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Will the real BYU stand up

   Here we go, the car is packed, Dr pepper is loaded, Last Daily Herald Poster up (they have printed each day a cougar member for the past couple of months), there are 5 members of the team that fit in my front window and yes Brandon is Staying up!!. The trip will take 7 hours that includes a stop over night in Mesquite and yes I am a Mormon that gambles , well sort of its more like I take $50 and know i am going to spend it and lose it so it's more like a known expenditure haha, No Serious I take the $50 bucks and play wheel of Forture, a slot game I win at each time, i have learned a mechanical mathmatic way to win, ive only lost once in 15 years and that was a $20 loss haha, Most of the time like in the summer at Blackhawk $20 dollars got me $ 500 , I will not play any other slot and Have never tried the tables, You see is it gambling. The Reason I tell this is I think Sports is a lot like Gambling You never know when you start the season what you are going to finish with. Brigham Young University started with 3 big men, Junior James Anderson had games last year where he looked like maybe he could be the guy and other's where he was a total Non-Contributor, Chris Collinsworth looked like the best bet until he was injured, so it feel on Brandon Davies, Brandon had to first work on not fouling out early, then he had to work on using that Body (athletic and big) to get 100% of what he was capable of, which he did the last 4 games he played especially 20 rebounds 18 points in one, yes he was "The Man", Fredette could see what he was capable of and utilized it.

   So off we go in the morning, so my mind wonders which BYU Team will show up ? will it be the team we saw go 27-2 before losing Brandon, NO i say they won't , is there achance a new star will develope NO, not enough time in the season left, BUT is there a chance the players That will see more time Logan Magnusson Forward from just up the Hill above Provo from a little town Heber City for one Could make a Difference ? YES i say, Stephen Rogers has to learn to play for the rebound and not be a little boy overwhelmed by by the BIG Bodies flying above hime to get the Rebound, Logan Doesn't have that problem, the grit and passion that boy has could fill a love boat. Noah Hartsock has to look like he can help, and not be so confused because his partner in crime Davies isn't there with him. During that last half of the Wyoming game they looked like they could But, That was against a Losing team, How will they fair once they get past TCU/Wyoming ? so which team will show up.

   For Selfish reasons Because I love an Underdog, and yes I think Byu Is an underdog to win the Mountain West Conference Tournament, I want Byu to show the World they are not Washed up, JERRY PALM from CBSSPORTS for one, He had them as a #1 seed with Brando and now a #4 seed thats like losing 12 spots in the polls from #4 to #16, Ummm a little secret Jerry BYU is ranked #8 this week so you should have them on your Prediction chart as a #2 seed. So Off we go I don't have a laptop with me only the droid X ,so I doubt I will be Blogging, But you can Count on plenty of Cheer Power once there haha, My wife is Going Ex-Head Cheerleader in High School and at UVU when it was UVCC. and My 17 Year old daughter and her best friend (feel sorry for me yet), No boys on the trip, were taking Kassidy to Disney and Universal in California after the Tournament. GOOOO COUGARS!!!!
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