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Posted on: June 27, 2011 11:48 am

Russell Wilson is Fools Gold

This afternoon, on College Football Live on ESPN, former NC State QB Russell Wilson will come on and potentially make his decision on where he is going to play this season.

Wilson was drafted by the Colorado Rockies last summer and he was let out of his scholarship by NC State. Though he is currently playing baseball in the minors for Class A Asheville (N.C.), Wilson has one more year of eligibility in the NCAA.

Today, he is supposed to make his decision between football and baseball as he promised weeks ago that he would make a decision before July 1.

It would seem that Wilson is choosing to play one more year of football. It would also seem that Wilson is going to play at Wisconsin or Auburn.
Either way, I still have one question, WHO CARES?!

Russell Wilson is a 5-11, 190 lbs, mediocre at best QB, who averages only 3 yards per carry. Russell Wilson is nothing special, and with all of the hardships that will come with changing systems, has little chance of excelling this season. Still, much of the college football world is on the edge of their seat, awaiting Wilson's decision.

It's pretty intense that this guy is going on national television to announce his decision. Granted, he is not having a special called "The Decision" but considering how low level he is compared to LeBron James, it's still over-the-top.

I think this just proves how much America loves football. All morning, people have been talking about the NFL Top 100 players list, which is fairly irrelevant. Now, we are in a frenzy about a QB's decision when that QB has little or no chance of leading a team to a championship. I don't think people care about how mediocre Russell Wilson is, I think they care about a somewhat interesting football story. On that note: The NFL needs to end the lockout. America has proven that we still love the football and the NFL considering all of the worthless things we are talking about because of the lockout. Give me something else to think about other than the lockout or players getting arrested, like free agents. Do the right thing and end the lockout, that way, Russell Wilson will no longer be a story.

God Bless

Posted on: April 24, 2011 2:45 pm

Why the NFL Network will end the lockout

As I sit here, I am fully aware that the NFL lockout is the most annoying thing on the planet, trust me, I get it. The crazy thing, I cannot stop watching the NFL Network. I just watched a replay of some random week in November and it was one of the coolest things that I have done all week. While ESPN keeps talking about the potential top 10 draft picks to the point of nausea and Brandon Marshall is getting stabbed in yet another domestic dispute, the NFL Network is reminding all of us that there still is a game that this is all about.
I understand that the pandamonium around the NFL has more mass appeal than the down in the dirt, gritty as hell, absolute fight that I love, but please NFL, remind your real fans why we put up with all of your nonsense. The NFL Network just did that for me. In a world full of media clutter that is all about the things going on off of the field, the NFL Network is showing us that there is still something a little bit pure left in this game. One you cut through all of the B.S. that we in the media love to cover, you remember why you fell in love with this game in the first place.

The more people that watch the NFL Network will remember this love and start to put more and more pressure on the NFL. I know with the rise of individualism in America, this might be a new concept to some of you. The only way that the NFL will listen is if we come together, keep sending our letters, boycott the draft, and stop giving the NFL our money.

Stepping off of my little pedestal. The top 10 undrafted players in NFL history is on NFL Network right now, and John Randle still scares the hell out of me.

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