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Posted on: February 21, 2012 2:10 pm
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Our ballots for the top 16 teams of all time

John Wooden's 1973 UCLA team, above, and his '68 squad were in the top three of every ballot. (AP)

By Gary Parrish

In March, the CBS Sports Network will air one big show in four parts, on two nights, on the best 16 college basketball teams in history.

They asked me to submit a ballot.

They asked Jeff Borzello, Jeff Goodman and Matt Norlander to do the same.

After a whole lot research and subsequent debate on Twitter, we finally filed our lists. Lots of you asked to see them. We decided to let you. So take a look and tell us what you think. And don't forget the the best team in this sport doesn't always win the national championship because that fact of life is reflected in our ballots. Teams in italics did not win national titles.

Kentucky in 1995-96 was absolutely ridiculous. (AP)
----- Gary Parrish's Ballot -----
  1. 1968 UCLA
  2. 1996 Kentucky
  3. 1973 UCLA
  4. 1982 North Carolina
  5. 1976 Indiana
  6. 2008 Kansas
  7. 2009 North Carolina
  8. 1991 UNLV
  9. 1999 Duke
  10. 1992 Duke
  11. 2005 North Carolina
  12. 2007 Florida
  13. 1956 San Francisco
  14. 1957 North Carolina
  15. 1974 North Carolina State
  16. 2000 Cincinnati

----- Jeff Goodman's Ballot -----

  1. 1968 UCLA
  2. 1973 UCLA
  3. 1976 Indiana
  4. 1956 San Francisco
  5. 1982 North Carolina
  6. 1996 Kentucky
  7. 1992 Duke
  8. 1990 UNLV
  9. 1974 North Carolina State
  10. 1984 Georgetown
  11. 1979 Michigan State
  12. 1960 Ohio State
  13. 1967 UCLA
  14. 2007 Florida
  15. 2005 North Carolina
  16. 2009 North Carolina
The longer we go without a team going buzzer to buzzer without a loss, the better 1975-76 Indiana looks for being the last team to accomplish the feat. (AP)
----- Jeff Borzello's Ballot -----
  1. 1968 UCLA
  2. 1973 UCLA
  3. 1976 Indiana
  4. 1956 San Francisco
  5. 1996 Kentucky
  6. 1972 UCLA
  7. 1991 UNLV
  8. 1982 North Carolina
  9. 1992 Duke
  10. 1974 North Carolina State
  11. 1990 UNLV
  12. 1967 UCLA
  13. 1954 Kentucky
  14. 1957 North Carolina
  15. 1984 Georgetown
  16. 1960 Ohio State

----- Matt Norlander's Ballot -----

  1. 1973 UCLA
  2. 1996 Kentucky
  3. 1968 UCLA
  4. 1976 Indiana
  5. 1982 North Carolina
  6. 1956 San Francisco
  7. 1992 Duke
  8. 2005 North Carolina
  9. 1974 N.C. State
  10. 1957 North Carolina
  11. 1991 UNLV
  12. 2001 Duke
  13. 2007 Florida
  14. 1984 Georgetown
  15. 1999 Duke
  16. 2008 Kansas

CBS Sports Network will be celebrating the 16 greatest college basketball teams of all time in the upcoming, four-part series, "16." Our CBS Sports panel of experts has voted, and on March 19 and 20, you'll be able to see which teams make up our list. You can help us celebrate your favorite team by sending us your tweets -- use the hashtag #CBS16 -- or leave your comments below. Then, look for your content as we'll work to incorporate the best submissions into the series.

You can also chime in on Facebook: Eye on College Basketball or CBSSports.com

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McCollum makes Lehigh Patriot league contenders

By Jeff Goodman

In the effort of full disclosure, my wife went to Lehigh University (I still wonder how someone so smart married me). However, that's not why I'm writing this blog on the Mountain Hawks. 

Brett Reed & Co. have put themselves in a position to win the Patriot League regular-season title. This was unfathomable a week or so ago, when defending champion Bucknell was undefeated and rolling through league play at 10-0. 

