Posted on: February 27, 2011 10:34 am
Edited on: February 27, 2011 10:35 am

Should BYU get a 1 seed

Personally, not yet. BYU and San Diego State have had good years, but besides beating San Diego State twice, the only other notable win is against Arizona at home. The other number 1 seeds in contention as of right now is Duke, Kansas, Texas, Pitt, Ohio State, Purdue, and San Diego State if they win out and win their tournament. Unless Kansas loses to Missouri and to a non rank team in the Big 12 tournament, they are pretty much guaranteed a number 1 seed. Texas losing yesterday will drop them out for contention for now, but winning out and beating KU again on neutral ground will boost their chances again. Pitt has a good shot at a number 1 seed, and with the Big East, a good Norte Dame could get a number 1 seed if they win out too. If ND wins out, that could allow two number 1 seeds to be from the Big East. 

The Big East is considered the best conference in basketball, and seeing them chew up half of the number 1 seeds isn’t unlikely. Likely the other two number 1 seeds will be chewed up by a Big 10 and a Big 12 school. Overall I think BYU lacks the overall resume that the other big conference schools have to be a number 1 seed, but BYU will have a good argument if they win out and get a little help from the other conferences woes; however, currently I think the number 1 seeds are chewed up by more deserving teams. 

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