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Posted on: December 6, 2011 9:09 am

Basketball Wakeup Call: Vitale gets court honors

By Matt Norlander

This got a lot of run on the 'Net Monday: the 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011. Just some absolute all-timers in there. // Yesterday had to be the biggest day in space news in ever. First, there was the planet with possible life on it. // We've got NASA Voyager up and out of this piece we call our Solar System. // The really happy news: astronomers have found black holes the size of 10 billion suns. There's only one way for this party to end, folks. // I hate that lists start so early in December (can't we wait until the 20th or so?), but here are/were the top stories on Twitter, Yahoo and Bing ...

★ How great was it that Dickie V got the floor named in his honor at Detroit last night? Good for him.

★ Utah's dumpster fire of a season continues.

★ The third accuser in the Bernie Fine case has fessed up to molesting a young himself.

The 10 sophomores a certain high-profile CBS TV analyst thinks you need to be watching for from here through March.

★ If you missed us linking to it yesterday, the gallery of every Sports Illustrated Sportsman or Sportswoman of the Year.

★ Looking at UNC-UK from a scout's perspective. Jonathon Givony does good work here.

★ I absolutely refuse to click on the video linked in this blog post, but I do wonder if Weber State's in for a lot of trouble in the next few weeks.

★ Love the hoops doubleheader. It's really no big deal for those kids -- they played three games in one day on the regular during AAU tournaments.

★ It's already starting to feel like a lost year for Utah State, yes?

★ The details of Chauncey Hardy's death overseas just seem like such a waste. A trial is now pending, since the investigation has been completed.

★ A different kind of Christmas tree.

★ Valpo has certainly become one of the good-not-great surprises of the season.

Now Ben Howland is seeing the light?

► This will get is annual airtime on ESPN tonight. Watch, as usual. Be moved, like you always are. One of the best things about ESPN's programming, undoubtedly.

♬ I could only hold out for a month before giving Jimi a bump. If you're just a casual Hendrix fan, then I just don't get it, but here's a tune you may not have heard before. It's in my top five.

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B-ball Wakeup Call: That's a great photo

By Matt Norlander

I nearly died at this animation video. // Here's an epic Craiglist ad to get your day off to a great start. // If you're in high school reading this, wondering which colleges are the most vegan-friendly, then I've got the list for you. // Some more gift ideas for you. // "The odds of finding an alien civilization out there are about to increase immensely." ...

★ Forde comes out swinging after Boeheim's press conference last night.

★ Goodman's Tuesday columns will look like this. Thanks for the mention, Jeffy! I can't believe I'm actually reading Goodman write about free-throw rate and defensive efficiency. A genuine shock to my system.

★ Uh, folks, Perry Jones is back.

★ These tournament fields are announced a year in advance usually, so there's not really time, in season, to really react. But that said, the Battle 4 Atlantis 2012 bracket is loaded, friends.

★ Austin Hatch, the highly touted recruit who survived the second plane crash of his life this past summer, isn't likely to play basketball this season. I'm just concerned about the kid's well-being, mentally.

★ Miss any of that Boeheim video? Plenty of it here.

★ Does Kentucky cut off the Indiana game if it goes to 18-game SEC schedule next year?

★ Detroit mayor Dave Bing was a teammate of Jim Boeheim and close friend of Bernie Fine. What is he thinking today?

★ Virginia got a very nice win over Michigan last night. I still doubt the Hoos' long-term viability this season, though.

★ Fran Dunphy's interviews on paper don't do it justice how he is to talk to in person.

Interesting subplot with tonight's Big Ten-ACC Challenge. Parents on the hurried drive!

★ Weird: West Virginia apparently still hasn't been paid by the Big East for its 2010 NCAA tournament appearance. That's worse than your buddy who still somehow manages to dodge paying you back that $40 he's owed you since '09.

★ The don't-overreact! column you knew was coming after Ohio State's lopsided win over Duke.

★ Wait, Dana Altman lost another one of his freshman? Two frosh have quit the team already. Not a good sign at all.

► Yeah, Austin Rivers can really put it on a string.

♬ Your band recommendation for today is Blind Melon, who is a top-five underrated one-hit wonder band from the '90s. The self-titled album features "No Rain," but "Nico" is the better record. "The Pusher" is just awesome. Shannon Hoon an overlooked vocalist who left the planet too soon.

