Posted on: March 6, 2012 10:46 pm
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Pros & Cons for teams who want Peyton Manning

Kansas City Chiefs



1. Weapons

        - Dwayne Bowe just got franchise tagged

- Extremely talented young WR in 2011 1st rd pick Jon Baldwin

- Reliable WR option in Steve Breaston

- Healthy return of TE Tony Moeaki

- Healthy return of Pro Bowl RB Jamaal Charles

Dark Spot: Health issues with Jamaal Charles and a lack of RB depth


2. Defense

            - Strong front 7 that should get even better by adding a NT

            - Playmakers in the defensive backfield

            - Gained CB Stanford Routt

            - Return of SS Eric Berry

Dark Spot: Loss of CB Brandon Carr to FA.



1. Offensive Line

            - RG Ryan Lilja and C Casey Wiegmann are old and essentially useless

            - RT Barry Richardson known as the worst starter in history

            - Little to no depth

Bright Spot: LT Branden Albert has become a legitimate blind-side protector


2. New Coaching Staff

            - Romeo Crennel failed in Cleveland

            - New OC Brian Daboll has led some awful offenses

            - Rumblings of unrest in the Chiefs front offices (bugging phones)

Bright Spot: Chiefs hired Jim Bob Cooter as an assistant coach. He helps out the Duke boys by day, and has a fantastic relationship with Peyton Manning. His hiring was clearly a ploy to entice Peyton.



New York Jets

No, stop it. ESPN, other major media outlets, just stop. Put this on the “Wax My Entire Body” list.

            - I can’t stand people who say there’s “no way” something will happen, unless there's literally no way. So when I feel strongly, I put it on the list. If Peyton Manning chooses New York, I will wax my entire body.



Washington Redskins


1. Mike Shanahan

- A proven head coach who has won rings with a great QB.

- Shanahan has made comments about his great offense, not his great QB.

- Can take a lot of media pressure off of Peyton’s back.

Dark Spot: Shanahan’s ego has gotten him into trouble since he showed up in Washington. Peyton’s head is too big to fit in with Shanny’s ego.


2. Defense

            - Dominating talent with a large # of 1st rd picks

            - Dirty 30 (LaRon Landry), when healthy, is a big time playmaker.

            - The group as a whole will only get stronger with experience

Dark Spot: The money spent on defense creates the first Con.



1. Lack of weapons

            - Santana Moss hasn’t been a #1 WR for 2 years.

            - Niles Paul can do a flip while catching a football… sweet, but doesn’t score TDs.

            - Chris Cooley is possibly the biggest ? for the ‘Skins as he returns from injury.

Bright Spot: Roy Helu Jr. is for real, and can take a ton of pressure off the passing game.


2. Kyle Shanahan

            - Spoiled brat of a coach that can’t take criticism.

            - Tries to run the offense like he’s playing Madden, demanding complete control.

            - Has a hard time relating to players.

Bright Spot: Peyton wont put up with him, and if I had to guess, I’d say Daniel Snyder would name Manning OC before he would let Kyle screw this up.



Cleveland Browns



1. Defense (I’m reaching hard on this one)

            - Joe Haden is a dominant shutdown corner (lock him up Cle)

            - D’Qwell Jackson is a tackling machine

            - Jabaal Sheard can flat get to the QB

Dark Spot: Defensive line is weak, hence the 12 losses.


2. Damn…. Greg Little might turn into a pretty good player…

            - There is very little the Browns have that I think appeals to Peyton.

            - Cleveland would be much better off trying to trade with STL for the 2nd overall pick and draft RGIII.

Dark Spot: There’s a lot of them.



1. Peyton Hillis

            - What the hell is going on with this guy?

            - He’s thinking about not even playing football next season, and joining the CIA (reportedly).

            - His first name might get in the way of Manning's ego.

Bright Spot: Chris Ogbonnaya


2. It’s the Browns

            - Even if Cle had a chance, the organization would find a way to screw it up.

Bright Spot: They have the best offer to give STL for RGIII, if they’re willing to do it.



Minnesota Vikings

Lack of weapons, weak overall defense, and a young QB they’re trying to build around in Christian Ponder. Oh yeah, and we have no idea how Adrian Peterson will look when he returns from his knee injury.


Vikes are another on the “Wax My Entire Body” list.



San Francisco 49ers


1. Defense (best argument)

            - Dominant defense across the board

            - Franchised SS Dashon Goldson, so they wont miss a beat

            - Best option for Peyton defensively

Dark Spot: Last year wasn’t a fluke, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a great defense slide back after one great season.


2. Offensive Line

            - Cadillac of protection for Peyton

            - All the time he wants

Dark Spot: The O-line might have looked better because of Alex Smith’s ability to scramble



1. Lack of Weapons

            - Michael Crabtree is way too talented to be this average.

            - Entire WR core as a whole is weak.

            - Frank Gore, though awesome, is aging.

Bright Spot: Vernon Davis (who thought that would happen a year ago?)


2. System in place

            - head coach Jim Harbaugh likes a run-first offense, that wont work well with Peyton.

Bright Spot: Harbaugh can adjust. He knows this is the best option for Peyton, and making this happen would almost guarantee a 13 win season, and a great look at the Super Bowl.


Miami Dolphins

Seriously? Miami? Does that just scream, “perfect place for Peyton”? I don’t think so.


PUT IT ON THE LIST! (I am starting to realize I might have a pretty damn good chance of waxing my entire body… but I’m confident)


Houston Texans

WHAT?! It’s possible



1. Revenge

            - "You 'ought not bring Peyton the flounder.” -- Archie Manning

            - Peyton's ticked, and would love to play the Colts twice next year.

            - He would be petty to do this, but who cares? It’d be awesome.

Dark Spot: What about Matt Schaub?


2. Andre Johnson

            - Texans have other viable weapons, including Arian Foster, but my God, how awesome would this be?

            - The Peyton to Johnson connection would be so intense, it would break fantasy football leagues nation-wide.

Dark Spot: What dark spot? America would love this.



1. What about Matt Schaub

            - Got injured, but still a great QB

            - Texans have invested a big part of their future in Schaub.

Bright Spot: Who would you rather have, Manning or Schaub? Manning


2. Defense

            - Is Mario Williams coming back?

            - Will Johnathan Joseph have a comparable year to last year?

            - Will J.J. Watt progress like he should?

Bright Spot: These are all questions, if the answer to 2 of 3 is yes, the Texans defense should dominate in 2012.


This isn’t even all the teams being thrown around right now. These are just the teams most people think have a legitimate shot at landing the biggest fish in FA in a long time. Wherever Peyton goes (even if it’s Cleveland), that team will win at least 10 games and make the playoffs. Let the games begin!!!!!!!

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