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Washington Nike Camp Notebook

Posted by Bryan Fischer

SEATTLE – The 13th and final stop on the annual Nike Training Camp schedule made it's way back to the Northwest, and plenty of elite talent came out to Husky Stadium to compete. While these events are typically a time for the skill-position players to impress, the offensive linemen were actually the ones who stole the show.

Puyallup (Wash.) offensive tackle Joshua Garnett showed why he was a Top 100 prospect by flat-out dominating the opposition.

"I'm just happy to be out here, glad to get the MVP today,” Garnett said. “Definitely glad I didn't lose any one-on-ones, the only lineman that didn't lose any. Went over to the defensive side of the ball and won three of the four reps on defensive line, felt pretty good about that. Definitely showed my athleticism on both sides of the ball."

Garnett wasn't the only top offensive lineman in attendance. One of his good friends, Top 100 tackle Zach Banner, also participated. While the two play the same position and therefore didn't really go head-to-head, Garnett had no problem mentioning that he won the MVP award.

“Oh yeah, it felt good,” Garnett said. “He likes to talk a lot, he's a little louder than I am if you guys didn't notice. I'm definitely a little more calm, more mellow. I think it's good to come out and show people my talent. Just because I'm not 6-9, 350, I can still play and do the same exact stuff.

"When we go out in public, people say, 'Jeez, is that Zach Banner?' then we'll come out here in the drills and they'll see my athleticism. I'm not saying he's not, but he did allow some guys to go inside. Definitely I think it's good to come out here and show the difference."

The pair are so close that as recruiting has taken off, they've been able to talk and bounce ideas off each other. One idea many observers have floated is that the two are a package deal, and Garnett does not shy away from the fact that the two might end up at the same school.

“We're definitely going to be looking at the same schools, we're good friends,” he said. “We're going to look at the same schools just because of that chemistry we have together.

“Looking at Zach's list, there's going to be a couple schools that aren't going to be on (my list), probably about three or four of them. Me and Zach have different goals going to college. I'm really big into the football, don't get me wrong I want to play football, but I'm going to be looking into medical school and looking more at a pre-med program than I am a football power. I know I can can go to Florida or Miami or any SEC school, but I want to look at my life past if I played in the NFL.”

The 6-foot-5, 300-pounder is ranked 43rd in the country for the class of 2012 by MaxPreps. The four-star prospect is focused on life off the field as much as he is on it when it comes to recruiting. The biggest thing he's looking for is a program that allows him to succeed on the field while also preparing him for a career in medicine. Coincidentally, there was a top school across the street from where he was performing Sunday.

“U-Dub, obviously they have a great medical school,” Garnett said. “No. 1 medical school in the nation, so I'll definitely talk to some of the biology teachers and stuff. I'm definitely looking at U-Dub hard, and it helps them an awful lot having this medical school right next to it.

“Next week me and my dad are planning on going down to Stanford and Cal. My uncle lives close to Pasadena, in Upland, so we're going to go to UCLA and 'SC just to see those schools.”

Garnett holds more than 30 scholarship offers from powerhouses across the country, but at least two West Coast programs are sticking out as recruiting him the hardest.

“SC is coming after me hard, and so is Cal-Berkley, probably the hardest,” Garnett said.

Banner narrows list, impresses at Nike Camp

While Garnett is the athletic tackle that coaches look for, Lakewood (Wash.) offensive tackle Zach Banner is the mammoth left tackle prototype that has coaches drooling over his 6-foot-8, 320-pound frame. He performed well Sunday and left no doubts that he was an elite college recruit.

“I feel like I did good, I came out here and worked my tail off,” Banner said. “I got invited to The Opening and it's all a blessing. Me and Josh are going to go down there together. We've been working our tails off this whole spring and summer, and it's paying off for us. I know it's paying off for me, and coaches are seeing it.”

Like his good friend Garnett, Banner enjoys some healthy competition and felt the camp setting brought out the best in the both of them, even if he wasn't the one taking home the MVP award.

“Definitely. Even though we play the same position, we both come out to prove that we're the best,” Banner said. “It's always friendly competition, and we'll go back and laugh at it.”

On a strong year for West Coast linemen, Banner stands out literally and figuratively. Ranked 12th overall in the class of 2012, he has no problem answering who is the top offensive lineman in the state, much less the country.

