Posted on: October 24, 2011 7:09 pm

Video: Mike Brey stage-dives into crowd of co-eds

By Matt Norlander

Channeling his inner metalhead, Notre Dame coach Mike Brey decided "F it, let's do this" and gave up his body to the Irish undergrad faithful at Friday's football pep rally.

Brey gave a brief speech on his team before taking his majestic flight. He landed safely, and as you'll see. The victorious fist pump is spectacular as well, but soon after, he's sucked up by the crowd, never to appear again.

One last thing: beware the BREYBELLLY.

(H/T, Searching for Billy Edelin)

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Video: Michigan's Zack Novak can kick it

Michigan guard Zack Novak may be featured on the hardwood, but he showed Jeff Goodman his kicking talents from inside Michigan Stadium.

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Posted on: October 21, 2011 10:30 am
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Video: 10 questions with Tom Izzo

Jeff Goodman sat down with Michigan State hoops coach Tom Izzo to preview the Carrier Classic and to discuss several topics including the benefits of the Big Ten expanding, his $1 million contribution to the program and more.
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Posted on: October 17, 2011 6:56 pm

Awesome Kansas fan occupies Denver's rally

By Matt Norlander

If the Occupy Wall Street rallies are going to implore more college basketball fans to storm each and every city as means of next-level trash talking, then by all means, let's keep this thing going.

The video below is incredibly hilarious because the Kansas fan highlighted clearly isn't taking himself too seriously, nor is he really bothering anyone. At the start, an angry citizen is on the megaphone and just blasting the corporate fat cats who've continued to reap the benefits of a system slanted toward helping the richest of the rich. (Or something like that. It's not a political statement; I'm just telling you where this angry guy is coming from.)

But Kansas Fan? He steals the thunder.
"Kansas basketball! Number one!," he says without the help of a horn or microphone. "Bill Self for federal reserve chairman! Five national championships. Fifty-five conference championships -- maybe; I'm not sure on that one. ... Missourah has won NO CHAMPIONSHIPS OF ANY KIND!"

Love it. And this proves, yet again, that even if Bill Self is threatening to take away the Jayhawks-Tigers rivalry, it will not simmer in the hearts of those two fan bases.

H/T, Deadspin
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Posted on: October 15, 2011 12:05 pm

Two supreme dunk videos from Friday night

By Matt Norlander

Both of these come by way of The Dagger, which is doing a great job collecting a number of funny/endearing/notable season-opening moments from around the nation last night. (This Tubby video ... I'm not really sure what's happening, but it's good to see the man practice the Sweet Science.)

Here are two dunk videos that could very well go viral over the weekend. The first, New Mexico's Jamal Fenton gets his back flip on before slamming it down. What I love: the bounce is absolutely perfect. What I love even more: Fenton's just 5-9.

The second video is one for all the moms out there, who dream of the day their sons will one day brush their heads from above with a pair of mesh shorts. Wagner's Josh Thompson made the gym go wild after he threw down over momma. I love the video not so much for the dunk, but for the spirit in the quaint setting. Plenty of tiny schools get a lot of support on nights like this, even without light shows, famous alums and celebrity performances.

Posted on: October 15, 2011 12:04 am

Buzz Williams serenades the Marquette crowd

By Matt Norlander

Only the charm of college basketball could make me temporarily put aside my seething hatred for this song.

And Buzz looks downright svelte. If only he had the same control over his voice as he does his diet.

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Video: Drummond dunks on Norlander's face

By Matt Norlander

STORRS, Conn. -- I spent Wednesday afternoon on UConn's campus, primarily talking to stud Huskies freshman Andre Drummond for a feature you'll be able to read later this week. After the interview ended, Drummond got on the court and started shooting. Naturally, I asked him if he'd be interested in dunking on me. He wasn't.

He preferred to dunk over me. And he very nearly did -- on the second take. In the video below, Drummond and his 41-inch vertical leap nearly clear by terrified dome. To keep his rep in tact, I promised I wouldn't publish the first take, wherein he chickened out at the last second and clanked a dunk.

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