Posted on: August 19, 2011 2:27 pm
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We've got the G'town-China fight animation video!

By Matt Norlander

What's better than the genuine article? An animation video recreating the incident with egregious embellishment. This is infinitely more watchable, believe it or not.

We've hit some sort of nexus with this video-recreation-of-a-video-that-ex
ists, but I'm not complaining. The essential, dramatic recreation of Thursday's events are born out of a party in a Georgetown frat house, apparently, and then get down to business: retelling the melee as it happened ... on a green basketball court. And includes a bear-sized Panda walloping what I can only safely assume is Jason Clark.

A compatriot of the panda can then be seen hurling condiments from the stands. There's an intense, flamboyant referee, as well as an all-too-accurate computer recreation of John Thompson, III. At one point, a Bayi player starts spitting hot fire -- literally. Dylon is not featured, however. Soon enough, this essential feature moves on to players fighting in the outdoors amongst political figures. There's a deft underlying message being sent here.

NMA World Edition outdoes itself again. And if you'd like, the Miami-scandal report is also a go.

Share this with everyone you've ever known. Do it now.

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Oregon State guard breaks the glass and his face

By Matt Norlander

Oregon State just got the best possible PR it could have asked for on its trip to Macedonia. And that includes going there to help build homes for families in need.

Roberto Nelson, the outspoken, affable sophomore Beavers guard, got his beak broken recently while playing pick-up ball overseas. The best part: We have the video as proof. Nelson needed 20 stitches after casually -- yes, casually, as you'll see -- taking down a rim, a backboard and a shower of shards with him.

To watch the breakage, fast forward to the 2:10 mark in the video. After destroying the glass, Nelson responds to a worrier and says, "The hospital? I don't need no hospital." He does oblige and makes the trip down to the local infirmary. The blood isn't horrifying, but it's bad enough that it warrants a warning. The deep crimson takes over his face a few seconds after you see the backboard come crashing down.

This video, while just hitting the Web, didn't happen over the weekend. Nelson's teammate, Kevin McShane, blogged about the incident nearly two weeks ago, when it occurred. In the post, McShane notes that the guys were told not to dunk on the hoops, as they were old and didn't have flexible structures. So, in other words: real jerk move, Nelson.

And as a side note, who is paying for that? Does Oregon State foot the bill and send money for a new hoop to be erected? If that's the case, the stitches and gashes and blood and broken hoop were totally worth it. Nelson gets a boost in reputation, plus the distinction of being only one of a handful of humans to ever eradicate the glass off a hoop. It's an elite club. Darryl Dawkins sends out monthly email correspondence, from what I've heard.

Nelson averaged 7.5 points per game last season but figures to play a much more prominent role with the Beavers in 2011-12.

(H/T, CBB Nation Blog)
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Posted on: June 16, 2011 2:55 pm

Tobias Harris is a deft water-balloon soldier

By Matt Norlander

Seems we're pretty video-heavy today at the blog, but that's OK. It's June, the second-slowest month in the college hoops calendar. (Only August is worse.) And if you happen to be in a part of the country that's typically humid or hot, then a shirtless Tobias Harris lobbing water balloons at a bunch of grade-schoolers will surely cool off and brighten your day.

Harris, a prognosticated first-round pick in this year's NBA Draft, went on Tennessee radio Wednesday afternoon and staked claim to his turf at World's Fair Park in Knoxville, Tenn. He opened an invitation and challenged any and all incomers who wanted to come at him with their own water-filled, rubbery artillery. 

He gets pelted a number of times. Not so elusive, eh, Tobias?

That was a cool thing to do. Summer's a great thing. Even better when you're getting out of college and preparing to be drafted in the first round by an NBA team.

(H/T, CBB Nation Blog)
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Video: UMass coach visits ravaged hometown

By Eye on College Baskettball Staff

Jeff Goodman's column today focuses on the tornado relief efforts that haven't gotten a lot of publicity, the ones in Springfield, Mass., where, thankfully, the casualty numbers weren't nearly as high as they were in Joplin, Mo.

