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Posted on: January 11, 2012 9:00 am

Wakeup Call: Butler gonna knock you out

You have the kind of game Brandon Paul had last night, you get back-to-back photo treatment on posts. (US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

I'm a guitar player -- and I can't get on board with this list. // What a great kicker. I howled. // Why Jordan getting cut from his high school team is more myth than reality. // Did you realize there are urine bags on the moon? // The story about the dog in the ocean that will break your heart and lift your spirit and anger you ...

★ New Orleans, we're coming for you.

★ Badgers game is at the same time as the Packers game Sunday. BTWGOGIANTS.

★ Few coaches can call out their student section and earn more respect. Tom Izzo is one of those guys.

★ Butler will hold the largest knockout competition in the history of this galaxy. The key is to accidentally let the ball carom off your ankle once your opponent misses.

★ “Problem is, the system isn't falling apart fast enough.” I think I agree!

★ Toledo has lost five straight games by three points or less.

★ Simply hard-working, well-done, easy-to-understand information on the similarities from UNC last year and this one.

★ The stories of players overcoming gang influence to succeed never get old to me, because have you seen what these kids do to get out of harm's way?

★ Speaking of comparisons, this find-the-role piece on Syracuse was very accurate.

★ Because the Pac-12's existence will continue to pique me.

★ Looking for some of the best reads, ever, on high school and college basketball?

★ The best performances in Creighton history. McDermott has a way to go.

★ I'm already nostalgic for the Arkansas doc.

★ Hofstra has a one-eyed player.

★ Frank Martin, content or angry or disappointed or hungry, always makes for good TV.

► Look: coaches are clueless about Twitter. It's hilarious! No, really: Rick Majerus is a trip.

♬ The most underrated Prince song right here.

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Posted on: January 9, 2012 8:56 am

Wakeup Call: Hubby, wife coach against each other

                                                                                                                                                                                  (US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

If you missed it over the weekend, UAB named its floor after the late Gene Bartow.

WE ARE HAVING FUN YET. // If you missed the disturbing lead story on "60 Minutes" last night. // Forty-five places you should consider visiting this year. You know, if you're loaded. C'MON, TIMES. // Million-to-one shot, but that is why I'll never bungee jump ...

★ I forget who sent this along to me, but I'm so glad they did. It was the best thing I read this weekend. It will be the best thing you read to day.

★ I almost made this into a post -- do you think it was worth a post? -- the story of two D-II schools playing each other. The coaches were husband and wife. The husband's team won.

★ “I personally think the future of Division I and possibly the NCAA is at stake here.”

This was a thing for a few hours, then didn't become a thing. Good on that kid for saying he'll give most of the money to chop off loan debt. We know 10 percent of that, minimum, is going to alky, though.

★ UConn's leadership void -- read how Calhoun tore into his team at practice. If Huskies lose at home tonight to WVU, look out.

★ Another Big East team with issues.

★ Andre Drummond, in the middle of January, says he's coming back next year. He also, unprompted, has offered up this information earlier this season. It all means nothing.

★ Penn State fans gave the new football coach a standing O at the hoops game Sunday.

★ I feel we're continually sleeping on Damian Lillard. I'll make it my duty to not let us continually sleep on Damian Lillard.

Guaranteed to make you laugh.

Coaches adore deflections. We need deflections as official stats in hoops!

★ Let's start putting out the feelers for who should coach Western Kentucky next. Goodman will break this, most likely. (No pressure, man!)

★ I have to link this, for no other reason, than the hard work put into it. The investments of sports fans/writers/bloggers on the Internet has made us all so rich in that non-monetary sense.

★ I'm going to link this again, even though I did in Night Court. Dominique Morrison is off to a dominating start in Summit play.

★ Who is Trey Freeman and why is he on a top-five-freshman list? Find out.

★ When the stoic, no-fun NFL machine affects college basketball.

★ Hey, what's Eric Devendorf up to these days? Getting cut from D-League teams, unfortunately.

► Thank you, Searching for Billy Edelin. Those '90s sitcom tracks are classic. Who's got seven or eight on their iPod like I do? The only really great thing missing from this video is the "caught me doing something else, but now I'm recognizing you and flashing a laugh/smile." Like Skeets did.

♬ Yeah, I like Barenaked Ladies. Wanna go to blows? Band's got (or had; they're no longer now as they were) that two-lead-singer, good harmony, funny approach. But there's the serious side, too. They could get pretty dark. "The Flag" is extremely depressing. But pretty. Happy Monday!

More College Basketball coverage

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Wakeup Call: Calhoun docked wins and losses

By Matt Norlander

This is what my friend did to his dog.

Space balls. // Yes, there is no topping this story -- at least until the end of January. // Turns out it's harder for Americans than for Europeans to rise from nothing into something. // Great job, stripes. // Hey, we know this is kind of awkward and all, but come on back home ...

★ I don't know what to make of this. It's a weird read. Not a surprising one ... but you're probably going to want to give it a look.

