Posted on: March 20, 2011 6:05 pm

Photo Journey, Vol. 3: The Mountains Win Again

Posted by Matt Norlander

DENVER — It's gorgeous out here.

Never been to Denver, other than being born here and moving away a few months later. Either way, I'll definitely be back.

Moving on, the third installment of the 2011 Photo Journey is about how John Denver was most certainly not full of s#!$, man. This one started Wednesday morning, with delays from Westchester Airport to Detroit. I've decided to put up the set here on a Sunday afternoon because, really, I won't overdo the airport and plane photos (I can hear your "phew" from here). The weather's been incredibly good out and up here, something I can only give with words and a few pictures I took while driving. (Sorry, mom!)

I'll spare you all the stories and let the photos do most of the talking. That is the point of this after all, right?

But! Quick commentary behind the photos: Most of the time, taking the shots was simple enough. But a few instances — like the St. John's fans, and getting the Morehead State shootaround — weren't so easy. The Queens boys practically threatened to fight me as I was taking my shot, and the people working the Pepsi Center weren't so kind in telling me to stay the hell off the floor as the Eagles prepared for their game. Let the record show I was nowhere near intruding.

Better to beg for permission than ask for forgiveness. I'll continue to do so for the next two weekends.

I wish I would've had the time to get out on I-70 and give your some snapshots to really make you jealous; the basketball photos and clicks from high in the sky will have to do. Below the slideshow, I've got a 90-second-or-so video of what Jimmer Fredette goes through after every game. Prior to this huddle around him, Jimmer sits and jokes with teammates, chews on his fingernails and sort of just stares at the ceiling. It's something to watch him go from that to, "OK, let's do this. Interview Face on."

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Photo Journey, Vol. 2: Championship Week

Posted by Matt Norlander

It was a fulfilling (understatement!) week in New York City.

In between chatting and writing and interviewing and traveling and eating and sleeping, I attempted to get as many photos as possible. Some of them were moving.

The Flickr set got jumbled somehow, and I just don't have the time to redistribute the shots in chronological order. But maybe the scattershot set is better, anyway.

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