“Yes, yes I do,” he said, confirming he was the state's top dog. “You think about it, me and Josh, we're best friends. If they were a defensive end or someone who played across from me, then it would be pure battle. Not only do we play the same position, but we work out together, we're good friends, we're getting recruited by the same person.

“We care about getting better, and I know, for sure, both of us got better today.”

On the recruiting front, Banner holds offers from just about every school in the country and has started the process of narrowing things down.

“I gave out my top nine earlier this week and in no particular order, it's U-Dub, Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama, USC, LSU, Florida State and Oklahoma,” he said. “I'm just narrowing it down as we go. I'm about to go into my senior year, so you have to do it sooner rather than later and I just felt like the nine, I'm not cutting anybody off.

“I'm going to narrow it down to a top five in December. I'll take all five of my official visits. No unofficials scheduled, but I do have two officials scheduled ... Michigan on Sept. 10 for the Notre Dame game and I'll be there all weekend for those two days. Then Notre Dame on Oct. 21 and 22 for the USC game. They're both good, and Michigan's game is the first night game there ever and the Notre Dame game will be the first night game in like 25 years. ”

Husky commits have friendly competition

Banner and Garnett were not the only players who had a healthy competition going. The two quarterbacks committed to the University of Washington, Denver signal caller Cyler Miles and Mercer Island (Wash.) quarterback Jeff Lindquist, both threw well this weekend as a preview of what's to come over the next four or five years for the Huskies.

“A little bit I guess,” Miles said when asked about the competition. “He's a cool guy, and I've got a lot of respect for him. He's a great quarterback, and I like him a lot. It's going to be fun. We're going to make each other better and wherever you go, there's going to be quarterbacks so it will be a good competition.”

“I met him today, so it was nice to get that relationship started,” Lindquist said. “In terms of competition, it was more of a friendly competition and trying to make each other better. There was no dirty mouthing or anything like that.”

The 6-foot-4, 225-pound Miles enjoyed meeting Lindquist and several other future Washington teammates, who he ended up throwing to on a few occasions once he was warmed up.

“I felt I did all right, I was a little rusty at first,” he said. “It was good to interact with all the guys, a couple of whom have already committed just like me, so it was good to just hang with them. It was nice to see where I'm going to be at the next four years.”

The overcast skies forced the organizers to turn on the lights at Husky Stadium which was fine by Miles. The experience of playing on the turf and throwing into the end zone with big Washington lettering was a nice experience for him.

“It was nice, big old stadium with about 75,000 ...,” Miles trailed off, thinking about playing on the field in a few years. “It's great, though, to picture myself here next year and the year after that. It's exciting and something to look forward too.”

Miles pulled the trigger on a commitment to Washington just a few weeks ago in large part because of the relationship he developed with the coaching staff there.

“I just love the relationships the coaches have with the players,” he said. “It's a good fit for me because of the offense. I love the Pac-12 and the coaches, they were the ones most sincere with me, my mom and dad. I just felt like this fit me best.”

With two quarterbacks in the fold for 2012, both are continuing to spread the gospel about the Pac-12 program and trying to recruit a few others for the upcoming class.

“I'm trying to get Garrnett and Banner,” Miles said. “I'm just talking to them a little bit, at the end it's their choice. I'd love for all of them to come here and help build this program as it's rising up.”

“We'll probably get that coordinated,” Lindquist said of the two tackles. “We'll chip in here and there. I don't want to annoy them, but we'll get in a word here and there.”

Neal impresses once again

Scottsdale (Ariz.) athlete Davonte Neal is no stranger to the camp circuit. He's performed at both the LA and Stanford Nike Camps among others, and he surprisingly showed up in Seattle, hungry to improve his game.

"I felt I did good, but there's still some things I could work on,” Neal said. “I'm never satisfied, I'm always hungry and try and stay humble and keep working."

Neal's father, who handles all of his recruiting, showed up to watch his son in a UCLA sweatshirt on the chilly day. The younger Neal made sure to remind everybody that his dad was just trying to adjust to the weather, which was just a little bit different from the triple-digit heat at home.

"No, no, no, no indication at all, it's just to keep warm, that's all,” he said. “That's why he's wearing that and I'm wearing it and I have a Nike sweater on."

