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Washington Nike Camp Notebook

Posted by Bryan Fischer

SEATTLE – The 13th and final stop on the annual Nike Training Camp schedule made it's way back to the Northwest, and plenty of elite talent came out to Husky Stadium to compete. While these events are typically a time for the skill-position players to impress, the offensive linemen were actually the ones who stole the show.

Puyallup (Wash.) offensive tackle Joshua Garnett showed why he was a Top 100 prospect by flat-out dominating the opposition.

"I'm just happy to be out here, glad to get the MVP today,” Garnett said. “Definitely glad I didn't lose any one-on-ones, the only lineman that didn't lose any. Went over to the defensive side of the ball and won three of the four reps on defensive line, felt pretty good about that. Definitely showed my athleticism on both sides of the ball."

Garnett wasn't the only top offensive lineman in attendance. One of his good friends, Top 100 tackle Zach Banner, also participated. While the two play the same position and therefore didn't really go head-to-head, Garnett had no problem mentioning that he won the MVP award.

“Oh yeah, it felt good,” Garnett said. “He likes to talk a lot, he's a little louder than I am if you guys didn't notice. I'm definitely a little more calm, more mellow. I think it's good to come out and show people my talent. Just because I'm not 6-9, 350, I can still play and do the same exact stuff.

"When we go out in public, people say, 'Jeez, is that Zach Banner?' then we'll come out here in the drills and they'll see my athleticism. I'm not saying he's not, but he did allow some guys to go inside. Definitely I think it's good to come out here and show the difference."

The pair are so close that as recruiting has taken off, they've been able to talk and bounce ideas off each other. One idea many observers have floated is that the two are a package deal, and Garnett does not shy away from the fact that the two might end up at the same school.

“We're definitely going to be looking at the same schools, we're good friends,” he said. “We're going to look at the same schools just because of that chemistry we have together.

“Looking at Zach's list, there's going to be a couple schools that aren't going to be on (my list), probably about three or four of them. Me and Zach have different goals going to college. I'm really big into the football, don't get me wrong I want to play football, but I'm going to be looking into medical school and looking more at a pre-med program than I am a football power. I know I can can go to Florida or Miami or any SEC school, but I want to look at my life past if I played in the NFL.”

The 6-foot-5, 300-pounder is ranked 43rd in the country for the class of 2012 by MaxPreps. The four-star prospect is focused on life off the field as much as he is on it when it comes to recruiting. The biggest thing he's looking for is a program that allows him to succeed on the field while also preparing him for a career in medicine. Coincidentally, there was a top school across the street from where he was performing Sunday.

“U-Dub, obviously they have a great medical school,” Garnett said. “No. 1 medical school in the nation, so I'll definitely talk to some of the biology teachers and stuff. I'm definitely looking at U-Dub hard, and it helps them an awful lot having this medical school right next to it.

“Next week me and my dad are planning on going down to Stanford and Cal. My uncle lives close to Pasadena, in Upland, so we're going to go to UCLA and 'SC just to see those schools.”

Garnett holds more than 30 scholarship offers from powerhouses across the country, but at least two West Coast programs are sticking out as recruiting him the hardest.

“SC is coming after me hard, and so is Cal-Berkley, probably the hardest,” Garnett said.

Banner narrows list, impresses at Nike Camp

While Garnett is the athletic tackle that coaches look for, Lakewood (Wash.) offensive tackle Zach Banner is the mammoth left tackle prototype that has coaches drooling over his 6-foot-8, 320-pound frame. He performed well Sunday and left no doubts that he was an elite college recruit.

“I feel like I did good, I came out here and worked my tail off,” Banner said. “I got invited to The Opening and it's all a blessing. Me and Josh are going to go down there together. We've been working our tails off this whole spring and summer, and it's paying off for us. I know it's paying off for me, and coaches are seeing it.”

Like his good friend Garnett, Banner enjoys some healthy competition and felt the camp setting brought out the best in the both of them, even if he wasn't the one taking home the MVP award.

“Definitely. Even though we play the same position, we both come out to prove that we're the best,” Banner said. “It's always friendly competition, and we'll go back and laugh at it.”

On a strong year for West Coast linemen, Banner stands out literally and figuratively. Ranked 12th overall in the class of 2012, he has no problem answering who is the top offensive lineman in the state, much less the country.

