Posted on: July 24, 2011 10:19 am

Final and Finally !

The labor deal -- and the path to NFL football in 2011 -- is finally, truly done. Well, almost.

That’s the report from’s own Mike Freeman, who writes that the owners and players have agreed to a new CBA.

"It's done," one player source told Freeman. "We have an agreement. Now we just have to vote."

Now, the majority of the players (50 percent, plus one) have to agree to the deal in order to end the lockout for good. Players will fly into Washington on Sunday in order to go over last-minute details. They’re then expected to vote Monday, and a news conference should occur shortly thereafter. 

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, once the deal is ratified, free agency and training camp likely will begin on the same day. 

Saturday was a huge day in moving along negotiations, and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly worked hard together to make sure there wasn’t any additional trouble between the two sides. 

On Monday, the NFLPA executive committee will meet in Washington, and it’ll pass along its recommendations to the players -- to ratify the new CBA AND to reform the NFLPA as a union -- who will have to sign off on both deals in order to begin the new league year. 

The plaintiffs in the Brady v NFL case (including Chargers WR Vincent Jackson, who reportedly dropped his demand to be paid $10 million or be exempt from the franchise tag) would then have to consent to the deal, and the lawsuit -- and any other judicial matters between the two sides -- would be kaput. 

And most importantly, we’d have football again. 
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Government Sports Page !

And just like that, the Roger Clemens trial is over.

Judge Reggie Walton called for a mistrial after stopping the trial during prosecutor's playing of Clemens' 2008 testimony before Congress.

All the millions of dollars tax payers have lost to these arrogant lawyers for the prosecution of athletes Is a travesty and disgrace to the the American way of life !

Today the judge over seeing the Clemons case declared a mistrial after prosecutors who were under strict orders not to present to the jury specific information that would be inadmissible in a court of law did just that !

Can you believe it ? It was as if they were the judge, jury, God ! Arrogance at its pinnacle of deceit and shame. This marks the second time in as less than a year that Government prosecutors bungled a high profile case against a pro athlete accused of either taking illegal steroids or lying to the government or both !

At any rate, This witch hunt needs to be put to rest and let's focus on the real crimes being committed as we speak, The Government using the american tax payers as a pawn in negotiations for the budget for Jimminy Christ sake !!!!

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8th District court drops the hammer !

I t would have been a grand gesture by the 8Th District court to have waited a few days before dropping the hammer on these players aspirations ! One can only hope that more rational minds prevail over these next few days as the progress that's been made already is monumental to say the least. I personally don't feel that the majority of the owners would cut off their nose just to spite their face ! If they do decide to get stupid and use their new found power on the players I think they will live to regret it immensely ! We the fans aren't stupid and we know that if negotiations crumble now that it's all on the owners back and we will certainly hold them responsible and act accordingly as we see fit ! Hail to the victors but be cautioned , we are a forgiving bunch to a certain extent but don't push us please ! Mr. Goodell, I hope you have some savvy in this critical stage of negotiations.

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Posted on: July 7, 2011 2:26 pm

Vick and Nike a team again ?

NEW YORK -- Nike re-signed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick to an endorsement deal Friday, nearly four years after dropping him amid his legal troubles.

Nike, which signed Vick as a rookie in 2001, terminated his contract in August 2007 after he filed a plea agreement admitting his involvement in a dogfighting ring. Vick spent 21 months in prison.

CNBC first reported the deal. Terms were not released.

Wow !!! How many of you are surprised at this development ?  Here's the deal, Nike has never in there history of dropping an athlete for conduct unbecoming a sponsor , Back tracked and do a 360 on their stance. Has Vick earned this ? Has he still got a marketable personna ? Have you and the general population forgiven him ? Interesting stuff, Lets play it out and get some feedback on this.

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 9:16 am


I've been sitting back absorbing all of this Plaxico Burress ordeal when in the midst of all this I had an interesting thought about this whole debacle.   I've got a question for ya ! If the NFL reversed all of its trends in signing players with pryor, current or probable future trouble with the league or the law, would any of the teams have enough quality players to make a run for the play-offs ??? Just sayin !

Have we become a society that overlooks moral issues in order to obtain the talent we need for the soul purpose of winning ? Unfortunately we all know the answer to that question which leads me to this, what do we teach our children, how do we justify these actions ? You can't and I can't so let's just be like most everybody else and conform to this way of life. Little johnny will love it, we will pay through the nose for it.

Don't get me wrong, I love sports, I live, eat, breathe, sleep and drink sports ! I don't want to get into a war about religeon or morality or right from wrong here, but I feel this issue needs to be addressed and somehow discussed in a positive manner. I know this is probably a futile effort on my part to even try and discuss this topic but I felt the need to bring out to your attention and I can only hope that that you will give this some thought and perhaps some new and fresh feed back .

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