The 5-foot-9, 170-pound athlete showed off his athleticism all day and played at a high level at both receiver and corner. Schools are recruiting him at both, but Neal has no preference where he'll play at the next level.

"I feel comfortable at both positions," he said. "If they want to put me at receiver, I'll play receiver; if they put me at corner, I'll play corner. It doesn't matter, I just want to get on the field. Either/or, it doesn't matter to me. They're recruiting me as both. Some as receiver, some as corner. It just depends on where they want me to play."

Neal holds offers from more than 25 schools but plans on pushing all his official visits and a decision until after the football season.

"There is no list," he said. "There's only undecided. A lot of people are recruiting me heavily. They're all really pushing hard, but I just let my dad handle the recruiting and I just play football.

"I'm just relaxing until after my senior season. ... I'll take all five officials, but I'm just going to do them all after the season when I have a lot of free time."

Led by quarterback and Texas commit Connor Brewer, Neal is focused on helping Chaparral High, ranked No. 24 in the country by Maxpreps, to success yet again in his senior season.

"We're going to be good. Hopefully we'll get that three-peat,” Neal said. “That's going to be on our shirts."


-- One of the players who Neal frequently battled against -- on both sides of the ball -- was Lakewood (Wash.) athlete Cedric Dozier. The two would have one rep where Neal was the receiver and Dozier playing the press corner, and then they'd flip around. Their match-up was pretty even, and Dozier felt it helped him improve his all-around game.

“I did all right for the most part,” Dozier said. “I competed with a lot of good players from all over, and it really forced me to step up. There's competition and you've got to play. I didn't come here just to play no nobodies. You've got to come out here to play. There's people from all over that's really good, and that means you have to step up.”

Dozier said he's completely open as to what school he'll attend, but Cal and Washington are recruiting him the hardest. He'll likely make a decision after the season.

-- Washington commit Michael Rector made his pledge public just a few days before the camp and, it turns out, there was a reason for making a commitment earlier than he had originally planned.

“At first my parents and I wanted to wait until July or after school,” he said. “With a new receiver (Dwayne Washington) committing too, they were only going to take two, so we thought about it the day before school was out and thought it wasn't too soon to make the decision.”

Rector tried to hook up with the two Husky quarterbacks as much as he could while at the camp in order to start developing timing before any of them even stepped on campus for college.

“It was fun,” he said. “We got together whenever we could and ran routes and stuff. We like it a lot, and we're looking forward to it.”

The most impressive quarterback at the event was not the pair of commitments to Washington but rising junior Max Browne. He impressed earlier this year at the Stanford Elite 11 and recently picked up an offer from Clemson. He grabbed the MVP award and displayed a very strong arm, fluid motion and was able to make all the throws. Lefty Matt Morin, also a regular on the camp circuit, also impressed.

-- Everett (Wash.) running back Keivarae Russell took home running back MVP honors and showed the ability to get into and out of breaks very quickly. Seattle cornerback Jayshawn Jordan won the defensive back award and performed well, playing his man and the ball closely.

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Kyle Murphy's stock taking off

Posted by Bryan Fischer

In what is turning out to be an excellent year for offensive linemen on the West Coast - maybe the best in a decade - it is starting to get hard to say just who is the best of the best. One player who has no trouble standing out at 6-foot-7, 275 pounds is San Clemente (Calif.) tackle Kyle Murphy.

Based on his performance at the Stanford Nike Camp, it's also no trouble for talent evaluators everywhere to say he's one of the top guys in Southern California and is in the running for a spot in everybody's top 100. The camp didn't feature a ton of top flight defensive linemen but playing next to other tackles like Erik Magnuson and Cedrick Poutasi allowed Murphy to elevate his game this past weekend.

"I think it's good just to give you a little feel for what the next level might be like. It's nice to come out and compete against some elite athletes," Murphy said. "Playing with guys who are at a high level raises your game a little because you're playing against them. It does help you improve."

Murphy's services along the line are being pursued by schools across the country and he recently picked up scholarship offers from two major programs to add to his list of nearly 30 offers.

"Last week Oklahoma did and Alabama did as well," he said. "They're pretty big offers but I haven't really looked at them real closely just because I live in Southern California. Oklahoma and Alabama are pretty far away. Football-wise they're some of the top programs and pretty good school-wise. They're both national contenders year in and year out so that's definitely something to look at."

