his religion.”

That's the excuse we hear these days, but imagine what Penn State could have been today if they had at least taken a shot at signing both upstate New Yorkers? That's a talent logjam PSU coach Ed DeChellis would love to have right about now.

Anyway, Battle could use a little of that Jimmer magic when his Nittany Lions enter Champaign's Assembly Hall tonight to take on the once-ranked but sliding Fighting Illini. The trip has already faced some difficulties, as the PSU charter was forced to land in Evansville, Indiana last night due to icy weather in central Illinois. Assuming they can make it the rest of the way by bus today, the ensuing game should be a real test for Battle and his teammates as they try to ride the momentum gained from an upset of No. 15 Wisconsin.

Actually, Battle has a fair amount of magic already. He's scored 20-plus points in the Lions' two recent wins, and has made a habit of getting the most out of this 6-foot frame in every other facet of the game as well. What Fredette has, and Battle is struggling to find, is a strong supporting cast. Senior forward Jeff Brooks is the team's top rebounder and second-leading scorer, but his play has been erratic even during the recent two-game surge. Despite being 6-8, Brooks grabbed just three rebounds against rebuilding Iowa and a measly two in the upset of the Badgers. The Lions' third-leading scorer is also a senior, but 6-7 David Jackson has shown a similar difficulty establishing a rhythm throughout the season.

Another Albany kid, Battle's half-brother Taran Buie, could be a real help to the team right now if he weren't suspended indefinitely. He started just 11 games for the Nittany Lions before DeChellis benched him for a violation of team rules. Buie was a four-star recruit, and DeChellis had to sweat bullets to get him to Penn State, and yet had the guts to sit him when the kid acted up. That's a gold star in the head coach's life book, but could contribute to a hasty exit at season's end if he can't keep rolling to an above-.500 record in the Big Ten, and an NCAA bid.

That last is a pretty tall order. Even after the signature win in Madison, Penn State is behind the 8-ball. The team is 5-4 in the Big Ten and needs a very strong finish to make up for some horrific failures in the non-conference season. At the time, losses to Ole Miss, Maryland and Virginia Tech didn't seem so bad. The 74-64 home loss to Maine at the Bryce Jordan Center in late December is a real stinker no matter how you slice it, though.

Talor Battle and Penn State need a very consistent effort over the remaining nine games of the regular season. They need a decent seed in the league tourney and some insurance wins in order to dream of an NCAA tourney bid that could save DeChellis' job and put a pleasant coda on Battle's frustrating four years in Happy Valley. a big win in Champaign tonight would make that sound so much less like an impossible long shot.
Posted on: January 27, 2011 9:21 am

The hidden value of BYU's big men

Davies and Abouo clamp down on Billy White

Posted by Eric Angevine

There's going to be a lot written about Jimmer Fredette today, and rightfully so. The young man who brought his game from New York state to the heart of Utah is an amazing story, and he's earned every headline.

The impression you will get from many of these articles is that Jimmer is a one-man show. Scoring-wise, he pretty much was that last night against San Diego State. I'm here to tell you that BYU's big men were more important in the Mountain West showdown than the box score can reveal.

One contribution is obvious. On a night when Fredette's usual foil, Jackson Emery, put up just four points in 39 minutes, the efficiency of forward Brandon Davies was key. His 14 points on 6 of 8 shooting made it impossible for the Aztecs to quintuple-team Jimmer the way they probably wanted to. Dig a little deeper, and the edges of Davies' defensive impact begin to show: five rebounds, all from SDSU misses. Two blocks. There's even a steal in there.

Strangely enough, Davies only played 26 minutes in the game, despite being the only other major scoring option the team had. 6-foot-10 junior James Anderson grabbed 14 minutes of court time and contributed five blocks. Another supremely efficient performance that went unnoticed as fans watched Fredette slice and dice and bomb the Aztecs.

There's relatively little statistical evidence of what Noah Hartsock, Stephen Rogers and Charles Abouo brought to the table last night, unless it's measured in the relatively meager impact of Aztec forwards Billy White and Malcolm Thomas. There's still no way to effectively keep track of passes denied, screens applied or shot-smothering interior collapses. Most notable, not one of them gave in to the temptation to hack or hold the talented frontcourt players from Ron Burgundy's hometown. The free-throw parade that could have turned things in the Aztecs' favor never materialized. Noah Hartsock, in particular, was able to play 36 minutes with only two whistles in his direction.

BYU's trees did all of that, and probably even a few subtle things we'll never know about, to keep this result in the W column for the Cougars.

None of these guys is likely to be the subject of a national feature any time soon, so consider this to be my tip of the hat to the members of the band. They keep the rock-steady beat behind the rock star in the Jimmer Show.
Posted on: January 27, 2011 1:49 am
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SDSU's 1st loss an afterthought in Jimmer's house

Posted by Matt Norlander

That's not a basketball game. That's a bloody rock concert. The front man at the edge of the stage, imploring his fans to lose control.

What a photo.

And it's courtesy of Jacksonville Jaguar Kirk Morrison, a San Diego State alumnus who was in Provo Wednesday night to watch his undefeated Aztecs lose that label after Jimmer Fredette exceeded expectations and scored 43 of his team's 71 points.

Incredible how the penultimate team to lose its first game, at the end of January with a No. 4 ranking, ends up being a sidebar. But that's what Jimmer does to a situation: he takes over it. The kid has NBA icons tweeting about his greatness and, well, is pretty much getting the opposite kind of treatment Jay Cutler received in the Twitterverse a few days ago.

Jimmer is not a cult figure anymore. He's as beloved and mainstream on the mainstage as Springsteen.

In a game-time span of about five minutes midway through the second half, the Aztecs went from No. 4 and undefeated alongside Ohio State, to second place in the Mountain West (5-1) behind 6-0 BYU. Like that, they had their undefeated run evaporated, eviscerated and overshadowed by the Cougars' most iconic player of all-time.

Since Parrish will be tackling the circus that has become Jimmermania in his on-site column, allow me to switch to San Diego State, which fell 71-58 and, ya know, is still a very good basketball team.

The Aztecs got a mammoth effort out of Kawhi Leonard, which can't, can't, can't go overlooked. Leonard was said to be battling flu-like symptoms and had an IV hooked up to his arm for a good while before tip-off. The lottery pick finished with 22 points and 15 rebounds, nine of those offensive.

But Leonard didn't get much help. The reason was some fine-tuning, defensively, from BYU. Angevine will be along after breakfast to break down why certain things worked for Dave Rose's team. But back to SDSU, which had Malcolm Thomas as the only other player in double digits. He had 10.

Steve Fisher's team lost its legs down the stretch and couldn't keep pace with BYU, a little surprising, considering the Aztecs are the more athletic team, overall (though BYU can push it). Wyoming, Colorado State, TCU and Utah are next up for the Aztecs. We could and should be looking at a situation where, at worst, SDSU will have two losses when it meets BYU again, the rematch coming on CBS Feb. 26.

Perhaps all this Jimmer talk is a good thing for San Diego State. Firstly, it overshadows any overreaction from fans, Twitterites and pundits. In this era, that's a good thing. Additionally, it puts SDSU in an underdog role going forward. Something of a respect card can be played, if you can believe it, because of this loss and all the love BYU has and will continue to get.

As of late, the Aztecs got respect and love as well, but these motivations can get teams through tricky stretches against inferior competition. The loss, we may find out, couldn't have come at a better time for San Diego State: just before the pressure started to increase, and just after everyone had accepted it as the real deal.

Posted on: January 26, 2011 5:50 pm
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