“Yes, yes I do,” he said, confirming he was the state's top dog. “You think about it, me and Josh, we're best friends. If they were a defensive end or someone who played across from me, then it would be pure battle. Not only do we play the same position, but we work out together, we're good friends, we're getting recruited by the same person.

“We care about getting better, and I know, for sure, both of us got better today.”

On the recruiting front, Banner holds offers from just about every school in the country and has started the process of narrowing things down.

“I gave out my top nine earlier this week and in no particular order, it's U-Dub, Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama, USC, LSU, Florida State and Oklahoma,” he said. “I'm just narrowing it down as we go. I'm about to go into my senior year, so you have to do it sooner rather than later and I just felt like the nine, I'm not cutting anybody off.

“I'm going to narrow it down to a top five in December. I'll take all five of my official visits. No unofficials scheduled, but I do have two officials scheduled ... Michigan on Sept. 10 for the Notre Dame game and I'll be there all weekend for those two days. Then Notre Dame on Oct. 21 and 22 for the USC game. They're both good, and Michigan's game is the first night game there ever and the Notre Dame game will be the first night game in like 25 years. ”

Husky commits have friendly competition

Banner and Garnett were not the only players who had a healthy competition going. The two quarterbacks committed to the University of Washington, Denver signal caller Cyler Miles and Mercer Island (Wash.) quarterback Jeff Lindquist, both threw well this weekend as a preview of what's to come over the next four or five years for the Huskies.

“A little bit I guess,” Miles said when asked about the competition. “He's a cool guy, and I've got a lot of respect for him. He's a great quarterback, and I like him a lot. It's going to be fun. We're going to make each other better and wherever you go, there's going to be quarterbacks so it will be a good competition.”

“I met him today, so it was nice to get that relationship started,” Lindquist said. “In terms of competition, it was more of a friendly competition and trying to make each other better. There was no dirty mouthing or anything like that.”

The 6-foot-4, 225-pound Miles enjoyed meeting Lindquist and several other future Washington teammates, who he ended up throwing to on a few occasions once he was warmed up.

“I felt I did all right, I was a little rusty at first,” he said. “It was good to interact with all the guys, a couple of whom have already committed just like me, so it was good to just hang with them. It was nice to see where I'm going to be at the next four years.”

The overcast skies forced the organizers to turn on the lights at Husky Stadium which was fine by Miles. The experience of playing on the turf and throwing into the end zone with big Washington lettering was a nice experience for him.

“It was nice, big old stadium with about 75,000 ...,” Miles trailed off, thinking about playing on the field in a few years. “It's great, though, to picture myself here next year and the year after that. It's exciting and something to look forward too.”

Miles pulled the trigger on a commitment to Washington just a few weeks ago in large part because of the relationship he developed with the coaching staff there.

“I just love the relationships the coaches have with the players,” he said. “It's a good fit for me because of the offense. I love the Pac-12 and the coaches, they were the ones most sincere with me, my mom and dad. I just felt like this fit me best.”

With two quarterbacks in the fold for 2012, both are continuing to spread the gospel about the Pac-12 program and trying to recruit a few others for the upcoming class.

“I'm trying to get Garrnett and Banner,” Miles said. “I'm just talking to them a little bit, at the end it's their choice. I'd love for all of them to come here and help build this program as it's rising up.”

“We'll probably get that coordinated,” Lindquist said of the two tackles. “We'll chip in here and there. I don't want to annoy them, but we'll get in a word here and there.”

Neal impresses once again

Scottsdale (Ariz.) athlete Davonte Neal is no stranger to the camp circuit. He's performed at both the LA and Stanford Nike Camps among others, and he surprisingly showed up in Seattle, hungry to improve his game.

"I felt I did good, but there's still some things I could work on,” Neal said. “I'm never satisfied, I'm always hungry and try and stay humble and keep working."

Neal's father, who handles all of his recruiting, showed up to watch his son in a UCLA sweatshirt on the chilly day. The younger Neal made sure to remind everybody that his dad was just trying to adjust to the weather, which was just a little bit different from the triple-digit heat at home.

"No, no, no, no indication at all, it's just to keep warm, that's all,” he said. “That's why he's wearing that and I'm wearing it and I have a Nike sweater on."

