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Posted on: December 1, 2011 12:09 pm
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UNC's Hairston will sit Saturday against UK

By Jeff Goodman

North Carolina freshman P.J. Hairston isn't expected to play Saturday against Kentucky.

Hairston, arguably the top perimeter shooter on a team that also features Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock, injured his left wrist in the Tar Heels win over Wisconsin on Wednesday night.

"Sorry to say, but I will not be playing Saturday," Hairston tweeted on Thursday morning.

Saturday is when North Carolina will travel to play top-ranked Kentucky at Rupp.

That's the bad news. The good is that Hairston also tweeted that his wrist isn't broken -- and that he'll be back soon.

A North Carolina spokesman told CBSSports.com that X-Rays on Thursday morning were negative, but more tests were scheduled for later in the day - and a timetable for Hairston's return was still unclear. 

Hairston, who was coming off the bench and playing about a dozen minutes per game, had made 14-of-31 shots from beyond the arc in the first seven games.

His minutes will likely go to be Bullock, a sophomore who was hurt last season but is also a big-time shooter. Bullock has made 11-of-25 shots from 3-point range thus far this season.

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Posted on: November 30, 2011 2:38 pm

Podcast: Does/should Boeheim keep his job?

By Matt Norlander

The Syracuse/Bernie Fine/Jim Boeheim story is the biggest story in college basketball right now; just how it is. There are a lot of nuanced elements to it -- then there is what people are naturally gravitating toward: Should Jim Boeheim keep his job?

A fair question. It deserves a conversation on our podcast, so Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman discuss it with me today. We do talk plenty of basketball as well, though, so if the Syracuse topic is starting to become white noise to you, feel free to just skip ahead to the Duke bashing! (Kidding -- but we do talk Duke, Ohio State and more.)

The rundown:
  • From the beginning: Syracuse, Boeheim, Fine, job security, ESPN's responsibility.
  • 13:20: Parrish was at Duke-Ohio State. Takeaways from him on the game, from Goodman on what Duke is lacking.
  • 19:08: Looking ahead to Wisconsin-North Carolina. "They are not going to win tonight," Goodman says. Parrish wholeheartedly agrees.
  • 21:23: How good is the Big Ten, because that 2-7 race is probably going to be riveting. (Hey, I mean it!)
  • 23:12: Xavier is just plain nice.
  • 26:21: How brilliant was Roy Williams to change the conversation after his team lost to UNLV? He made it about the fans.
  • 29:35: Our typical babbling BS to wrap it up. Always the the fun part.

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No. 12 prospect Britt picks the Heels

By Jeff Borzello

North Carolina is set at the point guard position for the next few years.

Kendall Marshall is running the show this season, four-star floor general Marcus Paige is set to arrive in Chapel Hill next year and now the Tar Heels have picked up one of the best lead guards in the class of 2013.

Nate Britt Jr., ranked No. 12 in CBSSports.com’s Top 100, announced for Roy Williams and North Carolina on Tuesday night.

The Tar Heels were the favorites for Britt, although Maryland, Arizona, Georgetown and Villanova were also involved down the stretch.

Britt, a 6-foot lefty from Gonzaga (D.C.), established himself as one of the better point guards in the junior class with a high-level performance at the NBPA Top 100 Camp in June. He’s not explosive, but he’s crafty and knows how to control tempo. He also knocks down shots from the arc and is very effective with his mid-range game and floaters.

It remains to be seen who will be on the Tar Heels' roster in two years, but Britt will fit in perfectly with the myriad weapons he should have at his disposal. His ability to push the ball and make plays in transition should work well with Williams' up-tempo offense.

He joins fellow five-star prospect Isaiah Hicks in North Carolina’s 2013 class.

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UNC's Marshall becoming an online star

By Gary Parrish

North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall started a mini-controversy Tuesday when he Tweeted the following: "I feel like I'm watchin an AAU team when I watch Memphis." Some, if not most, of Marshall's followers took that as a shot at the Tigers' style of play, but Marshall later told me he was merely commenting about how watching Joe Jackson, Chris Crawford, Tarik Black and Adonis Thomas play together in college reminded him of when they played together and won the Adidas Super 64 event in Las Vegas as high schoolers.

Either way, by then, perception was reality. Word travels fast on Twitter. But Marshall took it all in stride -- proof being his Tweet that came moments after Kentucky's John Calipari said his Wildcats looked like an AAU team during their win over Kansas late Tuesday. Mashall's Tweet read this way: "Haha Coach Cal said they were playin like its an AAU game. I wonder if I had said that what woulda happened? Oh wait..."

And it served as the latest bit of evidence that suggests Twitter isn't all bad for student-athletes. Yes, it can get a high-profile player in trouble (or even start in NCAA investigation), but it's also a really good way for fans (and writers) to get to know the people and personalities inside the jerseys. From a distance, Marshall is just a great point guard with a unique ability to create scoring opportunities for teammates. In reality, he's a great point guard with a unique ability to create scoring opportunities for teammates ... and a pretty personable, well-rounded, typical college student. He proved that further by hosting an online chat Wednesday. You can read the full transcript here. My favorite part came when the college sophomore addressed comments from UNC assistant Steve Robinson that indicated Marshall is going bald. Already. "Coach is totally right," Marshall said. "It runs in my family. I tried to hide it last year but it's part of life. I also don't think Coach Rob has a lot of room to talk."

