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Hawaii gets military training of its own

By Matt Norlander

A few weeks back we told you about VCU undergoing Navy SEAL-like training as a prep for its preseason. The idea isn't novel, but only a handful of hoops teams actually endure such rigors each season, so we wanted to highlight it.

Since Hawaii's supplied some video, we're more than happy to give the Warriors credit for grinding it out with the Marines. And like VCU's players, Hawaii's had no idea what was coming until they got to where they were going. Early Saturday morning the team was transported to the Marine Corps Base, located in Kaneohe, which is on the island of Oahu.

Below we have what is going to be the first of a few videos. But, whereas VCU had three early-morning training sessions, Hawaii's players were forced to survive just one morning, and two hours total, of brutality from barrel-chested officers who were all too willing to break in the basketball newbies. The Warriors were decent last year, going 19-13, but losing their first five conference games to start the slate forced the club to chase the rest of the way.

The video below is basically what you'd expect it to be: an officer berating the slack out of Hawaii's players.

Hawaii Basketball - Warriors Train With Marines from Warrior Insider on Vimeo.

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Video: Parrish on Tim Brando Show

Gary Parrish went on Tim Brando's radio show Monday and discussed the topic that's dominating college sports today, yesterday and for at least the next few weeks.

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 2:02 pm

VCU's SEAL training video

By Matt Norlander

Brought you the story last week of VCU's early-morning, surprise SEAL training sessions in preparation for the new season. Well, now the video's been cooked up and is ready for your digestion. The tug-of-war comes at the 2:45 mark. Crab-walking goes down around five minutes in. The water activity is near the end, at the 7:15 mark.

Pay no mind to the Linkin Park-esque instrumental soundtrack.

This is in complete contrast to my daily morning routine, for the record. But once the season begins I may consider 100 situps before posting The Layup Line.

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Video: Chris Mack flushes down a dunk

By Matt Norlander

So Goodman's doing this prep-school tour in the middle of September because Goodman gets enjoyment out of that sort of thing. The good part about it is he continues to simulataneously forge and damage relationships by crossing paths with all these coaches, who fly to the prep schools to get a chance at landing these kids one day.

Goodman has no bigger frenemy than Xavier coach Chris Mack. The two got some alone time today in the Notre Dame Prep gym, and from there Goodman decided to take video of Mack shooting around -- even dunking, at the tender age of 41. So, here's the video. And, Jeff, next time you want to hold the iPhone horizontally so the video is captured in widescreen. What. A. N00b.

I'm also calling for video of Goodman vs. Mack in a game of one-on-one. The time for that has most definitely come.

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Video: 2 North Dakota players noodle for catfish

By Matt Norlander

It's a "full-court press" for catfish, and my God I can't believe I just started a blog post with this sentence.

North Dakota's Mike Mathison and Nick Haugen recently got a spot on Animal Planet's "Hillbilly Handfishin,'" a show most of our readers no doubt have programmed into their DVRs. In the clip below, Mathison uprears a 40-pound catfish out of the shallow, brown Red River near Temple, Okla.

“We were in the water six hours a day,” Mathison told the Grand Forks Herald. “By the time we were done, it was time for supper and then we went to bed. When your adrenaline stopped pumping, you died.”

What compels a person to noodle, I'll never know. There are snapping turtles, snakes, beavers and other defensive species just waiting to rip off your fingers and hands in that murky water.

As for how this came to be, the Herald reported:

They auditioned for the show by Skype after being recommended by a former assistant coach, Ryan Moody, who is a friend of a friend of the show’s producers, who apparently liked what they saw in the UND basketball buddies. ... Mathison and Haugen didn’t get paid to be on the show, but they feel like they’ve done something not many of the peers can claim, and they said they enjoyed the greatest of hospitality from the Bivens family during their week in Oklahoma.

(H/T, Diamond Leung)
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Posted on: September 5, 2011 11:30 am

Video: Coach K talks about Jim Calhoun

By Matt Norlander

Some intra-company plugging here, if you please. Tim Brando recently started simulcasting his radio show on the CBS Sports Network, so we were eager to help spread the word as soon as he got some college hoops content on the air. We didn't have to wait long. Brando had Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski on his show last week, and he asked the the Hall-of-Fame coach from Duke about the Hall-of-Fame coach from Connecticut.

Here's what K had to say:

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K-State eco video makes you want to hurt Earth

By Matt Norlander

I'm quite the Earth-friendly dude. I go out of my way to recycle, unplug dormant appliances and push for carpools when the occassion calls for it. But I know what's practical and right, too, meaning: I'm still prone to mock those in Smart Cars. It's why I have to put K-State on blast right here and now. The video below is about as embarrassing as it gets from a PR standpoint. The 45-second promo for a cleaner Kansas reeks a total absence of self-awareness. It's something out of 1984. You know, if we gave a whip about the environment in 1984. 

You can see EcoKat's costume from the still in the video frame. Looks like something out of Borzello's closet, minutes the superhero-style gloves, of course.

Here's more about the genesis of this project, which is necessary and positive, but totally tease-able on the surface. Then again, if it wasn't so cheesy and over-the-top, I'm not writing about it. Well-played, K-State. Additionally, I don't see how the hairspray keeping EcoKat's look in tact is good for Mother Earth. Makes me long for the return of Greenzo.

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2012 recruit breaks backboard in Venice Beach

By Matt Norlander

If a backboard breaks in college basketball, you're going to see it on the blog. That's just a promise we have no problem keeping around here.

Recruits count in that equation, so 2012 elite power forward Mitch McGary gets some pub on a sleepy Sunday morning. While going through the layup line at yesterday's Boost Mobile Elite 24 competition in Venice Beach, Calif., McGary, a top-five guy in his class, gave the glass more than it could handle. The big man broke the iron away from the backboard and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance due to some gashes and blood running off his shoulder that would qualify him as an extra in "300." It was an appropriate, even if melodramatic, reaction.

McGary, who is still taking his time with making a decision, came back shortly after. Best of all: ESPNU's cameras caught the breakage, and then Dave Telep, the Godfather of recruiting got an interview with McGary.

(H/T to Rush the Court, who plucked the video first)
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