The 5-foot-9, 170-pound athlete showed off his athleticism all day and played at a high level at both receiver and corner. Schools are recruiting him at both, but Neal has no preference where he'll play at the next level.

"I feel comfortable at both positions," he said. "If they want to put me at receiver, I'll play receiver; if they put me at corner, I'll play corner. It doesn't matter, I just want to get on the field. Either/or, it doesn't matter to me. They're recruiting me as both. Some as receiver, some as corner. It just depends on where they want me to play."

Neal holds offers from more than 25 schools but plans on pushing all his official visits and a decision until after the football season.

"There is no list," he said. "There's only undecided. A lot of people are recruiting me heavily. They're all really pushing hard, but I just let my dad handle the recruiting and I just play football.

"I'm just relaxing until after my senior season. ... I'll take all five officials, but I'm just going to do them all after the season when I have a lot of free time."

Led by quarterback and Texas commit Connor Brewer, Neal is focused on helping Chaparral High, ranked No. 24 in the country by Maxpreps, to success yet again in his senior season.

"We're going to be good. Hopefully we'll get that three-peat,” Neal said. “That's going to be on our shirts."


-- One of the players who Neal frequently battled against -- on both sides of the ball -- was Lakewood (Wash.) athlete Cedric Dozier. The two would have one rep where Neal was the receiver and Dozier playing the press corner, and then they'd flip around. Their match-up was pretty even, and Dozier felt it helped him improve his all-around game.

“I did all right for the most part,” Dozier said. “I competed with a lot of good players from all over, and it really forced me to step up. There's competition and you've got to play. I didn't come here just to play no nobodies. You've got to come out here to play. There's people from all over that's really good, and that means you have to step up.”

Dozier said he's completely open as to what school he'll attend, but Cal and Washington are recruiting him the hardest. He'll likely make a decision after the season.

-- Washington commit Michael Rector made his pledge public just a few days before the camp and, it turns out, there was a reason for making a commitment earlier than he had originally planned.

“At first my parents and I wanted to wait until July or after school,” he said. “With a new receiver (Dwayne Washington) committing too, they were only going to take two, so we thought about it the day before school was out and thought it wasn't too soon to make the decision.”

Rector tried to hook up with the two Husky quarterbacks as much as he could while at the camp in order to start developing timing before any of them even stepped on campus for college.

“It was fun,” he said. “We got together whenever we could and ran routes and stuff. We like it a lot, and we're looking forward to it.”

The most impressive quarterback at the event was not the pair of commitments to Washington but rising junior Max Browne. He impressed earlier this year at the Stanford Elite 11 and recently picked up an offer from Clemson. He grabbed the MVP award and displayed a very strong arm, fluid motion and was able to make all the throws. Lefty Matt Morin, also a regular on the camp circuit, also impressed.

-- Everett (Wash.) running back Keivarae Russell took home running back MVP honors and showed the ability to get into and out of breaks very quickly. Seattle cornerback Jayshawn Jordan won the defensive back award and performed well, playing his man and the ball closely.

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Clemson adds talented Arkansas athlete

Posted by Bryan Fischer

Clemson recruiting has picked up in the month of June with the Tigers landing six commitments for their upcoming class of 2012. Dabo Swinney and staff grabbed yet another commitment Monday night to make it seven this month as Jonesboro (Ark.) athlete Zac Brooks pledged to cross state lines and commit.

"No. 1 is a place in my heart," Brooks told TigerIllustrated.com. "I was led there by God and I prayed about it and Clemson kept coming back to me. No. 2, I like how they plan to use me in their offense in the backfield. No. 3 is the amazing company and people there."

The 6-foot-2, 180-pound Brooks will mostly be a running back once he arrives on campus next fall. He scored 17 touchdowns and rushed for over 1,300 yards as a junior last year. The big draw to the school was playing for new offensive coordinator Chad Morris, who was also his primary recruiter.

"He did an amazing job," Brooks said of Morris. "He kept my head up and gave me real good advice. He was honest with me."

TigerIllustrated.com notes that Brooks is Clemson's first commitment from Arkansas since 1998. He is the 11th commitment overall for Clemson and gives them a solid backfield in the future with the recent commitment of Buffalo (N.Y.) quarterback Chad Kelly.