Last week, Goodman took a trip with UMass coach Derek Kellogg to tour his hometown, to observe and comment on the damage. Video below.
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Posted on: May 24, 2011 5:28 pm

Cam Tatum talks about Cuonzo Martin

Posted by Eric Angevine

Last week, I visited Knoxville, Tennessee to get some idea of how Cuonzo Martin is faring as the new head basketball coach at UT. Before I met Coach, I got a chance to speak to the player he'll be relying on to provide senior leadership in the 2011-12 season: Cam Tatum. We spoke in the conference room of the men's basketball offices in Thompson-Boling arena.

After watching this, head over and read all about the new Volunteers head coach: Mr. Martin goes to Knoxville, makes an impression.

Posted on: May 23, 2011 2:40 pm

You win, Kyle Singler

Posted by Matt Norlander

The first iteration of Kyle Singler's trick-shot-making abilities came at the beginning of last season. It was an amazing video, but I took a few shots at Singler then because it seemed to be too inspired by Mark Titus, college basketball's originator of comedic trick-shot videos.

Turns out Singler's serious about his skills. He unleashed his Gets Buckets 2.0 video recently, and it's particularly ridiculous. This is now the standard-bearer for all trick-shot videos. And I say this as someone who's pretty sick of these things as it is. Teenagers across America are wasting their lives compiling hours upon hours of tape, afternoon after afternoon, in hopes to become the next one-day Internet sensation.

Put the iPhones and cameras down, kids. Singler just put you all to sleep. The pool shot is my favorite, even if the Chapel chuck makes the video.

(H/T, Dagger)
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KU coach Bill gets down with his bad Self - again

Posted by Matt Norlander and Eric Angevine

Bill Self has a near-immaculate sense of how to win, be charismatic and choose the right certain something to give his appearance a confident look.

Dancing is another thing altogether. But the Kansas coach has figured out how to fund-raise through the form of boogie, which has been successful for a number of years. Bill's Basketball Boogie is a fundraising event that the Kansas coach puts on for the benefit of his Assists Foundation. So Self is preparing and promoting another Boogie to help raise money. Last year's promotion was all good and fun, but this year he got members of Kansas' team (not featured: Josh Selby) to don costumes and channel their inner BeeGee to help promote the event. Doing charity work is always nice, but getting Thomas Robinson to dress up like a refugee from Soul Train is a gift beyond measure.

The result was this. The look Self flashes at the 35-second mark is a keeper, one recycled from footage of last year's promotional video. This year's event takes place June 4 in Kansas City, and also in the late 1970's.

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Posted on: May 5, 2011 3:22 pm

Video: Kentucky athletes lip dub "Dynamite"

Posted by Matt Norlander

When on video, what's the difference between a flash mob and a lip dub? I haven't the slightest idea, another sign I'm aging far too quickly. Regardless, below we've got video of hundreds of University of Kentucky student-athletes who put together a lip dub collaboration of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite," a song that's already taken over clubs, birthday parties, sports arenas and mitzvahs across the nation. And will continue to do so for years to come. It's the pop song that hooks in people regardless of age, race, background or breakfast preference.

Many members of Kentucky's men's basketball team, including Terrence Jones (who may not be on campus much longer) and Josh Harrellson make an appearance around the 1:15 mark. The video was made as an introduction to the 2011 Catspy Awards, an annual on-campus event. All 22 Kentucky-sanctioned sports teams are featured, including the cheerleading and dance squads. It was done in one take, making it more impressive than the fact Harrellson didn't try to ham up more than 10 seconds of the video. (We love us some Jorts, of course.)

A reminder, yet again, that college is the greatest time of your life, and you'll never experience such a combination of happiness and freedom ever again.

(H/T, The Dagger)
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