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Henson's Carrier Classic uni auctioned on eBay?

Jeff Borzello

The Carrier Classic was everything that is right about today’s world. There was no talk of suspensions, extra benefits, or academic ineligibility; or the economy, foreign wars and social unrest.

After such a beautiful event, it seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

After the game, North Carolina center John Henson gave his game-worn jersey to a veteran aboard the ship.

Now, an unnamed person is trying to sell that uniform.

“Whoever is selling my jersey I gave to a wounded veteran from the ship is not cool at all… smh…” Henson tweeted earlier today.

It turns out someone took to eBay and is auctioning off the Henson jersey for more than $1500. Once Henson mentioned it in a tweet, though, the auction suddenly was taken down from the site.

Matt Norlander screen grabbed the page though, which you can see above.

It’s presumably not the veteran Henson gave the jersey to; someone must have gotten hold of the jersey along the way and tried to swing a profit off of it. If it was the veteran selling it, then it's just a poor move for sentimental value. This was a historic game and should be remembered.

If it was a middleman trying to profit off of the game, that’s disgusting.

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The Poll Attacks

By Gary Parrish

NEW YORK -- I'm in Manhattan for Tuesday night's Champions Classic.

But I've still got time for the Poll Attacks.

Here we go ...

Associated Press poll: The first thing I did when the AP poll was released was go straight to Scott Wolf's ballot because the Los Angeles Daily News writer was the focus of the preseason Poll Attacks, and I wanted to see if he learned anything over the past few weeks.

He did not.

Scott still has Kansas ranked third and ahead of North Carolina even though Bill Self called him "nuts" for doing it, and he still has Arizona ranked sixth even though the Wildcats have lost an exhibition and looked average in their first three games, and even though Josiah Turner has been wildly immature and ineffective. Sean Miller actually benched the freshman point guard for Sunday's game against Ball State. And yet Scott still has this team ranked sixth -- one spot ahead of Ohio State and six spots ahead of Syracuse.

It's senseless.

I tried to help him.

But I just can't get through.

Maybe next week.

Another wild ballot belongs to The State's Ron Morris.

He has Michigan State ranked sixth and Vanderbilt ranked eighth and, my God, that's inexplicable. I mean, nobody loves Tom Izzo more than me -- he's my traveling buddy, remember -- and I still believe in Vanderbilt despite Sunday's loss. But Izzo's team is young and probably not even one of the nation's top 20 teams right now, and Vanderbilt's loss to Cleveland State has to be considered. Neither school should be anywhere close to the top 10 right now. That's why Jeff Goodman and I have Vanderbilt ranked 19th and Michigan State unranked.

Another school we have unranked: UCLA.

But Ron has the Bruins ranked 18th.

I'll explain why that's silly in the coaches poll section of the Poll Attacks.

Coaches poll: Last week was the first week of the regular season, and I realize the 31 men who vote in the coaches poll were busy. Hell, I was busy. But I wasn't too busy to realize UCLA lost a home game to unranked Loyola-Marymount.

That's why the Bruins are no longer in the CBSSports.com Top 25 (and one).

Makes sense, right?

What makes no sense is that UCLA still got 10 points in the coaches poll.

Maybe, just maybe, putting the Bruins on a ballot could be justified if they lost at the buzzer to a quality and underrated team. But that's not what happened Friday night in Los Angeles. UCLA never led in the second half and fans started leaving with five minutes remaining. The final score was 69-58. And hurting UCLA's cause even more is the fact that Loyola-Marymount backed its big win with a 58-51 loss to Middle Tennessee State, meaning the team that beat UCLA by 11 on Friday lost to MTSU by seven on Sunday.

And yet the Bruins still got 10 points.

That speaks to the brand of UCLA.

Or, more likely, how silly some coach (or two) -- plus Ron Morris -- is somewhere.

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It's (past) time to ban midcourt logos

By Gary Parrish

CORONADO, Calif. -- The logos college basketball events put at midcourt are dangerous.

Don't believe me, ask Roy Williams.

"Let's stop putting those stupid logos on the floor where kids slip and slide around," Williams said. "Somebody is going to get hurt, and I've said that for years and years and years."

The North Carolina coach has indeed said that for years and years and years -- proof being that the above quote isn't from Friday night's Carrier Classic. That's actually a quote I found from 2008, a quote Williams delivered after two Tar Heels (Marcus Ginyard and Tyler Hansbrough) slipped on a midcourt logo during a game in Raleigh.

So coaches have literally been fighting this fight for years and years and years.

And yet nothing changes.

There was still a big logo at midcourt for the Carrier Classic ... and it nearly cost Michigan State's Branden Dawson. The 6-foot-6 freshman slipped on the logo while running and twisted his knee. Yes, he later returned. But it looked bad. And it could've been bad. And it's not something the NCAA should allow to continue.

"We've got to get rid of those logos in the middle of the court," Michigan State's Tom Izzo said late Friday. "We can put logos other places. I'll wear logos to support the people who sponsor us. They can paint me. But we have to get rid of the logos for the safety of the players."

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