But Lehigh pulled out a huge win in Lewisburg on Feb. 16 and followed it up with a home victory against rival Lafayette. The Bison dropped one at Holy Cross this past weekend and Dave Paulsen's team now faces American, which is tied with Lehigh a game out of first place, on the road Thursday night. 

The regular-season champion gets a significant advantage with hosting the league tournament. 

"That win was good for us to get some confidence," Reed said of the victory over Bucknell in which star guard C.J. McCollum drained a game-winning 3-pointer with 0.5 seconds left. "To give us the feeling that even in a tough ballgame we were able to pull it out on the road." 

It was Bucknell's first league loss at home since 2010. 

McCollum is the best player in the Patriot League. Reed says he could play anywhere in the country, but he opted to go to Lehigh -- and he's had a stellar three-year career thus far. 

"He's such a complete player -- and is so clutch," Reed said of the 6-foot-3, 185-pound Ohio native. "He can score in so many different ways -- can shoot it, score off the dribble, get offensive rebounds or deflections and steals. It's hard to pin him down as a one-dimensional scorer." 

McCollum averages 21.5 points, 6.7 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game -- and makes Lehigh a true contender to knock off Bucknell in the postseason and go to the NCAA tourney. Reed said that his star junior could probably break Daren Queenan's record of 2,703 career points, but that he's too unselfish and always puts the team first. 

"He's special," Reed said. 

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South Florida: The truth and lies of the Bulls

The big stretch comes next for USF. (AP)

By Jeff Goodman

What we know: South Florida has already secured double-digit victories in the Big East with four regular-season games remaining. 

What we also know: The Bulls don't have a ton of big-time resume wins, but opportunities remain: The last four games are at Syracuse, Cincinnati, at Louisville and West Virginia. 

What most don't know: Stan Heath was without his most important player, freshman point guard Anthony Collins, for the first five games due to a hip flexor - which included those two bad losses against Old Dominion and Penn State.

That leading scorer Gus Gilchrist was out of the lineup for three games - including the loss to VCU. 

That Jawanza Poland missed the first 11 games of the year due to a suspension (two games) and a back injury (nine games). 

"I know we need to win a game or two the rest of the way," Heath said. "But I don't understand why we're so far on the outside." 

He's right. If the name on the front of the jersey was, say, UConn or Syracuse or even Pittsburgh, the Bulls would be squarely on the right side of The Bubble. Instead, South Florida is looked at as pretenders because they haven't knocked off any of the big boys yet. It's not Stan Heath's fault that the league gave him Pittsburgh and Villanova twice in a year that both programs have taken a major hit. 

"When I first heard that we were given Pittsburgh and Villanova, I thought that someone obviously doesn't like us," Heath said. "Those are perennially two of the best teams in our league." 

"Now, in a way, it's hurt us," he added. "And I don't think it should." 

With Collins in the lineup, the Bulls are 14-8 overall and 10-4 in Big East play. The last time they lost to an unranked team was back in 2011 -- Dec. 28 against UConn. The last three losses are at Notre Dame, at Marquette and at Georgetown. 

"He's been the difference for us," Heath said of Collins. "He plays so hard and is so tough." 

And he can play. Heath said that Baylor recruited him out of Houston, but the Bears opted to take junior college point guard Pierre Jackson instead. Collins went for a career-high 22 points and dished out six assists last night in a road win at Pittsburgh. Now it's off to Syracuse. Then back home to face Cincinnati, to Louisville and the regular-season finale at home against West Virginia.

"I'm not saying we should definitely be in right now," Heath said. "But I think we should be in the conversation." 

Posted on: February 20, 2012 4:07 pm

Alabama suspends Mitchell for rest of season

By Jeff Goodman

Alabama has suspended forward Tony Mitchell for rest of the season, sources told CBSSports.com, while senior big man JaMychal Green has been reinstated to practice.

Crimson Tide coach Anthony Grant suspended Mitchell a couple weeks ago for conduct detrimental to the team. 

Grant then suspended Green, along with starting point guard Trevor Releford and Andrew Steele, just prior to the loss against LSU on Feb. 11. 

Releford and Steele were reinstated and played in the last two games - a loss at home against Florida and a victory in Tuscaloosa over Tennessee. 

Green, Mitchell and Releford are the top three scorers on the team. Mitchell was averaging 13.1 points and seven rebounds. 