At the moment, it looks as though Murphy will stay closer to home and play for a Pac-12 university but that's still to be decided. College recruiters from schools outside the region are stopping by his high school on a daily basis during the Evaluation Period and constantly calling hoping the talented left tackle will consider a school outside of his comfort zone. Even he admits it's up in the air as to where he'll go so there's a little hope for the out of state recruiters.

"I'm just not sure yet," Murphy said. "I still have to check out places that are far away from home to see if I'm comfortable there.

The senior-to-be isn't ready to name a top five quite yet but he is pretty set in what he's looking for in a school.

"Not really, I'm still staying pretty open in my recruitment," Murphy said. "I'm looking for a good football program where I can have success in and has good, solid academics. I want to get myself a good degree. Just the people that are around too, the coaches, the people, the players; just to make sure I fit in at the right place and enjoy myself for the next four or five years."

Three schools where Murphy has already unofficially visited seem to be in the lead however. All three are close to home and offer the mix of academics and football success he's looking for.

"USC is coming after me pretty hard," he said. "I'd say the schools that are coming after me the most are probably USC, Stanford and Cal. We've stopped by Stanford for a little bit and talked with the coaches."

The trip to Palo Alto for the Nike Camp is one of Murphy's few camp stops. His summer camp and unofficial visit schedule isn't set yet but it sounds like he'll be trying to keep it light while focusing on what he needs to do for his recruitment.

"No plans right now," he said. "I might head to the USC (Rising Stars) Camp. As far as trips go, I might go to a few places just to check them out ahead of officials. Where I'm not sure."

At least we're sure that Murphy is one of the most talented tackles on the West Coast and it appears that just about every college coach agrees.

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Shepard performs well at Nike Camp, solid to ND

Posted by Bryan Fischer

One of the big names at this past weekend's Stanford Nike Camp was Fresno (Calif.) cornerback Tee Shepard. One of the top players in the country and a natural at corner, the five-star player was among the best at his position during individual drills.

Once 7-on-7 began at the camp however, the 6-foot-1, 190 pounder started walking to over to the other sideline and received reps at wide receiver. Although Shepard plays both positions in high school, a few observers thought it was a bit unusual for him to flip to offense all of a sudden. Turns out there was a legitimate reason.

"I had a little injury in my shoulder so I couldn't really play DB," Shepard said. "I just played receiver and I did alright. I wanted to play wide out because that's what I was talking about all week with the coaches. I was like, 'Hey coach, maybe I can play receiver instead of DB.' He said that was a good idea. So I was just out here having fun."

Shepard exceeded expectations at both positions, blowing by opposing defensive backs using his speed and managing to get the better of most of the competition. Although he's firmly committed to the Fighting Irish, several schools have been by Fresno Central High to see how he does on the field and a few won't give up recruiting him despite his verbal commitment.

"As you know I committed to Notre Dame. But USC has been by and they said they're going to recruit me hard," he said. "I'm going to have to keep them off me. It's going to be tough."

The first commitment for Notre Dame's class of 2012, Shepard has been committed to the school since early March despite not even seeing South Bend until late April for the annual Blue and Gold Spring Game. While it appears he's still a solid verbal commitment, he will be seeing other schools once fall rolls around.

"I'm going to take all of my (official) visits, all five of them," Shepard said. "I want to see other places I haven't been before in my life. I just want to see new things."

As for where the Tom Lemming Top 100 player will visit, Shepard wouldn't divulge many schools but did hint at a trip to Tuscaloosa to see the Crimson Tide.

"I don't want to visit any schools in California, I want to leave the state," he said. "Alabama was my second choice after Notre Dame. When I talk to them, I talk to everybody, not just one coach."

In the meantime, he's one of the Irish's West Coast recruiters, whispering in the ear of several top players and trying to get them to commit to Notre Dame. One of his top targets was also a top performer at the Nike Camp, wide receiver Deontay Greenberry, who just so happens to be his cousin.

"Oh yeah," Shepard said of trying to lure Greenberry east. "I committed to Notre Dame because they recruited me since May the 10th of last year. Ever since then, me and Coach (Mike) Denbrock have been getting real close. It got to the point where Notre Dame was my dream school. Plus I watched that movie, Rudy. It all really made me want to play at Notre Dame.