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 8:45 am

Wakeup Call: You and I did not win Powerball

By Matt Norlander

A winning Powerball ticket was sold in my city. That's nice. It went to three men from Greenwich, Conn. Even more special. Now, if you don't mind, I've got to link you to a bunch of things on the Internet while I eat this leftover stuffing for breakfast. // You're probably not sweating Christmas gifts yet, but you best look at this list. // America's frown towns. // TLC's Virgin Diaries can't be a real thing. // North Korea: oppressing people for the benefit of wowing photography ...

★ UCLA has now won a game against a Division I opponent.

★ "The Bernie Fine story is not the Jerry Sandusky story. It's much messier." <-- That is most definitely a thought-provoking take.

★ Laurie Fine is claiming the tape of her has been doctored and edited. That's flimsy.

★ Really good stuff here from Katz, although the lede is obvious to anyone that knows Boeheim.

★ Learn how Thomas Robinson is getting better within the Kansas offense. This stuff is simply fantastic.

★ Oh, right: Luke Walton has to leave Pastner's staff soon. Welp, Big Gulps, huh?

★ Yes, Tupac T-shirt guy was absolutely hilarious Saturday night. Right out of a Chapelle's Show skit.

★ Borzello's coming with an ACC-Big Ten Challenge preview later today, but of course I'm going to point you to Gasaway's work until then.

★ Entertaining story on how a UCLA alum has turned heel.

★ Roy Williams lashes out at Carolina fans again! He does this about twice per season.

★ Ryan Greene writes a very nice profile of UNLV's Mike Moser, a player who should get better and better and better.

★ Yes, absolutely, unequivocally: Xavier has perhaps the toughest and best backcourt in the country.

★ Maryland-Baltimore County is winless and now star player-less.

► Here's the most bizarre, unintentional basket I think I've ever seen. This went viral yesterday, even though Ray McCallum put it through the hoop against Bowling Green over the weekend.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are absolutely fabulous. Rock group with a female on lead that always brings it, and she's got that sexy quasi-crack in her voice when she digs down for a note. The self-titled album is the best, IMHO.

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Posted on: November 28, 2011 8:43 am

Wakeup Call: The essential Syracuse links for you

By Matt Norlander

I disagree with the TV barb, but the rest of it's pretty spot-on.

Jabba the Cupcake. // Yes, the flight attendant hovering over your shoulder, reminding you for the third time to turn off your cellphone and iPod is obeying a flight law that doesn't make sense. // One hundred percent accurate. // If I gave you one guess at who's most likely to write the Steve Jobs biopic, you're getting it, yes? // Your word of the year is ... two words ...

★ We've had extensive coverage here at CBSSports.com with all the Syracuse/Bernie Fine stuff. I'll give you the biggest links related ot the story for you to read, in case you missed it all Sunday. Here's Doyel's fire-Boeheim-now column.

★ The transcript of Bobby Davis talking to Laurie Fine is a queasy read. For context and how you shape your opinion on this mess, it's probably essential to give it a look.

★ As usual, the shorter the statement, the worse the news. Syracuse went with 17 words last night.

★ Nancy Cantor writes the hell out of a letter. Syracuse is lucky to have her in charge.

★ Read what the preeminent columnist in Syracuse has to say about this.

★ Fine was up for the Florida Atlantic job in 2005.

A Fine timeline.

★ The man still has his defenders and sympathizers, by the way.

★ Here's what Seth Davis has to say about it all.

★ In non-Syracuse news, this hurts Florida: F Erik Murphy has a torn meniscus for at least the next few games, he won't be playing.

★ We've got more player-injury news. Temple and Louisville -- yes, Louisville AGAIN -- were nipped over the weekend.

★ How did the computers do in predicting the Feast Week tournaments?

★ This is a great observation on once-chic Detroit and how it's probably not going to live up to expectations this season.

★ We're still waiting on what's to come with the NBA draft rule, and whether it goes to two years. Likelihood is pointing to at least this year remaining at 19 years of age/one year removed from high school graduation.

★ I expect many good things -- but also some hurdles -- with Ryan Boatright and UConn this year. Think he may want the ball more than Calhoun's willing to allow.