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Stanford nabs talented offensive lineman Shuler

Posted by Bryan Fischer

With a rigid academic profile and a football team that is now BCS-caliber, Stanford has to search the country for recruits that fit their specific profile for what they're looking for. The Cardinal staff went all the way into Brentwood (Tenn.) Monday night for their latest commitment, offensive lineman Graham Shuler, who felt the school was just what he was looking for.

"I actually decided a couple of weeks ago but I’ve really just been praying about it and talking about it with my coaches and my family and just really making sure that this is the best decision for me and at the end of last week, I just really realized this is it, this is where I want to be and what I want to do," Shuler told Scout. "I wanted to go to a school where I could get an incredible academic environment and a great education that would prepare me for my future. There’s no better school in the country that can prepare me for the field like Stanford can and the rest of my life in the classroom."

The 6-foot-5, 275-pound Shuler is the son of former Auburn tackle Rob Shuler, who played in the early 80's. While the son didn't follow in his father's footsteps to the SEC, he is on board with a rising power in the Pac-12 and is looking to help recruit a promising class for the school this year.

"I mean, right now I’m very excited about my decision," he said. "I’m not really sure what all I’m allowed to do. I want to better Stanford as much as possible and I will be a spokesperson, advocate for them for the rest of my life. So might as well start now. I want to be the best, I want to be on the team that’s the best, and that happens by surrounding yourself with the best players."

The fifth commitment for Stanford's class of 2012, Shuler has a 3.9 GPA and held offers from Clemson, Boston College, Mississippi State and Syracuse among others. As a testiment to the the Cardinal's national reach, all five commitments are from a different state and none of them are from California.
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Productive weekend for 'Noles as they land three

Posted by Bryan Fischer

Florida State fans were expecting a big recruiting weekend in Tallahassee and Jimbo Fisher and staff delivered, bringing in three commitments so far this week with a few more on the horizon as the Jimbo Fisher Summer Camp gets underway. 

The first player to commit to the Seminoles was Orange (Calif.) tight end Christo Kourtzidis, who made his pledge public on Saturday.

"It came down to FSU, Nebraska, and California," Kourtzidis told Warchant.com. "It was nothing against all the other schools because all of them were great but FSU just fit me in every single way. The offense, campus, it was just the perfect fit."

The 6-foot-4, 230-pound Californian is another big time commitment at the position after the school added nationally-ranked tight end Nick O'Leary in last year's recruiting class. One of the biggest factors that led Kourtzidis' to commit was the relationship he had with the coaching staff and in particular with his position coach James Coley.

"He's a players coach and I love that about Coach Coley," he said. "I'm really looking forward to having him coach me at Florida State."

The good news continued for the staff on Sunday as they added the commitments of Charlotte (N.C.) punter Cason Beatty and Orlando (Fla.) defensive tackle James Hamilton.

"I just liked the vibe of Florida State, liked the coaching staff," Hamilton told Warchant. "Coach Fisher and Coach Odell (Haggins) are two great guys. They want me to play defensive tackle, and I decided I do want to play defensive tackle in college. The school is great, it's close to home and they compete every year for a big bowl game and the national championship." 

The 6-foot-4, 330-pound Hamilton is also a standout offensive lineman in high school. He held offers from Clemson, North Carolina, Michigan State, USF and Texas A&M among others but the experience at Fisher's summer camp led him and the coaching staff to feel like his future was at Florida State on defense.

"They saw what I can do, saw my quickness, my explosiveness and what kind of damage I can do on the defensive side of the ball," he said. 

The trio's pledges give the Seminoles 13 commitments for the class of 2012. Beatty is the second kicker to join the class, while Hamilton is the fifth defensive lineman planning on heading to Tallahassee next fall. 

Fisher's Summer Camp resumes Monday and several of Florida State's commitments and recruiting targets are expected to be in attendance. 
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Yeldon says 'War Eagle,' commits to Auburn

Posted by Bryan Fischer

Daphne (Ala.) athlete T.J. Yeldon was looking to stay close to home most of the recruiting process and had Alabama and Auburn out front as his co-leaders ever since picking up a scholarship offer from each school. Not a whole lot was known as to which school he was leaning to however until Tuesday afternoon, when the talented prospect committed to the Tigers while attending their summer camp.