"I want to have Deonte just be at Notre Dame period. They need some wide outs plus that's my cousin so it would be so cool."

Notre Dame has one wide receiver committed for 2012 and Shepard is one of three defensive backs headed to South Bend next year.

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Stanford Nike Camp Top Performers: Defense

Posted by Bryan Fischer

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Football is a sport played in the elements and the hundreds of top athletes from all over the West Coast got a dose of rain, wind and hail during Sunday's Nike Training Camp on the Stanford campus. Here's a few of the top performers on the defensive side of the ball:

Defensive linemen

Many expected Stanford commit Aziz Shittu to show up and replicate what he did at the LA Nike Camp but he didn't end up coming. Considering the terrific talent at offensive line, the group along the d-line did pretty good at the camp.

Dwight Melvin

The position group MVP, Melvin looked and played like Shittu-light. He was quick off the line and had a good array of pass rush moves. He's uses his hands well and can really get up field. He's not tall but he's still got good size and should be able to garner multiple BCS offers in the near future.

Jaylen Ruiz

The class of 2013 defensive end had another nice camp and looks ready to play college ball already. He's quick and has a pretty good spin move. Ruiz is flexible and can probably play at either end or tackle but based on what he showed, could use his superior quickness to overwhelm guards and centers inside.


One of the weaker groups at Stanford, there were still a few bright spots. Underclassman Michael Hutchings from nearby powerhouse De La Salle High certainly could be one to watch as he looks like he's a senior headed to college and not into his junior year in high school.

Chris Santini

Still getting into the hang of playing linebacker, Santini was very good in open space and excelled during the 7-on-7 portion. He had a great diving interception, which he caught one-handed after tipping the ball. He's the requisite size for a linebacker and it will be interesting to see what he can do with the pads on. He's already received a lot of interest but some tape at linebacker could mean some big offers headed his way.

Scott Starr

Starr was one of the highest regarded linebackers at the event and he didn't really disappoint. He's good in space and is quicker than one would think given his size. He can improve his strength a bit as he might have trouble with some bigger running backs and offensive linemen.

Defensive backs

From top to bottom, this was probably the best group at the camp. Having elite talent certainly helps but there were high caliber guys all over, which made watching drills much more fun than other camps.

Johnny Johnson

A rising junior, Johnson displayed skills of a much more experienced corner. He was quick and could change direction on a dime. He did a good job of staying close to his man and then sinking off to help when he read the quarterback. He's not the tallest corner on the field but he is the most aggressive and has the swagger all good corners have.

Marcus Rios

A Boise State commit, Rios really impressed with his footwork, especially his backpedal. He got caught out of position once or twice but recovered nicely. He's got good quickness and was very savvy while playing corner. There's no question he's a BCS-caliber guy and it might be hard for the Broncos to keep him.

Tee Shepard

Shepard doesn't have much to prove as he's already one of the top corners in the country. He had a lingering shoulder injury so he played wide out instead of corner and flashed his speed by blowing by some other defensive backs. He's got a good build and is very agile, performing very well during cornerback drills. Shepard's backpedal is smooth and he keeps his center of gravity right where it should be.

Shaq Thompson

Like Shepard, there's not much for Thompson to prove but he exceeded expectations Sunday despite being limited with a bit of a tender ankle. Well developed, he looks like a physical safety at the next level but has the agility to play corner as well. He does a good job of changing directions and is a someone who can contribute early at safety, corner, wide out or running back based on his skill set.

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Stanford Nike Camp Top Performers: Offense

Posted by Bryan Fischer

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Football is a sport played in the elements and the hundreds of top athletes from all over the West Coast got a dose of rain, wind and hail during Sunday's Nike Training Camp on the Stanford campus. Here's a few of the top performers on the offensive side of the ball:

Offensive linemen

One of the strongest groups at the camp, the offensive linemen might have welcomed the chance to play in a little bit of rain the most. It's a good year for linemen on the West Coast and this group was very reflective of that.

Erik Magnuson

Magnuson has a great frame and could fill out even more into a monster at left tackle. He's got a bit of a mean streak and was very competitive all day, especially in one-on-ones. He uses his hands well and keeps the defender in front of him very well. He was very flexible and probably could play either right or left tackle at the next level.