★ Mike Brey didn't try to sooth his team. He wanted their reaction and opinion after Tim Abromaitis went down for the year.

★ There is no question this man has the best beard in college hoops.

♬ Your music rec for a Monday is The Blue Van (warning: group's site is autoplay), a band with an awful name whose work you've no doubt heard. This one's made it on a commercial before. Good, upbeat power pop, but they've got a bluesy side to them, too. Seek 'em out.

Feel free to send links for the Wakeup Call to matt.norlander@cbsinteractive.com.
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Posted on: November 25, 2011 10:26 am

Wakeup Call: Black Friday's come

By Matt Norlander

Sleepy from the turkey? It wasn't the turkey. // Why we've got plenty to be thankful for in the sports world. // Incredibly cool video of underwater ice killing starfish. // This headline can't be real, and if it is, the writer knew exactly what he was doing. // You want your crazy Black Friday story, come and get it ...

★ I'll be heading into NYC today to watch Syracuse in the NIT finals. Wondering how well Dion Waiters and Scoop Jardine play.

★ Another pros exhibition game at Rupp Arena? Dec. 2, it appears so. Kentucky vs. UNC and Duke alums. So great.

★ It is odd to see a West Virginia court with a Big XII logo on it.

★ Washington's suddenly got some problems to overcome if it's going to be a top-two team in the Pac-12. I still have the faith.
★ Some early long-term analysis of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Which baseball manager recently visited a college basketball team?

With authority.

★ How is Paul Hewitt dealing with the losing and challenges -- already -- at George Mason?

★ Figured Alex Oriakhi was more mature than this. Something to keep an eye one.

★ A dispatch from Orlando and the Old Spice Classic. That's some rough hoops down there.

♬ Come on -- like it could be anything else today.

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Posted on: November 23, 2011 8:50 am

Wakeup Call: The busiest bar night of the year

By Matt Norlander

One hundred incredible views out of airplane windows. // The Penn State story nearly became as big as the Casey Anthony verdict. // Image as interest, and how it can revitalize a story or move it to another level. // It's been awhile since we've had a nice, widespread academic cheating story, right? // Annual family/brotherly/friendly Thanksgiving backyard football game happening for you tomorrow? Then read this ...

★ Don't know how an NBA draft is going to work out in 2012, but it's already time to start the early process of looking at the players and doing some simple evaluations.

★ Memphis really got away with one yesterday, I think. The Tigers haven't shown the consistency to prove they're a top-10 team right now.

★ Loving that Pat Forde's already getting plenty of hoops writing done. Here are his 10 impressive starts in hoops this year.

★ Some of the biggest, most notable enigmas in college basketball this year. I think we'll have a few of those guys' expectations on a consistent line by January, though.

★ Second line was news to me. Interesting stat -- even if it ultimately doesn't amount to much.

★ Loyola of Chicago is set to open its new arena in a few days.

★ Great anecdote about Alabama you may not realize is taking place.

★ A different kind of All-American McDonald's team: the fattest players in college basketball. Well done, BIAH.

★ Syracuse has gone out and got itself some big guns in the PR industry.

★ Envious of both the pants and the mustache.

★ This is just stupid. But, again: college kids, etc.

★ I'm not too proud: here's a link to another kind of college basketball podcast. Glad I could be a misguided inspiration, fellas!

★ Parrish wrote on Rick Majerus yesterday. Lots of folks high on the Bilks right now. I'll go on record and say they don't win the 76 Classic this weekend.

★ Thanks for the name-drop, Ken. Check's in the mail.

★ While I'm pubbing myself out, I'm referenced here as well. For the record, I don't think Rivers is a bust in any way. I think there's still a marraige to come between what he wants to do and what Duke needs him to do.

Nasty dunk at the JUCO level.

► First true buzzer-beater of the season? Coastal Carolina knocked off Clemson last night, in Clemson.

♬ A new band or artist every day here at the Wakeup Call. Going with XTC on Thanksgiving Eve. XTC is one of the more eclectic groups inspired by The Beatles; I'd argue they're among the 20 most underrated bands of all-time. This song can't possibly capture what they're all about, but it'll do the trick.

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Basketball Wakeup Call: More afternoon hoops!