"I was talking to coach (Gus) Malzahn when we were going over the offense, and I just told him I was ready to do it," Yeldon told AuburnSports.com. "They were really excited and happy."

Yeldon does it all in high school and will likely line up in multiple positions once he reaches the Plains. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound speedster is primarily a tailback but has played quarterback and wide receiver as well. One of the reasons Auburn stood out and made the most sense to Yeldon was the fact that his role would not change despite making the leap to major college football.

"They told me I'm going to do the same things I do in high school, and be a versatile player," he said. "We run the same offense at our school, I am going to fit right in."

The ninth commitment for Auburn in the class of 2012, Yeldon also held offers from Clemson, Florida, Georgia and Oregon among others. He rushed for 1,112 yards and 18 touchdowns and added five more touchdowns receiving.

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Clemson adds pair of top flight defensive backs

Posted by Bryan Fischer

Clemson brought in one of, if not the, top linebacker groups as part of their class of 2011 and they are now in good position to being in the top defensive back class in 2012 based on a pair of recent commitments. Fairfax (S.C.) safety Ronald Geohaghan and Top 100 defensive back Travis Blanks of Tallahassee (Fla.) both pledged to the Tigers this week, giving the school two elite players for an already strong recruiting class.

"There's just something about Clemson," Geohaghan told TigerIllustrated.com. "They put out great players in so many sports and you see so many guys getting great jobs after they leave Clemson. I see it all over the place here. They have good citizens that represent the university well."

"I called up coach (Dabo) Swinney, told him and he was ecstatic," Blanks told the site Friday. "It was crazy. Coach Swinney is on the front-end of his coaching career and Clemson's been getting some big-time commits."

The 6-foot, 190-pound Geohaghan is high school teammates with Clemson commit Bashaud Breeland. The pair wanted to play together at the next level and it looks like both enjoyed Clemson enough for that to be the school they'll head to next fall.

"Bashaud and I had talked about playing together in college back when we were in high school," Geohaghan said. "Now it's going to happen and it's a dream come true. I'm going to work hard and hopefully play as a freshman."

Blanks is the 16th overall player in the class of 2012, according to analyst Tom Lemming. At 6-foot-1 and 195-pounds, he can play either safety or corner and starred at both during the recent Tallahassee Nike Camp, shutting down opposing receivers with ease. Holding well over 30 offers from powerhouse programs across the country, it was the Clemson coaching staff made the best connection with the talented Florida athlete and a big reason why he pulled the trigger on a commitment.

"They did a tremendous job," Blanks said. "They kept it real with me. They didn't hound me. I like those type of guys."

The five-star athlete had 104 tackles and four interceptions last year as a junior and added eight touchdowns on offense and special teams. He was expected to leave Tallahassee (home of Florida State) for college and had given strong consideration to Auburn and Miami. Geohaghan acutally played linebacker last season in high school and had 97 tackles and seven sacks. He was considering Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State and South Carolina before picking the Tigers.

The pair's commitments give Clemson seven total players in the class of 2012, including three defensive backs for secondary coach Charlie Harbison. Both participated in Swinney's football camp this week prior to making their commitment.

Photo via MaxPreps of Travis Blanks.

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6/2 Recruiting Roundup

Posted by Bryan Fischer

- Must read column from Penn State coach Jay Paterno on what student-athletes really receive from their school. 

- Good look at the Ohio State recruiting budget. The nearly 10% decrease could be because of a smaller recruiting class the school is expected to take in.

- The Buckeyes recruiting class is at risk from the NCAA mess surrounding the school however don't expect too much of a drop off.

- Tennessee offered quarterback Darryl Richardson despite only seeing him during an evaluation visit at his high school.

- Top quarterback Cyler Miles is down to Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, LSU, Tennessee, Washington and possibly Colorado and will pick one this Friday.

- Clemson's recruits are making the necessary grades and are on track to qualify.

- Offensive tackle Colby Cyburt picked up an offer from Arizona State.
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May ACC Commitment List

Posted by Bryan Fischer

The calendar has turned from May to June and it's time to see how schools are building their class of 2012. Today we'll take a look at the verbal commitments for the ACC, where several schools are starting to build momentum on the recruiting trail.

