Posted on: December 30, 2010 1:41 pm

success a curse for Vick?

If M.Vick was less successful in his return to Pro Football would we be seeing so many condemnations of him on FANTASY blogs?There are players accused of sex assualt,drunk driving,manslauter,drug offenses and more currently or formerly playing in the NFL.Unless they have reached a certain level of succes very little is made of it and certainly not to the extent we hear of Vick.

   I find myself doubting the sincerity of the outraged fans that post blogs on FANTASY football sites condeming the man and anyone who would have him on their team.If preventing animal cruelty meant that much to them,surely this can be promoted and someones time better spent in other venues;i.e. PETA,animal shelters,heck,even the stadium or eagles corp. office would do more for their cause.Of course sitting on your butt and typing is MUCH easier!

   I have to think that other than a few confused souls most of these condemnations are from,for a lack of a better description,poor losers.Before you dismiss this theory tell me you have not seen some extreme reactions from Fantasy players?deathwishes because someone did not start,two paragraph rants about the bad advice they received from cbs,espn,etc..

   So, my conclusion is that this is a deception practice by some fans to manipulate people into avoiding a player they covet or to give an emotional "payback" for a hobby they take a bit to seriously.I for one resent anyone from trying to manipulate me(it's a sign of disrespect and assumes you have no i.q.)and hope that the fan community either A.ignores these people.Do not responed to this even to say i luv animals too! or B.Immediatly and visiously call the people to the carpet for their ridiculous and inapproprate stance.

  If this offends you then this would be the place to respond,but please, leave the guy alone that is asking if Vick gonna have a better game than Brady.It's just FANTASY FOOTBALL not a nomination to the senate.
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