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LeBron James: "At the end of the day..."

It would be easy for me to say that LeBron James choked last night in the Miami Heat's 105-95 loss in game six of the NBA Finals. But choke is the wrong word here. To choke, you actually need to make an effort. LeBron completely shied away from the big moment in the fourth quarter. With his team's season on the line, King James sat back and watched as Dallas won their first championship in franchise history.
It was almost as if LeBron was leading a game of hot potato among his teammates. There were multiple times when James caught the ball in crunch time and gave it up without even glancing at the basket. Despite leading his team with 21 points, LeBron underachieved once again. What puzzles me is the fact that we're talking about the same man who dominated earlier in the postseason. Against both Chicago and Boston, James was Miami's closer. He stepped up in the big moment.
Although Dallas was playing excellent defense on the Akron Hammer in the fourth quarter, that alone does not account for LeBron's passivity. James was able to produce in crunch time against Chicago and Boston - two teams who undoubtedly play better defense than the Mavericks. LeBron James has the talent and physical gifts to score against any defense in the league. What happened in this series was 90% mental. King James had no confidence in crunch time during this series. Sure, he missed a few jumpers. Regardless, the supposed "best" player in the NBA should be able to shake off a few bad misses. He should at least be able to stay involved in the game.
Dirk Nowitzki possesses arguably the most unique skill set in the league. It was certainly on display throughout this postseason - just ask the Miami Heat. However, I am not ready to say that Dirk is a "better" player than LeBron. James' combination of size and skills matches if not transcends that of Dirk Nowitzki. We're talking about a man that's 6' 9'', 260, has quicks like Derrick Rose, and can finish like Vince Carter (the Toronto version). This man should have been able to match Nowitzki; he didn't even come close. When the game was on the line, Dirk excelled. LeBron cowered in fear.
The Miami Heat had to take their final exam last night, but King James was absent. LeBron left Cleveland because he felt that he would have a better chance to win championships with another team. Well, he had his first chance. "At the end of the day", the self-proclaimed chosen one still has as many rings as I do.
Next June is a whole year away. Will LeBron be able to handle another year of being the most scrutinized athlete on the planet? He sure couldn't this year.
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Dwight Howard Wants To Start His "Own Path"

The Los Angeles Lakers entered this postseason as the favorites to win another title. After being swept by the Dallas Mavericks, the Lakers were suddenly "too old" and "too slow". Five-time NBA champion and Laker great Magic Johnson notably said that Lakers owner Jerry Buss needed to "blow this thing up"; in other words, initiate project roster overhaul. There has been speculation that one of Los Angeles' primary desires this offseason will be to trade for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Howard is signed through the 2013 season, but can opt out after 2012. Los Angeles isn't planning to wait until then.
Conventional wisdom says that the Orlando Magic will follow in the footsteps of the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets, trading their superstar rather than watching him walk away in free agency. Certainly a package that centers around 23-year-old center Andrew Bynum would be enticing for Orlando GM Otis Smith. Of course, the Lakers aren't the only team interested in Howard. New Jersey, New York, Chicago are all reportedly intent on pursuing the three-time Defensive Player of the Year.
Regardless of where he ends up, we know that he's at least going somewhere?...right?
Maybe not. This is what Howard told the Orlando Sentinel on Monday: "I want to start my own path and I want people to follow my path and not just follow somebody else's path. I want to have my own path, and I want to start that here in Orlando. But I can't do it alone. Not only do I need the right teammates, but I need the city behind me. That's the only way it's going to get done. We can change this small city that we have -- this small market that we have -- and we can make it a big market."
It would seem that Dwight wants to stay in Orlando only if Otis Smith can upgrade the roster enough to put them in position to win championships. After losing to the mediocre Atlanta Hawks in the first-round of this year's playoffs, it is clear that this team is far away from championship-caliber.
Smith faces a herculean task. He has indicated that he will not consider trading his five-time All-Star center. A bold move indeed. If he sticks to his plan, Orlando faces two very different possibilities: 1) The roster will be revamped to the extent that Howard feels like he can win a championship where he is; an extension is signed 2) Howard signs with another team in free agency, allowing Orlando to suffer a Cleveland-like fate.
If Smith fails - if he fails to get Howard enough help - it would behoove him to go against his word and make a trade. If he still refuses to trade the Atlanta native, Smith risks the possibility of having his intransigence leave this franchise in the cellar of the Eastern Conference for multiple years in the future.
Of course, all of this speculation can be avoided if Howard starts his "own path" in Orlando. Howard's words may seem candid, but didn't we hear similar words from a certain twenty-six year-old superstar who decided to take his talents to South Beach? The allure of the path to a championship in LA will prove to be too much for the Hollywood personality of Dwight Howard to deny. Enjoy him while you can, Orlando.
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Scottie Pippen Say What?!

"Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to ever play in the game. But, I may go as far as to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game".

That seemingly blasphemous statement was uttered by Scottie Pippen a few days ago on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike in the Morning". Yes, the same Scottie Pippen who won six championships alongside MJ. The same Scottie Pippen who failed to take the Bulls past the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 1994 (Pippen's first year without Jordan).
On the surface, Scottie Pippen's words seem ridiculous. Michael Jordan is a six-time champion, a fourteen-time All-Star, a five-time MVP, do I need to continue? He is the consensus greatest player in NBA history.
I think I've made it pretty clear that I am not LeBron's biggest fan. However, unlike most, I see some validity in Scottie Pippen's statement. It's a given that LeBron's pedigree doesn't even compare to that of MJ. But let's not base this comparison solely on championships. Michael Jordan was a better shooter and finisher around the basket. But, what about defense? passing? rebounding? athleticism? Four checks for LeBron. No one - not Michael Jordan, not Oscar Robertson, not Kareem - has ever possessed the same skill set as LeBron James. He can guard every position on the floor, he can play point guard, he can grab rebounds over bigs, he's 6' 8'' 260. Enough said.
MJ was known for his ability to come through in the clutch. Ever since his years with Dean Smith at UNC, Jordan has been trusted in the game's critical moments. Prior to this postseason, it could be said that LeBron James was anti-clutch. Even throughout this regular season, LeBron repeatedly failed to hit shots in crunch time. Over recent weeks, however, James has shown a different side. King James has taken over in close games, leading Miami to key victories.
Although I believe LeBron is a better all-around player than Michael Jordan, he will never be regarded as such until he gets some hardware. He's definitely on the right track. In his first year with his new team, King James is in the finals for the second time in his career. In the coming years, Miami is only going to get better. The big three's chemistry will improve, sure. But, there's another reason why Miami is going to become nearly unstoppable in the future: free agents will take pay-cuts in order to win championships. If the Heat can sign a decent point guard and big man this summer, you can book them for another trip to the finals. And then there's this: in the NBA's new CBA, there will probably be a hard salary cap. The hard cap will limit teams' financial flexibility. Therefore, it will be very difficult to bring multiple premier free agents to the same team (Sorry, New York); a task that Pat Riley completed last summer.
From the looks of it now, LeBron will get his rings. When that happens, this comparison should be revisited. Until then, we can only compare skills on the court. LeBron James is a Magic Johnson-type, only he can score thirty on any given night and defend any player in the league. The same could not be said about MJ.

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Knicks Lose to Cleveland (AGAIN)

It's been nearly two weeks since the New York Knicks made official their acquisition of Nuggets' superstar Carmelo Anthony. The move, which was hailed as a godsend for MSG and New York basketball, has made the Knicks more relevant in the Eastern Conference. Since Melo's debut on Feb. 23, the Knicks are 3-3 with wins over Milwaukee, Miami, and New Orleans. Two of their three losses have come against the league's worst team: the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, is it just two bad nights? or a sign that this Knicks team is not yet ready to contend with the big boys in the East?
In the two deplorable defeats, New York has gave up a combined 234 points. Head coach Mike D'Antoni is not known for coaching strong defensive teams. He's an offensive coach, favoring a fast-paced offense which makes it difficult for players to set up defensively. But this alone doesn't explain why the Knicks have given up 234 points to a 12-49 Cleveland Cavaliers team in the span of a week.
Less than one week ago, the orange and blue held one of the league's best offensive teams, the Miami Heat, to 86 points, a little less than sixteen points under their season average. They allow Antawn Jamison, J.J. Hickson, and Ramon Sessions to score 28, 24, and 22 points respectively on Feb 25. Two days later, they hold Dwyane Wade, arguably the league's best pure scorer, to 12 points. Explain that.
It's true that, on any given night, any team can beat any team in the NBA. However, this is past the point of a mere coincidence. The Knicks are 0-3 against Cleveland this season, accounting for 25% of the debilitated franchise's total wins.
Luckily, New York will not see the Cavaliers in the postseason this year. Yet, these losses have dampened the recent surge of optimism surrounding a Knicks franchise that has not played meaningful basketball since the new millennium. There is much to be said about positive changes brought upon by the trade, such as the way that Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo are working together and the leadership exuded by point guard Chauncey Billups. In addition, the Knicks have shown their ability to beat talented teams: Miami, New Orleans.
Their two losses to Cleveland serve as reality checks. True, elite teams do not lose three times to the worst team in the league; they don't lose at all to the worst team in the league. If the Knicks want to be considered a serious contender, they have to beat the teams their supposed to beat - Cleveland falls into that category.
"Stat and Melo" have 22 games to prepare their team for playoff basketball. The Knicks currently sit in sixth place in the Eastern Conference. Best case scenario: they catch the Hawks and get the five seed. Most likely, New York will finish in sixth or seventh. Interestingly enough, it seems that the Knicks are better suited for a seven game series with either Chicago or Miami as opposed to Orlando. So, although catching the Atlanta would certainly be an achievement, drawing the Bulls or the Heat in the first round wouldn't be the end of the world.
Whatever seed they end up with, the Knicks will be underdogs. If they have any hopes of getting out of the first round, they must learn to be more consistent (cough, cough....not lose to Cleveland). Two losses to the Cavaliers is downright awful, but March has just begun. More than a month remains before postseason play.
Who knows, maybe those Cleveland losses were merely a result of a new team still learning to adjust. Or maybe the Knicks just aren't yet ready to be taken seriously. Only time will tell.