★ I had no idea Rose Hill Gymnasium is the oldest still in use by a D-I team. I'll be there tomorrow to see if Xavier's season turns to ashes once and for all.

★ And I'll keep all this in mind while seeing if Xavier can get a win it desperately needs.

★ Obviously Jim Calhoun shouldn't be credited wins or losses during his three-game suspension. The clarity was needed because all other times Calhoun's not coached games, he's still earned credit, which is stoopid.

#BIAHroadtrip is underway!

★ I liked seeing a deeper look at how Marquette really lost itself in blowing that game to Georgetown.

★ Agreed -- I think Wroten has a very good chance of winding up with the Pac-12 POY if Washington can get mostly right by the end of January.

★ Because Tom Crean definitely needs more energy during a game.

★ Newsflash: Villanova's awful season is being overshadowed by Pittsburgh's skid.

★ My immediate response to this was: I vehemently disagree. I believe Goodman's working on a story about this. Regardless, we'll have something up about it today.

★ I'm fairly certain this was the first time I was ever mentioned in Luke Winn's Power Rankings. I'm quite honored.

★ It may wind up getting overlooked, but Purdue's loss last night was bad news. I have no idea what's happening in college basketball.

There are signs of erosion with St. John's. Maybe this program won't have the long-term comeback to prominence we were expecting.

★ Most surprising of all? Grambling State won! WHAT! They are terrible. But so is two-win Alabama A&M.

► Sans the tea-pouring, this is how I prep for blogging on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

♬ The further we move away from Alice in Chains' existence with Layne Staley, the more I appreciate what that band was doing in the early '90s. "Would?" embodies a sound only Chains could exhibit -- yet it got ripped off from 1995-2002 or so. 

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Wakeup Call: 104-year-old attends 1st Kansas game

By Matt Norlander

No way you haven't seen the Faried dunk by now, right? // Love No. 15. // The don'ts-for-women-on-bicycles list must be read all the way through -- twice. // Stunning shot of Norway ...

★ How do you not love this? Her first Jayhawks game.

★ Utah is so hampered it's holding open tryouts in midseason fot its basketball team. A reminder: this is a Big Six conference team. 

★ The North Carolina fan who stormed the court with Temple fans last night is awesome.

Dayton beat Saint Louis last night. Hey, I called that.

★ What is up with Fordham? How do we figure this team out? One of the sports wild cards.

★ Another way of ranking college basketball players. It has Russ Smith at No. 2 and Mike Scott at No. 5. I will be writing on Mike Scott later this afternoon.

★ Is that a fact? I love it.

★ Yancy Gates has the full support of Cinci's faithful.

★ How Damian Lillard can play at the next level. I think he'll be a great role player. Would love the Bulls to snag him.

Peer into what UConn was talking about, and where the conversation went, back in September, when many were waiting to see if the ACC would bring UConn aboard.

★ The New York Times looks at tempo-free and its involvement/implementation among CAA coaches. Me likey.

★ I will have a post on this later today.

★ Could Torian Graham wind up at ... ?

★ I kindly suggest Mr. Ryan pick a different avenue of basketball analysis.

Jason Whitlock getting involved in the Bobby Davis case? I wonder when next tide in that story comes in. It's not over, even if hoops season moves toward tilt.

★ If you're not completely sold on UConn as a Final Four team, I can see why.

► This Seton Hall walk-on is great. I noticed him Tuesday night -- had no idea he had a past. Such a ham. But I dig it.

♬ You may have sprained an eyeball when you saw Jason Mraz featured below, but I've got my reasons.

1) Mraz is actually a terrific showman, competent lyricist and has an incredible pop voice. And up until 2005, his work was consistently solid, even if a little repetitive. This song was one of his popular early tunes that never made it onto an album.

2) It's "Dream Life of Rand McNally," and I bring it up as dedication to the Ballin' is a Habit boys, who hit the road today for their three-week trip across the country. Hope you boys picked up a big McNally map and have the pillows and blankets and music and awful food packed away. Godspeed.

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Wakeup Call: 'Violence is out of the question'

That was some nice win for Tom Pecora's Fordham club over Harvard. (US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

This story is unbelievable. Literally. I do not want to believe it. // Also: simply an incredible story. But this one is mostly good. // The power of thank-you notes. // You hating the new Facebook timeline? Here's how to wipe out your embarassments and all things related to that crazy-but-hot ex you once dated ...

★ I can't explain why, but Bo Ryan's "violence is out of the question" quote from last night is great.

Really liked this from a college hoops writer getting more run, Daniel Martin.

★ It's about two weeks too early for my liking, but who am I kidding? I'll read anything on bubbles at this point. Andy Glockner is your bracket prognostication guru.

★ We linked to Troy Bell's R&B work in December. Searching For Billy Edelin went a step further and got an interview with the man about his music -- and still beating basketball career.

★ Iona's quite good, so it's going to have a number of articles written on it. It's already happened, in fact. Ben Cohen drops in with a quickie profile on Scott Machado, one of my favorite players this season.