Boston College (1)

Offensive lineman Win Homer (Christchurch, Va.)

Clemson (4)

Offensive lineman Patrick Destefano (Roebuck, S.C.)

Offensive lineman Jay Guillermo (Marryville, Tenn.)

Athlete Germone Hopper (Charlotte, N.C.)

Defensive end Shaquille Lawson (Central, S.C.)

Duke (5)

Wide receiver Max McCaffrey (Highlands Ranch, Colo.)

Linebacker Deion Williams (Orange, Calif.)

Defensive back Dwayne Norman (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Defensive end Allen Jackson(Owings Mills, Md.)

Wide receiver Erich Schneider(Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.)

Florida State (10)

Offensive tackle Alphonse Taylor(Mobile, Ala.)

Kicker Roberto Aguayo(Groveland, Fla.)

Athlete Chris Casher(Mobile, Ala.)

Defensive end Mario Edwards Jr. (Denton, Texas), Tom Lemming Top 100 for 2012 member

Linebacker Ukeme Eligwe (Stone Mountain, Ga.)

Defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. (St. Petersburg, Fla.), Tom Lemming Top 100 for 2012 member

Quarterback Sean Maguire (West Orange, N.J.)

Running back Mario Pender(Cape Coral, Fla.), Tom Lemming Top 100 for 2012 member

Defensive tackle Dalvon Stuckey(De Funiak Springs, Fla.)

Defensive back P.J. Williams(Ocala, Fla.)

Georgia Tech (2)

Offensive lineman Chase Roberts(Norcross, Ga.)

Defensive end Junior Gnonkonde(Lakeland, Ga.)


Defensive end Roman Braglio(Owings Mills, Md.)

Offensive lineman Nick Brigham(Atlanta, Ga.)

Offensive lineman Mike Madaras(Olney, Md.)

Miami (10)

Linebacker Keith Brown(Miami, Fla.)

Wide receiver Jontavious Carter(Cordele, Fla.)

Quarterback Gray Crow(Clearwater, Fla.)
Offensive lineman Ereck Flowers (Miami, Fla.)

Wide receiver Angelo Jean-Louis (Wellington, Fla.)

Running back Randy "Duke" Johnson(Miami, Fla.) 

Linebacker Raphael Kirby (Stone Mountain, Ga.)

Defensive back Amos "A.J." Leggett(Miami, Fla.)

Defensive end Trent Taylor(Lakeland, Fla.)

Quarterback David Thompson(Miami, Fla.)

North Carolina (7)

Tight end Terrance Knox (Concord, N.C.)

Linebacker Dan Mastromatteo (Absecon, N.J.) 

Tight end Justin Meredith (Anderson, S.C.)

Athlete Phillip Williamson (Durham, N.C.)

Linebacker Shakeel Rashad(Jacksonville, Fla.)

Linebacker Christian Russell(Chatham, Va.)

Defensive tackle J.J. Patterson(Roanoke Rapids, N.C.)

N.C. State(3)

Defensive back Niles Clark(Marietta, Ga.)

Defensive back Josh Sessoms(Bailey, N.C.)

Defensive back James Summers(Greensboro, N.C.)

Virginia (5)

Linebacker Kwontie Moore (Norfolk, Va.)

Athlete Wilfred Wahee (Norfolk, Va.)

Offenisve lineman Ryan Doull (Fork Union, Va.)

Linebacker Mark Hall(Virginia Beach, Va.)

Defensive back Demeitre Brim(Lakeland, Fla.)

Virginia Tech(11)

Running back J.C. Coleman(Chesapeake, Va.)

Wide receiver Desmond Frye (Chester, Va.)

Athlete Der'Woun Greene(Portsmouth, Va.)

Tight end Dakota Jackson(Roanoke, Va.)

Defensive back Donaldven Manning(Miami, Fla.)

Linebacker Dahman McKinnon(Hope Mills, N.C.)
Quarterback T.J. Millweard(Fort Worth, Texas)

Athlete Mario Nixon (Norfolk, Va.)

Defensive back Davion Tookes(Fairburn, Ga.)

Offensive lineman Jack Willenbrock (Exton, Pa.)

Wake Forest (1)

Offensive lineman Joel Suggs(Randleman, N.C.)

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