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Quite possibly the saddest story I've ever heard

Fennville star basketball player Wes Leonard collapsed and died Thursday night after he helped his team complete a perfect regular season.

The 16-year-old scored the game-winning basket in a 57-55 overtime win over Bridgman at Fennville High School that improved the Blackhawks’ record to 20-0.

Leonard fell to the court moments after fans rushed the court following the dramatic victory for the sixth-ranked team in Class C. He was attended to on the court before an ambulance took him to Holland Hospital, where he died at 10:40 p.m, Holland Hospital spokesman Tim Breed said.

“All efforts were made after he arrived to help restart his heart, but unfortunately those efforts were not successful,” Breed said. “There likely will be an autopsy conducted to determine the actual cause of death.

“Clearly, we offer our condolences to Wes’ family and friends.”

Moments before he collapsed, his teammates had given him a celebratory hoist into the air before a team huddle.

“Obviously, in the midst of celebration, I think shocking is exactly the word,” Fennville Superintendent Dirk Weeldreyer said before Leonard’s ambulance left the high school. “And certainly our deepest prayers are with Wes and his family, and obviously his health is far more important than any game.”

Leonard is a multi-sport athlete who recently passed the 1,000-point mark in career scoring for Fennville basketball and earned honorable-mention all-state honors in football last fall. He quarterbacked the Blackhawks to the second round of the Division 6 playoffs before they lost to two-time state champion Montague.

“It’s tough to take in,” said Leonard’s teammate Shane Bale, who stood near the gym’s exit doors with a group of others as the ambulance with Leonard remained outside. “It’s like somebody from your family, you know?”

In an interview with The Sentinel at Tuesday’s practice, Klingler talked about how Leonard had a great drive to succeed and that he saw the “bigger picture.”

“That’s what makes him a little different. He takes care of his body better than probably anybody I’ve ever coached,” Klingler said Tuesday. “Spends a lot of time on his own in the weight room. He’s a special kid.”

Fennville is scheduled to tip off the state tournament Monday with a district game at Lawrence.


Easily the saddest story I've heard in awhile, yet I'm happy for him that he went out on top. My heart goes out to his family, friends, coach and students at Fennville High. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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2010-11 Fantasy Basketball Add-Drop 1/20


Greg Monroe, PF/C, Pistons

Monroe has seen a serious spike in his playing time due to an ankle injury to Ben Wallace. He has scored in double figures in seven straight games and grabbed double-digit rebounds in four of those contests. Even when Ben does return, I think it is safe to say that Monroe has earned more playing time and could actually stick in the starting five since he brings a different dimension to the floor than Wallace does.

Ed Davis, PF/C, Raptors

With Toronto not in playoff contention, they would be foolish to keep Davis on the bench and not give him a chance to see some quality minutes. In his last two games, he has posted 15 points and eight rebounds, and 11-12. He shoots a high percentage from the field and can also block shots, making him a valuable fantasy option. I think he is definitely worth the risk especially in deeper or keeper leagues.


Brandon Roy, SG, Blazers

If you were holding Roy on your roster, hoping his knees would get healthy enough for him to make a return this season, sorry. Roy underwent surgery on both of knees and will almost certainly be on the shelf for the rest of the year.

Richard Hamilton, SG, Pistons

Much to the dismay of Detroit fans, Rip has been benched by head coach John Kuester. Hamilton's name has been linked to trade rumors involving Carmelo Anthony that would send both players to the Nets. You may be tempted to keep him on your roster hoping the deal happens, but do not waste your time.

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