★ What myths exist with road games in college basketball? Groupies in most Atlantic 10 cities, for starters.

★ They say the rejected marriage proposal wasn't staged. I'm no cynic, but I can't see how that is all organic.

A deeper look as to why MSU was able to win in Kohl for the first time in a decade.

★ We always appreciate the love. Be sure to follow these guys and gals on Twitter.

★ I really hope this was Stew Morrill's Christmas card.

★ Linked you last week about that Juco program that forfeited its season. The conference is trying to figure out what the heck it's going to do with scheduled games.

★ Some more intel on four-guard lineups in college hoops. Wonder if this will become more of a mild trend in the next few years.

It's been a long time since I pick and rolled ...

♬ If you don't have Beck on your iPod outside of "Loser" and "Where It's At," you're cheating yourself. Also, this song will absolutely be played at my wedding. Listen and have your day get off to a start that can't be brought down.

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Wakeup Call: How to improve the game

The LSU student section brought it, but UVa still got the win.(US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

Have you ever done anything like this for someone before? // Brilliant idea, but I couldn't make it past Jan. 4 without ruining my year. // "What May Happen in the Next 100 Years" -- from 1900. // I'd absolutely embed this amazingly snarky, tongue-in-cheek Iowa video if not for the NSFW language. Click and laugh. // Football recruits can be just as high-maintenance as hoops ones ...

★ Last night was the first SEC road win for Virginia in program history.

★ Ken Pomeroy predictably gave a follow-up to my bad-offense piece and went so beyond what I was getting at. It's embarrassing how heartily I agree with his solutions.

★ UConn goes to Seton Hall tonight. Better game than most expected a month ago. The Drummond-doesn't-know-Herb-Pope is a non-issue, though.
★ Seth Davis' annual stock report is such a dense read. I can't recommend it enough, though.
Dayton losing Josh Benson is problematic for the Flyers.

★ I don't know if the Valley can get four bids, but it's getting three. I'm extraordinarily confident this will happen.
★ Ivan Aska, a valuable senior forward for Murray State, has a fractured fourth-metacarpal. Undefeated run coming to an end this week?

Tony Wroten has already done nice things. Later this year, he will do big things.

★ Doug Gottlieb has reached the point in the season where he's angering fan bases. I genuinely love when this happens. Please tell me Syracuse is on the hit list again this year.

That's just wrong!

★ One of the most underrated wins you'll see this week came in Athens, Ohio, last night. And they won despite 31 turnovers. Amazing.

★ Looking for another type of team ranking? Got one for you.

★ I've got a funky feeling this one will be close tonight.

► Some dude on Twitter was tweeting this video out to every person associated with college basketball media. So here you go, man. Elijah Johnson does something done on practice courts every day.

♬ If you don't know Umphrey's McGee, you don't know the best "improg" group out there. "Cemetary Walk" gets very Floydish at the 28-second mark, then bumps out of that about 15 seconds later. One of their better tunes. And just a supremely competent live band. If you like Widespread Panic, Phish, Disco Biscuits and moe., you either know of or are already into these guys, who hail from South Bend, Ind.

Posted on: January 2, 2012 9:29 am

Wakeup Call: A new year for hoops, too

By Matt Norlander

One final look-back at 2011: the 10 most powerful front pages. // We are putting iPads in the hands of monkeys. // Did you miss this? Sneaky and scary that this bill was passed. If only the public could actually have it repealed. // Nobody panic, but a bunch of birds died from the sky again ...

★ Rutgers, that's a bad look, losing to South Florida after getting over on Florida last week. Consistency, etc.

Top 25 and One is up. See how we can tick you off.

★ Leftover stats to consider from Kentucky's win Saturday.

★ North Dakota is now without a nickname. The whole thing is dumb, NCAA. Just dumb. And I guess UND is without a moniker until 2015? If it's slow, post on this could be coming today.

★ The pay-the-players argument continues to fascinate me. I know a lot of folks get tired of it, but I don't -- and I don't think it's going away or quieting down.

★ When headline writers get obvious and lazy. The Towson story intrigues me -- most grand losing streaks and bad teams do.

Stupid-nice dunk from the Ohio State-Indiana game.

★ Now this is a diamond-in-the-rough stat. I'd love to investigate further.

Where will Khem Birch be visiting this week?

★ Billy Donovan says his team's home game against Yale was the first time Mike Rosario didn't scare him, defensively.

★ Very sad: 37-year-old high school coach in Jersey died after collapsing during a game last week.

★ It's not often Duke goes dark, but the Devils have been quiet for almost a month now.

★ From the best X/O source you could ask for, part of why Indiana's been so good this year.

► All my thanks to Tim Ryan for passing this along on Twitter. Not hoops-related, but how can I not share? It's just ... so ... not of this world? Are we sure this isn't a parallel universe?

♬ The first music rec of 2012: I wish we'd gotten more memorable material out of the D. Perhaps Tenacious D has something epic still up their sleeve, but its eponymous album, now more than a decade old, waits to be topped. Wonderboyyyyy ...

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