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Posted on: April 3, 2011 12:58 pm

2011 Fantasy Baseball Draft #5

       The 2011 MLB season has finally begun & the good news is this will be my last fantasy draft post related to Baseball! Last weekend I participated in my 5th and final Draft. Please see the draft results below. This draft was the 2nd of my two money league drafts that I am participating in this year. It also happened to be through Yahoo! Sports and is a 10 team H2H league ($25 buy in). This will be my third season taking part in this particular league, and the first year that it will have a cash prize. I should actually state that this will be the first year with a buy-in to participate as in the past it was a free league with the rare or unheard of cash prizes!! It is always a highly competitive and really requires that the team owner stays active and works the free agent wire frequently in order to gain a slight upperhand on the rest of competition. I have little doubt that the excitement and competitive nature of the league will only increase with the cash payments, etc. The other unique aspect to this league is the fact that there are so many more bench slots than starting lineup positions so it definitely requires research and frequent player comparisons/stats in order to determine who to play and who to sit. It can be frustrating to have a decision backfire or leave statistics such as HR's or RBI's on the bench, but it happens and is part of the game. The team owner who is able to minimize leaving stats or avoiding injuries will be in a good position to win the league or at the very least make the Playoffs. The other part of this league that is rare is the use of 5 DL slots on each team roster which can be a blessing if the injury bugs happens to hit your team, but can also make it tough who to drop when players recover or become healthy. I really enjoy this league the most because of the high level of competition as well as the need to really manage your team roster if you want to be successful and compete for the the league title and cash prizes.    
         Overall, this draft and the results are in between Draft #4 and the first few drafts in terms of how happy I am with my selections and roster. I had the 8th overall pick in this year's draft, and it was the most difficult draft to date. The combination of a tough pick slot and the overwhelming knowledge of my fellow team owners made every pick extremely important, and this was evident in the time taken between each owners picks. The total time of this draft was easily the longest draft I participated in out of the others.
         I selected Ryan Braun with my first draft pick followed by Adrian Gonzalez, Jon Lester, Justin Upton and Brandon Phillips to round out my first 5 selections. I was pleased that I was able to draft a variety of players that I hadn't had a chance to obtain in past drafts in this particular draft by selecting Braun, Phillips, Alvarez and Drew respectively. I debated over my first pick for some time as it was between 3 players in my mind with Carlos Gonzalez, Roy Halladay and Braun. I thought about Roy for a bit too, and decided that I could get a #1 in Lester a few rounds later, and so as far as proven or the most consistent player offensively Braun had more of track record than 'CarGo' (so I decided to pass on one of my best draft selections from last season), and went with Ryan. I just felt that one amazing season in fantasy by Gonzalez didn't outweight the consistency of Ryan Braun, eventhough I believe Carlos is for real and will be a force for year's to come. However, the money value this year I felt it was hard to beat Braun who had a fellow teammate (Fielder) in a contract year which would be tough to pass on. Also to my surprise this was the first time I have owned Braun since I was fortunately enough to pick him up as a waiver wire free agent way back in his Rookie campaign. Eventually when I have more free time I will try and post a draft recap that totals each draft and the postition/players and results. Please see the draft results below and feel free to comment or advise! Thanks!

Team Name: H&R BlockZ

C- Carlos Santana
1B- Adrian Gonzalez
2B- Brandon Phillips
3B- Pedro Alvarez
SS- Stephen Drew
OF- Ryan Braun
OF- Justin Upton
OF- B.J. Upton
U- Billy Butler [1B]
BN- Vernon Wells [OF]
BN- Gordon Beckham [2B]
BN- Adam Jones [OF]
BN- Freddie Freeman [1B]
BN- Alex Gordon [3B/OF] *FA signing*
DL- Domonic Brown [OF]*Injured*

SP- Jon Lester
SP- Clay Buchholz
SP- Trevor Cahill
SP- Brett Anderson
SP- Ricky Romero
RP- Joe Nathan
RP- Chris Perez
RP- Brandon Lyon
BN- Daniel Bard *Dropped*
BN- Joel Hanrahan [RP] *FA signing*
BN- Carl Pavano [SP] *FA signing*

BN- Edwin Jackson
DL - Mat Latos [SP]*Injured*
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