Posted on: January 3, 2011 9:16 am
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As I watched the bowl games so far this season it has occurred to me that some conferences may in fact be better than others, but good teams are still good teams no matter what conference they are in.  For example, TCU, is in a weaker conference but still was able to beat a Big Ten powerhouse like Wisconsin.  TCU also had the best defence in the country statistically and they remain unbeaten at 13-0.  It also appears to me that certain conferences were able to dominate others.  For example the SEC dominated the Big Ten so far this year in bowl games.  Mississippi State beat Michigan easily 52-14, Alabama beat Michigan State easily 49-7, Florida beat Penn State 37-24, with Arkansas versus Ohio State to come.  I think also has to do with the fact that during bowl season most of Big Ten country is covered in snow while the SEC is still rather warm.  Also it appears that the Big Ten is built on size and power while the SEC relies on speed.  I hope that one day the NCAA will use a playoff system to determine its champion but until then its always interesting to see who gets matched up with whom and how the conferences match up with each other.  I for one am looking forward to the BCS Championship game between Auburn and Oregon.  I think Cam Newton will show why he won the Heisman and will lead his team to victory.  Despite the rumors and the haters, he was the best player in college football this year and deserved the Heisman.  He controls games with his legs and his arm and is a great motivator.  There were times this year when he loaded the team on his back and carried them to victory.  It is scary to think that he can come back next year.
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