By Matt Norlander

JFK was killed 48 years ago today. This is a fascinating six and a half-minute watch. // Volcano surfing is a thing people do with their time now. // The pepper spray cop meme has taken off, and there's some fantastic PhotoShop work here. // Missed this last week, but the puppy chase on the highway is incredible because of the music bed underneath it ...

★ Feast Week is just great, one of the best thing ESPN does with its sports programming. If you need to plan out your week, here's the TV guide to hoops.

★ The terrific on-court assessment of Austin Rivers' early struggles at Duke. I think there's some mental challenges with the team as well. Wonder if he's bought in yet.

★ Looks like no amount of bodies are keeping West Virginia from just up and leaving the Big East after this season.

★ Utah State is down a man for perhaps as long as a month with a "mid-foot" sprain. That sounds uncomfortable.

★ A tough but necessary read: on programs and flying and avoiding plane crashes.

★ It's unlikely you need this if you care enough to swing by the Wakeup Call, but read it regardless: Seth Davis' 13 points of advice/clarity/guidance for NBA fans during college basketball's winter of reign.

★ The first Napier quote in this story is telling and a good sign for UConn.

★ Yesterday, we linked you to that college player who scored 89 points Saturday night. Here's video -- it's pretty tame, to be honest. Recreational, even.

★ John Calipari: Hall-of-Famer? It's an interesting discussion to be had at this point in his career. I think he wins an NCAA championship before it's over, and then it won't be a question -- unless he gets another Final Four taken off his résumé.

Turgeon not afraid to dig into his team. I like this a lot. Maryland's got a long way to go.

Oh, really?

★ Rob Mahoney steps to the plate for SI.com and addresses the need to embrace defensive analytics. He's talking NBA, primarily, but college hoopheads might as well heed the call, too. Luke Winn is already spearheading the dense undertaking that is in its infancy.
★ The case is made for Vanderbilt's legitimacy pretty strongly here.

► This video's just beautiful. Couldn't stop watching. Anyone know how I can make this a screensaver?

♬ Say, do you know Fleet Foxes? Outside of being one of the better band names of the past decade, these dudes from Seattle take on some complex harmonies and sound out of the more daring acoustic side of the '70s.


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Wakeup Call: Did you see the guy who scored 89?

By Matt Norlander

I snapped this Saturday, when Corso dropped his legendary F bomb. Love this screencap. Herbstreit is channeling his inner Beavis. I need someone to hold me. Just when it was all coming together. // MarioKart comes to life. // What say you: Is this PhotoShopped? // I had linked to something called We Are Journalists about two weeks back. Here's a good retort to the notion of that Tumblr. Good perspective. // Crutch the field! ...

★ The Maui Invitational starts in about six hours. Here's your annual remembrance of just how ridiculous Chaminade's win over Virginia was back in '82. That result doesn't happen, does Maui exist as we know it today?

★ Did you miss it? College basketball had a 1 take down a 2 yesterday.

★ A death that can't be overlooked -- Walt Hazzard left us Friday. He was the first UCLA star under John Wooden.

★ Meanwhile, and I'd assume we're going to have more on this in a bit: Reeves Nelson missed the damn team flight out to Maui? Disaster.

★ A player at Grinell College in Iowa, a D-III program, put up 89 on Saturday. Eighty-nine. Kobe's jealous.

★ The empty seat of Bernie Fine.

★ More background on why the Fine allegations and story didn't go public/to press more than eight years ago.

★ Not sure why the DA is talking, but the Fine case is going to take several weeks to investigate.

★ Another time, another place: what Utah was like the last time no NBA season was happening there.

★ Washington got stamped by St. Louis, then had an emergency landing Sunday night.

★ More conference realignment on the way. This is quieter.
★ Tony Mitchell: college basketball's most terrifying dunker.

★ North Carolina Central guard busted for weed selling. Lots of it.

★ If you missed it, this was cute from Steve Lavin. People need to learn to use Airplane Mode now that cellphones double as recorders.

★ Lots of feel-good-story opportunities this year in the sport. But it's Robbie Hummel's to lose.

★ Yep, the CAA is reeling. I'll have more on this Tuesday.

♬ Music for you. Them Crooked Vultures. When simple guitar riffs lift and tug and pull and rip through a song (get to :54 mark for the riff I'm talking about). If you're unfamiliar with the Vultures, they're a supergroup of sorts.

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