Posted on: November 10, 2011 11:44 am
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Penn State Scandal - a view

I believe that the Board of Trustees' decision to remove Joe Paterno, along with the President of Penn State is for the best. There is no way for the school nor the victims and their families to begin the recovery process until all people who were in key leadership positions when the worst scandle in Penn State's history occurred are gone.

The victims and their families need this in order to move forward. Regardless if he did or did not do the right thing, he would always symbolize the system that failed them. The Board of Trustees did the right thing and the deliberative process was appropiate instead of the knee jerk reaction a lot of people were calling for.

This should be about the victims and how to prevent the institutions including the University, the police and the District Attorney's office from failing in such a systemic way in the future. That process cannot begin to happen until the removal of those people who would serve as a lightning rod for mindless mob hysteria instead of effective action.

For those that are quick to condemn Joe Paterno. Sally Jenkins wrote an article that should serve as a warning to us all. We may have lifelong friends who we believe would never do something heinous and would tend to defend them if accused - at the end of the day how well do we really know our family, friends and acquaintances:

Right now, I am giving Joe Pa the benefit of the doubt and do not believe he knew the gruesome details of the shower incident. However, if Mike McQueary did inform Joe Paterno of the specifics of seeing Sandusky raping the boy then Joe Paterno was wrong in not telling McQueary to contact the police and really merits the disgust that so many people that are quick to judge have been meting out. Mike McQueary should step down as an assistant coach of the team. The interim head coach Tom Bradley has a tough job. Perhaps Penn State should even consider cancelling the rest of the season. Not sure about that, but removing Joe Paterno was a step in the right direction as much as it pains me to say that.

There is much more to this sordid story that people are missing because of the attention given to the disposition of Joe Paterno's legacy at Penn State. There is the District Attorney that declined to prosecute Jerry Sandusky back in 1998 when the police and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare became aware of Sandusky's transgressions. There was another incident involving Sandusky and a young boy in a shower witnessed by a janitor at Penn State that occurred in 2000. Sandusky founded the organization intended to help troubled youth back in 1977 - there are likely many more victims that have never received counseling to help them cope with what they have suffered. Much more has to be learned, many do not want to think about it - and would like this to go away - but we owe it to the victims to give this whole sordid story the light of day.

Finally, a note to my personal stalker - you know who you are. If you decide to engage in your silly game, appropiate action will be taken. Hopefully I am wrong and you no longer read all of my posts and are truly gone but figure an advance warning is only fair.

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