The Crimson Tide are 17-9 overall and 6-6 in SEC play heading into Thursday's game against Arkansas. 

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Northwestern with monumental game on Tuesday

By Jeff Goodman

Bill Carmody scoffed at the notion. 

"Please. C'mon," Northwestern's head coach said on Monday's Big Ten conference call when posed the question whether Tuesday's home contest against Michigan is the most important game in the program's history. 

But it would wind up being just that if the Wildcats are to pull off the victory and use the win to catapult the team into the NCAA tournament for the first time. 


A win would put the Wildcats at 17-10 overall and 7-8 in Big Ten play with three games remaining. 

"It's an important game," Carmody admitted. "You have four left and if you win a few, you're in the discussion. But if we lose this one, you're not out of it." 

Maybe not, but it would be difficult at three games under the .500 mark in league play. Two winnable road contests remain -- at Penn State this weekend and then on March 3 at Iowa. A home date against Ohio State is sandwiched in-between. 

You'd likely be looking at running the table in those three -- which just isn't all that realistic. 

Let's face it: This may be Carmody's last shot at getting to the Big Dance since the school's all-time leading scorer, John Shurna, will graduate after this season. Carmody has gotten this program close each of the last three seasons, but the Wildcats have been forced to settle for an NIT berth each year. 

The bubble if dreadful this season -- and a .500 mark in the Big Ten, along with wins against Michigan State and tomorrow night against Michigan, could be enough. 

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Updated Top 25 (and one)

By Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman

The Top 25 (and one) will be updated on the college basketball page shortly.

Here's how it will look ...
  1. Kentucky (26-1)
  2. Syracuse (27-1)
  3. Missouri (25-2)
  4. Duke (23-4)
  5. Michigan State (22-5)
  6. North Carolina (23-4)
  7. Kansas (22-5)
  8. Ohio State (22-5)
  9. Georgetown (20-5)
  10. Michigan (20-7)
  11. Baylor (22-5)
  12. Marquette (22-5)
  13. Wisconsin (20-7)
  14. Notre Dame (19-8)
  15. Florida (21-6)
  16. Murray State (26-1)
  17. Florida State (19-7)
  18. Indiana (20-7)
  19. Louisville (21-6)
  20. Virginia (20-6)
  21. New Mexico (22-4)
  22. UNLV (22-6)
  23. Wichita State (24-4)
  24. Temple (21-5)
  25. San Diego State (20-6)
  26. Vanderbilt (19-8)

In: New Mexico, Vanderbilt Out: Saint Mary's, Gonzaga

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WKU hires interim Ray Harper as head coach

By Jeff Goodman

Western Kentucky is considered an elite mid-major gig, one that would attract nearly every up-and-coming assistant coach and no shortage of current and former head guys.

After athletic director Ross Bjork fired Ken McDonald on Jan. 6, there were plenty of viable candidates tossed around, from John Pelphrey and Jeff Capel to assistants Dan Muller (Vandy), John Brannen (Alabama) and Kurtis Townsend (Kansas).

But Bjork and WKU President Dr. Gary Ransdell didn't even go through the entire process, earlier today announcing that WKU assistant Ray Harper will have the interim tag removed and become the permanent guy.

It was surprising.

I'm not saying it's a terrible hire. The 50-year-old Harper can coach. He has four national titles in 12 seasons at Kentucky Wesleyan and Oklahoma City University. He's considered a quality recruiter (although he'll go heavy on the junior college route) and the money people in Bowling Green seem to take to him.

But he's also got a past. He left Kentucky Wesleyan following an NCAA investigation that had the program cited for a "lack of institutional control."  To me, there was no rush on this one. At least see what other names come forward, wait until the coaching carousel takes shape and maybe someone you didn't expect to be available will be on the free agent market.

But instead, Bjork went with Harper -- a guy who is 4-7 at the helm since taking over for McDonald -- on Feb. 19

Maybe he wants to make certain that the young players -- including freshman Derrick Gordon -- in the program stick around and don't transfer elsewhere -- or maybe he was sold on Harper.

All I know is that there was a lengthy line of those itching to get a sniff at this one.
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