Kyle Murphy

Another big tackle prospect, Murphy showed why he's receiving attention from schools all over the country. He stays upright with the proper bend at the hips and had one of the better kick steps. He knew which angle the defender was taking during one-on-ones and adjusted well to stay between him and the quarterback. He can improve his footwork just a tad but it's already some of the best in the West.

Isaac Seumalo

Seumalo took home position group MVP and was the most technically sound and consistent offensive lineman at the camp from start to finish. You could tell his dad is a coach (at Oregon State) and how he was ready for just about anything thrown at him. He's got good size and can play either offense or defense because of his quickness. Seumalo looks like he could really be an asset run blocking with the way he gets after things and drives defenders off the ball.

Running backs

It wasn't a particularly strong group at running back with only a handful actually holding offers. Lewis, an SMU commitment, was the best of the best and nabbed the MVP award.

Robert Lewis

Seeing Lewis up close, it's hard to see him being a 15 carry a game back. At the same time, he's a huge threat to score with his combination of speed and quickness; he moves side-to-side extremely well. Lewis can catch the ball well and he can really excel at the next level in the slot or even as a multipurpose threat like Oregon State's James Rodgers.

Wide receivers

Probably the deepest group at the camp, the wide outs were very impressive despite the less than ideal pass catching weather. Arizona speedster Davonte Neal took home MVP honors and couldn't find a matchup out of the slot he didn't like.

Deontay Greenberry

Greenberry has seen his stock take off the past few months and he did nothing to slow it down at the Farm. He accelerates into top gear quicker than just about everybody and is very fluid while running his routes. It actually was difficult for the quarterbacks to throw to him because they often wouldn't anticipate him running so fast. Greenberry tended to round off his routes and not get into and out of his breaks however.

Jaydon Mickens

Mickens and Neal were the two guys out of the slot that just about everyone had trouble covering. Mickens has a pair of good hands and does a good job of taking off towards the end zone as soon as he's secured the ball. A bit on the small side, he's just too quick for anybody to really get a hand on him for that to matter.

Kenny Walker

Walker holds a host of offers and seems to be on the cusp of going from a good wide receiver to a great one. He's got good size and is similar to Greenberry in terms of speed and quickness. He caught just about everything thrown his way and was able to create separation with defensive backs on deep routes.

Ian Taubler

Taubler might have been the biggest player at the event that was not an offensive lineman. Despite being a big tight end, he showed he could move and has surprisingly decent speed. His routes are pretty sharp and he comes off the ball well and gets into and out of his breaks quickly. In terms of looks and game, he's somewhat similar to Nick O'Leary out of the 2011 class but not quite as big.

Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick

Cope-Fitzpatrick was stating his case for the top tight end in California and did a good job. He's built very well physically and likely can come in as a tight end that can be a threat in both the passing game and blocking for the run game. He's one of the faster tight ends but still needs to improve his route running a bit.


The quarterbacks got the spotlight on Friday and just about everyone - with the notable exception of Connor Brewer - returned for another go around at Stanford's practice fields. Once again Zach Kline made a big impression by showing off his big arm and took home position group MVP.

Zach Kline

There's not much for Kline to do at this point after shining two days in a row and collecting his second MVP award in as many Bay Area Nike Camps. The Cal commit has an arm that is one of the strongest in the class of 2012 and he can really put the ball wherever he wants to on the field. Kline has good fundamentals and his footwork is excellent. Overall, just he's very balanced from snap to throw and it wouldn't be surprising at all to see him play early.

Tanner Mangum

The BYU commit also followed up a good Elite 11 performance with what might have been an even sharper Nike Camp performance. He stands tall in the pocket and is very accurate at all three levels. He doesn't quite have the arm strength as Kline but it is still very good. At this point, it's hard to argue Magnum being the top prospect in Idaho based on what he's shown on the field and during the camp circuit.

Matt Morin

Morin was MVP of the LA Nike Camp and had another good showing up North. While he wasn't quite as good as he was earlier, Morin was still sharp and the lefty displayed one of the strongest arms on Sunday. He would go through spurts where he wasn't as accurate but most of the day he was spinning the ball very well.
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