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Posted on: March 22, 2011 9:32 am

3/22 Recruiting Roundup

Posted by Bryan Fischer

No NCAA tournament action until later this week so you'll get a nice dose of football this week as several program are starting spring football today and tomorrow.

- Lots of tidbits on several Arkansas targets, including one of the top prep lineman in the upcoming recruiting class, Patrick DeStefano.

- USC is beginning spring practice today and in attendance will be 14 year old wonder kid/quarterback phenom David Sills.

- After being denied the chance to sign with South Carolina after the school oversigned, defensive end Lorenzo Mauldin has finally signed his letter of intent, this time with Louisville.

- Denton (Texas) athlete Dominic Ramacher is seeing his recruiting pick up and already has offers from Arizona, Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado, Louisiana Tech and Minnesota.

Posted on: March 2, 2011 3:46 pm
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Oversigning victim could land at Louisville

Posted by Bryan Fischer

After being told there was no room for him at South Carolina right before Signing Day, Atlatna (Ga.) defensive end Lorenzo Mauldin could end up at Louisville, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“That’s a pretty good option for me,” Mauldin told the Journal-Constitution. “I believe it’s better than prep school. I’ll already be there with the team and I could be playing football the next fall.”

Louisville and head coach Charlie Strong have offered Mauldin the chance to pay his own way for his first year at the school before coming on scholarship for the remaining years of his eligibility. If he qualifies out of high school, he would be able to come on scholarship right away.

Mauldin, who is currently in a group home, said he would be able to afford the tuition if he did not end up qualifying.

“I have supporters that are not alumni of Louisville that will help me out with that,” he said. “Playing football here [at Maynard Jackson HS], I’ve gotten to know a lot of people who want to help me. Plus, there’s the Pell Grant. So, yes, I think I can come up with [the money].”

South Carolina signed 32 players as part of their class of 2011. Mauldin and Groveland (Fla.) linebacker Jordan Montgomery were two players who were told that they would not be able to enroll this fall as a result of the numbers crunch.

According to Mauldin though, South Carolina assistant coach Lorenzo Ward said the Gamecocks would have room for him if he qualifies out of high school.

“He said if I get the score I will get the scholarship from one of the other boys who won’t academically qualify,” Mauldin said. “He tells me that’s his word. A man’s word is his bond, so I’m hoping that will be carried out.”

Mauldin is awaiting his ACT score and is expected to take the test at least one more time. April 1st is the last day a recruit can sign a National Letter of Intent but they can sign scholarship papers at any time before school begins.

Posted on: February 24, 2011 3:19 pm

No room at South Carolina for two recruits

Posted by Bryan Fischer

It’s supposed to be one of the best days in a recruit’s life, the day he signs his letter of intent. Signing those scholarship papers and Letter of Intent means something to a recruit, his parents and family.

Sometimes though, it gets taken away because of the business end of college football. That’s what happened to South Carolina commit Lorenzo Mauldin. The Atlanta (Ga.) area defensive end was told the day before Signing Day that he could not be put on scholarship this fall. Well, told would have been better than what really happened: a simple letter faxed to his high school.

“I kind of feel like I’ve been shoved away,” Mauldin told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. “Then again, on the other hand, I realize that I wasn’t academically eligible and I understand that was on my part. And I can’t really use the times I’ve been through as an excuse for that. It’s all right.”

Mauldin and Groveland (Fla.) linebacker Jordan Montgomery were just two of South Carolina’s 31 signees told that there was no room for them. The railing against oversigning that occurred right before Signing Day? That was due in large part because of situations like Mauldin and Montgomery’s.

“We’ve handled it,” Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier told reporters. “Hopefully they’re still going to be with us. That’s about all I can tell... We’ll see how it plays out down the road.”

The next step for both players is likely a prep school, the Journal-Constitution mentions Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia as a destination for Mauldin, before eventually enrolling in January. While both players will likely play FBS-level football, the circuitous route they took there is a cautionary route for some future recruits.

“I think everything will work out eventually,” Mauldin said. “Again, it’s better than nothing. As long as I’m playing football, I’m OK. I’m still getting my education. If I’m not playing football with my team right away, in the end, I will play with them eventually.”

Hopefully for the players, everything will work out in the end.

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